Sunday, October 18, 2009

Wild High School Football Plays (With VIDEO)

Good friend Mick sent this along (video posted below) and it has been a big story. Always play to the whistle, kids.

Deadspin posted that video and more.

No heartbreaking losses in my view this weekend, but heartbreaking problems on the air. Friday night's Greenwich/Trumbull broadcast was marred by horrible cell phone signals (BOO Trumbull!) that I thought we had resolved when I volunteered my phone to save us. Apparently even my Verizon service wasn't enough to help us power the broadcast.

On Saturday, we literally seconds away from canceling our broadcast of Rye-Harrison. We opened the broadcast with horrible feedback and sound and there was no way we could continue with it. Plus our vantage point gave us a view of part of the field (thanks to Chris Erway for bailing us out, a la Nick Angotta circa 2007). Once again, dicey cell phone signals had me reaching for my own phone. Thanks to an assist from an off-duty Bob Small, we were able to find the right mix that kept us on the air with a usable signal and decent sound. The result was a broadcast that I am very proud, under the circumstances.

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