Thursday, March 30, 2017

Babbling and Looking For Quotes

I Googled "babbling" and this came up. OK then.
It's early.

I'm awake. I don't want to be awake.

But I can't sleep either. Therefore we have an issue.

I'm looking for a quote about knowing you're always going to be playing for second place, and I can't find it.

Maybe that is my quote: "I'll always be playing for second place." -- Adams (hardly a philosopher or one worth quoting)

There are often times I'm looking for a quote for -- something...anything -- and I can't find it.

And thus here we are.

The vicious cycle goes on.

But let's spin it positive.


I'm babbling.

And wide awake.

I'm going to get coffee.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

GAME ON! Baseball Today!

It might not be pretty now...but it's beautiful to me.
Selfishly, I'm ready. So so ready.

Let's play ball. Finally.

Ignore the chilly temps (though we'll hit the 50s today). Ignore the mud and muck.

Baseball is back and I can't wait.

Thanks to Joe Early and the folks at Brunswick, I've been asked to call today's opener as the Bruins host the Blue Devils of Poly Prep from Brooklyn, and given tomorrow is the 20th anniversary of my arrival at WGCH (I trained on March 30, 1997; my first on-air shift was April 6), I can't think of a better thing to do.

Thanks to happenstance, my friend Mick McGowan will be on the call with me.

So here's how to listen:

3pm: Mick and I will be live on WGCH Radio (1490 am/ for Greenwich Sentinel Doubleheader with a special pregame show from Brunswick.

3:30: First pitch of Brunswick/Poly Prep on WGCH.

4pm: The on-air radio portion will end, but Mick and I will be live here:

*** I'll have this stream live before 3pm if you just want to listen there. Keep in mind there is a certain element of trial and error with all of this. We're experimenting with this web steam.

After that, Mick and I will head to Grand Prix New York in Mount Kisco, where our friend Steve Laux will join us, for The Clubhouse. Mark Jeffers and I (with our special guests) will overwhelm you with lots of fun from 7-8 on WGCH.

Saturday, March 04, 2017

Avon Old Farms/Brunswick Coming Up at 2:30

Courtesy of WGCH, Brunswick, NSN and the Greenwich Sentinel, check out this link to the AUDIO ONLY of today's Avon Old Farms/Brunswick hockey broadcast. Face off is 2:30pm. Here's the link!
Click here (or here) to go to the game broadcast.

Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Milton/Brunswick Coming Up at 4:30

My setup in Wallingford.
Courtesy of WGCH, Brunswick, NSN and the Greenwich Sentinel, check out this link to the AUDIO ONLY of today's Milton/Brunswick hockey broadcast. Face off is 4:30pm. Here's the link!
Click here (or here) to go to the game broadcast.