Thursday, October 01, 2009

I'm Ready For Hockey (with VIDEO)

Let's jump in the Wayback Machine (driven by Jeep) and head back to 1994. Magic. Good times.

Wow. It still gives me chills. It should have been the moment that hockey jumped into the stratosphere, but it didn't for various reasons. That deserves a *sigh*.

It also was the high point for those Rangers.

The biggest thing I remember after that game was driving home from my friend Scott's house and thinking about what it would be like if the Yankees won. They were in the mix to win it all in 1994 until the horrible selfishness of baseball. It would be two years before nirvana reached The Bronx - a night I will never forget. I'm hoping the Yankees give Sean that first night this October.

Hockey dropped the puck tonight. I hope they can carry the momentum from the white-knuckle post-season of 2009 and carry more fans into the 09-10 season. Of course it will be somewhat in the background as baseball resolves its year, but here's to a great season.

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