Monday, November 29, 2010

Bill Gonillo Six (The Pre-State Playoff Edition)

Well, things are, er, weird, aren't they?  Darien WINS the FCIAC but gets blasted by New Canaan.  So what do we do with this?

1) Masuk (Last Week: 1).  To me, this is the easy part.  They're 10-0, have scored nearly 500 points, and allowed on 63.  Hit the Staples button (the store, not the high school), because "that was easy."
2) New Canaan (4).  I know, I know...WHAT?  They're not the FCIAC champs.  Yeah but they throttled the FCIAC champs on Thanksgiving Day.  I also know what I person, when they pounded Greenwich.
3) Darien (2).  They would have stayed at number two if not for the Thanksgiving game, compounded by the total idiocy of the Dunning Field painting thing.  I could have dropped them to fourth, in favor of Staples, now couldn't I?  Tempting...but I won't.
4) Trumbull (3).  I'm going to ding them for the FCIAC loss.  The only thing that keeps me from dropping them lower than Staples is that, head to head, they beat Staples.
5) Staples (5).  I saw what I saw in person.  Maybe they're young, but they're really good.  I want to put them higher, but the logic wouldn't be fair.
6) Oh boy...what do we do here?  Despite their loss to Trumbull, I'm going to keep St. Joe's at number six.  Yes, Newtown...and Brookfield...and have every right to be upset.  You're each 8-2, and St. Joe's is 7-3.  I know.  But the Cadets/Hogs play in the FCIAC, have a talented team, and fought hard with Trumbull before injuries bit them.  That's enough for me.

Onto the states!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Single Dads

I saw Kenn Tomasch (with two "N's"...can't believe I screwed that up) post this on Facebook.  Written by Chris Jones in Esquire, he talks about Dads.  I can completely understand.

Being a parent is hard work.  Being a single dad is a different kind of hard work.  The balance, the need to make every moment count, handling those around you, and so on.  I can't quite explain it.  It's also difficult to make sure that the dad (that's me) continues to have a life.  So there's that tightrope to walk because if I'm not doing right (mentally, physically, etc) then what good am I to Sean?

I had a stranger - some lawyer - tell me that my son, his CLIENT, wants to spend more time with me.  Well that's just lah-di-da great.  Of course I want more time with him, but I'd like it to be more than the hour of looking at toys at Wal-Mart or Target, because it really doesn't make sense to take him back to my house, since there's not enough time.  I'd like more than a few days a month.  I'd like him in MY school district.

I'm not complaining.  I'm happy Sean wants to be with me, and I want to be with him - hell, I offered to have him live with me in return for NO CHILD SUPPORT.  Yes.  That is correct.  THAT, friends, is how much I love my son.  That is how much I miss him.  He's not a dollar sign to me.

So it has been an adjustment.  An adjustment to understanding that Sean likes that time at Wal-Mart.  Or Target.  Or Sonic.  An adjustment to seeing how he now plays me because, hey, he doesn't see me all the time, so is respecting me important?

Hmm.  Respect. R-E-S-P-E-C-T.  Aretha sang it so well.  Number one on my hit parade is respect - from everyone.  I don't sense I get a lot of it.  Different rant.  Different time.

We're getting used to the single dad routine.  You'd think it wouldn't be that big of an adjustment, given how long it has been.  But with the changes that took place in September, when I went from being a 50% dad, to a 20% dad, well, it's been different.  Tough to go from seeing Sean, say, 20-25 days every month (during school months) six.

And life goes on, but the article Kenn posted hit home.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pre-Turkey Thoughts

Here on this Thanksgiving Eve, I wish the readers of this very little piece of real estate all the best happiness and health.

I wrote a post for the Greenwich Post, and I think we're going to keep doing it.  I enjoyed it, so why not?

Tomorrow will be my final football broadcast for 2010, unless someone is kind enough to ask me to participate in the playoffs somewhere.  I'd like to put a little mileage between me and the season before I reflect on it and decide what kind of season it was (at least in the booth).  I can say it had fun moments, but I can also say there were other, rather forgettable moments, both on and off the air.

I laughed a lot.  I also felt my blood pressure skyrocket.  The usual...bad equipment...competing media outlets...egos...schedules...blah blah blah.

After tomorrow, I have no idea when my next broadcast is.  I hate - REPEAT, HATE - that feeling.

It's been a strange week, beginning with a wonderful birthday.  Today, I attended the funeral of my Aunt Jean, who passed away last Friday at the age of 85.  Despite her age, she was in good health (we thought), so her passing was a shock.  The feelings of today (and yesterday as well), were mostly bittersweet.  So sad to say good bye, and so sad that it takes these events to see family that I truly enjoy.  Conversely, I did get to see family that I truly enjoy, and was able to introduce Carrie to everyone.

Side note - it's a special person who takes a day off from work to attend a funeral for a woman she never met, to support a boyfriend and his family whom she has known for barely eight months.  That's a good person there.

I have thoughts from the funeral, such as a few comments on the church and their exclusionary tactics.  I thought it was obnoxious.  Others disagreed.  Some agreed.  Fair enough.  Also, I've noticed that many funerals have become very impersonal.  What happened to the eulogies?  Perhaps it's a family decision, but whatever and I doubt it, given my aunt's love of good times.  I don't want some individual of the cloth speaking blankly about a person they never met.  I want stories.  And laughter.  Maybe even tears.  But it will at least be personal.

I'm rambling.  Best to let it go.  You might enjoy my rants but they seem to just get me in trouble.

Please join us tomorrow on WGCH, as Kato, the Wingman, Killer, ~S.L.Y.~ and Captain Greenwich give it our best one more time.  No MSG, so no problems.  I don't think the WWPT guys will give us any trouble.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Birthday Video of the Day

This is tremendous!  Thanks, Justin!

My 42nd birthday will forever be remembered as a great day, capping off a great weekend.  I got to take a road trip, have breakfast at Waffle House, stroll around the outlets at Reading, PA, grab a Coca-Cola Icee at a Wawa, find old-school Steelers merchandise in the outlets at Tannersville, PA, have dinner at Wholly Guacamole, and laugh a lot with my wonderful Carrie.

That was just Saturday!

Sunday was the GYFL, but also dinner back in Brooklyn with Carrie.  Monday was some wings and shrimp, a few drinks, a Rangers win (a really good game - Martin Biron is everything I expected him to be in net), and more laughs (especially at "Family Guy" Season One)

I assumed the worst, but I had the best.  I had over 100 birthday wishes on Facebook, along with phone calls and texts.

You are all amazing.  Thanks for the reminder.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Pump Up Music

A question for you all to ponder...let me explain.

Last week, Chris Erway and I were driving (with the one and only Sean Adams) to the Greenwich/St. Joseph football game in Trumbull.  As "Wingman" got into the car, he told me that he was thinking about music to get him fired up for the broadcast, just as athletes do for games.

The whole conversation, and the tunes we were finding, helped pick me up, as I had been pretty low that morning.

It got me thinking.  I just heard Mr. Imus playing Eminem's "Lose Yourself."  Yeah...that would work.  But what else?  Of course, I suggested Metallica's "Enter Sandman" (of course, out of respect to The Great Mariano).  That would have to be on my list.

So what music would you use?  What do you use to workout to - maybe that's different than what we're talking about?  I'm curious, and looking to be inspired.


Mitchell & Ness (and My Birthday)

OK, I admit it.  My birthday is Monday.  I've been refusing it, avoiding it, pushing it away.  Not because I don't want it or that I'm afraid of it though.  Overall, it's another day.  For the most part, my past several birthdays have been largely forgettable and/or disappointing.  Thus my current attitude.  I'm adjusting it.

I thought about gathering my friends - from all parts of my life - because I thought that would be great.  It just didn't happen.  My own fault.  My own stubbornness.  Maybe next year.  This, by no means, doesn't mean that it won't be a great weekend. 

OK, so why did I call this post "Mitchell & Ness?"  Well because they make some of the coolest sports merchandise you'll ever see, including jerseys that look like they've come straight off of Lou Gehrig or Rod Gilbert or Terry Bradshaw.

They've opened a new store in Philadelphia.  I'd like to stroll around that place with a valid credit card!

Life Lessons

People make mistakes.  All the time.  I feel like I’m the home office for them (ok, I’m being humorous).

Jeff Pearlman, whom I often post links to, writes of a time that he committed what was supposed to be a harmless prank.  It went terribly wrong.  In the end, only Pearlman himself was hurt but it was a lesson learned.

I don’t really know Jeff.  I’ve interviewed him twice.  We graduated a few years apart.  We’re on different ends of the spectrum about a lot of things.  Yet I get the sense he’s an OK guy.  He seems to have lived a decent life.  Married, two kids, the whole thing.  He’s constantly checking his own pulse to make sure he’s doing right – by his wife, his kids, his world.  Struggles with religion and so on.  But I know he isn’t always right.  He obsesses over his pure hatred of Sarah Palin.  He’s a hypochondriac.  And more.  I know this because I’ve read it all on his blog.

He lets most of it out – warts and all.  On occasion, so do I, and I struggle with it all the time (we’ve been down this road).

I never stop learning.  Never stop learning that all people aren’t made the same.  That the way I can laugh with one person isn’t going to work with another.  That I’m also flawed.  That I don’t always say things the right way.  That I can also do better. 

I will do better.

There’s this notion that people don’t change.  That’s utter garbage.  It depends on what needs to be changed.  My core hasn’t changed in (almost) 42 years, but I’ve altered things over that time.  Opinions have changed.  Things that seemed the right way to go in 1987 don’t fly in 2010.

There’s nothing deeper here.  No “Rule 55.”  Just something that I’ve been thinking about, and Jeff helped crystalize it for me.

Happy Friday Links

Man, the New York Islanders just don’t get it.  They’ve pulled the credential of an ultra-popular blog.

You know, a blog that actually has a decent reputation.  Unlike this one.

Please tell me you saw this:

How did this come to be?  Rolling Stone has more.  Bruce also sat down with Fallon for an interview.

Greenwich and Staples will play next Thursday at Cardinal Stadium.  Tim Parry wrote a preview for the Hearst papers (including the Connecticut Post and the Greenwich Time).  Be on the lookout for a quote from WGCH’s Sports Director (though not named by title).  Here are the rest of the links to the turkey games, courtesy of Tim.

The Worldwide Leader’s magazine is doing a movie issue, in which they’ve taken athletes and placed them in movie setups.  Some of them don’t quite work for me, but these three are pretty good.

Ryan Miller as Carl Spackler in “Caddyshack”!

Danica Patrick as Veronica Corningston in “Anchorman” (a filthy pirate hooker – that’s a line from the movie!)

And Lindsey Vonn as Catherine Tramell in “Basic Instinct”.  Wow – this one is uncanny.

Fun stuff.  Fang’s Bites has more.

Speaking of movie quotes, Kenn Tomasch (I remembered the second “N” this time – HA!) lets one go during a game-opening.

Elsewhere, Roger Ebert writes about the brilliance of NPR – radio that isn’t pretentious.

I’m not going to go crazy on the AL Cy Young Award.  A guy that went 13-12 won it.  This isn’t a pro-CC Sabathia/Yankee thing, as he didn’t think he deserved.  Yankees want championships – period.  Joe Posnaski yacks about his joy over the death of wins as an important stat.  This gets a “whatever” from me.
From hockey, The Graying Mantis writes an honest recap of Wednesday night’s Rangers loss to the Bruins.  That’s why I like him.

Former Yankee Jim Leyritz is on trial in Florida for DUI and vehicular manslaughter.  Chad Jennings from the LoHud Yankees blog updates things.

Chad also has a note on Congress recognizing the late Bob Sheppard.

From minor league baseball, Benjamin Hill takes a little umbrage with something that ESPN’s Rob Neyer wrote.  Bravo.

Tiger Woods appeared on ESPN, taking softballs from Mike and Mike in the morning.  Sports Radio Interviews has some quotes.

This might be the first time I’ve posted anything from cricket, but it is at the very foundation of baseball, so why not (via Deadspin)?  Is that Monty?  YES!  What a play!

I love old photographs, and Shorpy is as good a place as any to go see them.  Take a look at Poughkeepsie, NY in 1906.  My dad worked there.  My sister worked there.  My cousin works there.  Friends, etc.  I go there a lot.  In short, I’ve seen way too much of Po’ town for my taste lately.

The Beatles are finally on iTunes.  In case you need a reminder, have a look at their progression.

A little Jeff Pearlman for ya.  Recently, the NFL Network picked their 100 greatest (with Jerry Rice foolishly over Jim Brown at number one).  Pearlman picks the 100 worst on Deadspin.

He also talks about not taking kids to sporting events (the NFL in this case).

That’s all I have for now…isn’t that enough?!?

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Football Returns to Yankee Stadium

(I’m not sure if this is from the AP, but I will give proper attribution if I can find it)

Among the various links and such worth discussing on this Thursday is the above picture, as football makes its first appearance in the new Yankee Stadium.  I have visions of the GIants and Colts playing there, or maybe the G-men and the Redskins!

I’d say the Steelers, but they were terrible during the Giants’ years at the old Stadium.

Army and Notre Dame play there this Saturday night.  Ivan Maisel from ESPN provides a look at why this is significant, and the history surrounding it.

It should be fun.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Got My Mind Set On You

Sometimes we forget that George Harrison made some fine music on his own (yes, laugh at Ringo if you must, but he also had a few hits...John and, of course, Paul are the kings).  Musically, George was probably the most talented of the The Beatles in that he was a master guitarist.

This song is actually a cover version, but it's George's version that is most famous.  Seems fitting for a Wednesday with a lot on  But I know what I want (hello, Rule 55).  So there.

A Meatball Shop? Perfect For Me!

Cookie Mama posted a link to this on Facebook.  How did I not know about this place?

A meatball shop in New York City?  I must visit...and soon!

The Making of "Soulsville"

Greetings from Barnes and Noble in Stamford, CT.  I finally got my copy of "Soulsville" on Monday, and I'm really enjoying it.  Then again, I've been a fan since early 1984, so while I try to be fair, let's face it: I'm a fan.

The band has been promoting the album everywhere, including hitting the talk shows (Letterman, Fallon, Kimmel, and others), and also taking a viral approach.  I just saw this on YouTube.  Huey Lewis, Johnny Colla, and Bill Gibson (three of the band's "core four" with Sean Hopper) talk about the process.

Monday, November 15, 2010

So, Uh, Lou Holtz Isn't Very Happy

I've recently wondered to myself why I dislike Notre Dame.  I don't really hate them, but I've never liked them.  I thought maybe it was the whole "Touchdown Jesus", Joe Montana, Joe Theisman thing.  Yet when John Sullivan left Greenwich and went there, I began to soften a bit on them.

Same stuff that I've been pondering about Penn State and some others.  Why the dislike/hate?

Sorry, Mets fans...some things don't change.

Yet this Lou Holtz video is a fair reminder of what probably made me dislike Notre Dame in the first place.

Split Enz

I heard this while walking around the Best Buy in Poughkeepsie following my little visit to Family Court this morning.  I took some time to think, and to buy the new Huey Lewis and the News CD, Soulsville (very good, by the way).

Always liked this song, along with some of Neil Finn's other work (Crowded House, etc).

Still a big fan of New Wave music.

I realized recently that I need to jump back on the ol' "Rule 55" bandwagon.  So here.  Enjoy.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Bill Gonillo Six

Let's have a new number one and shift things around...

1) Masuk (Last Week: 2).  Guess they should have been number one all along.
2) Darien (3).  In the FCIAC Championship against...
3) Trumbull (5).  Knocked off Staples to advance to the title game.
4) New Canaan (4).  Blasted Bridgeport Central.
5) Staples (1).  I expected them to beat Trumbull.  A failed two-point conversion kept it from being a tie.
6) St. Joseph (6).  Survived against Greenwich.

The Refurbishment of Yankee Stadium

Fascinating footage that I found tonight via River Ave. Blues and the RAB Bullpen.  Shot between 1974 and 1975, it shows the guts of the old palace being ripped apart and rebuilt into the "remodeled Stadium."

This is where my "holy land" was changed and, because of this, the charming people in NYC politics wouldn't designate it with landmark status.  Thus the House that Ruth Built became the House that Giuliani, Bloomberg, and Steiner tore down to open the House that George Built across the street.

The new place is fine.  It's just not this place and it never will be.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Breakfast With the Beatles

This is a fun one.  The Beatles doing "I'm Down" at Shea Stadium in 1965.  The band can barely hear themselves but they laugh through the whole thing - especially George and John.  Sir Paul did this at Citi Field when I saw him in 2009.

Sadly, the car that takes them away at the end is a Mets one.  Fortunately, Macca is a Yankees fan!

Here is Paulie doing it at Citi in 2009.

An Early Start

I'm up early this morning.  That wasn't planned.  I have Greenwich/St. Joe's to call on WGCH today at 1:20, but I could still be asleep.

I just can't sleep.

It's clear the mind is overloaded.

I can't seem to write.  Or talk (yet, I'm a broadcaster).

Today's another day.

Friday, November 12, 2010

The Boston Bruins Rock!

You want smart marketing?  You want savvy commercials?  You want funny in hockey?

Look no further than the Boston Bruins.  On Thursday night, Deadspin got hold of a Bruins fan doing something stupid.

Hey before you criticize, this kind of crap happens in EVERY city...and EVERY arena.  No fan base is that smart.  Sorry.  They all have stupid fans, and as such, Paul Silverfarb and Phil Soto-Ortiz had a great back and forth with me on Facebook about the modern sports fan...and modern sports in general.  In short, we hate the modern sports least Paul and I do.  Just last night, a Sabres fan so drove a wedge into my enjoyment of the Rangers' game that I might not go back.  Seriously.

Of course, there has been outrage all over, but leave it to the Bruins - as smart a team as I've seen when it comes to their commercials - to have the last word:

Smoking Cigarettes and Watching Captain Kangaroo

A song of silly loneliness.  Rule 55'd for your convenience.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

The Upcoming Veterans Vote

The National Baseball Hall of Fame’s Veterans’ Committee has a special vote coming up, in which they will vote on the status of 12 “Expansion Era” players, executives, and a manager.  If the individual receives more than 75% of the vote, their in the Hall.  It’s that easy.  Let’s take a look at the candidates:

Vida Blue – Outstanding pitcher.  Dominant at times.  Also a train wreck of a personality.  Did he do enough to warrant a place in the Hall of Fame?  He was 209-161.  (My vote: No.  Purely a gut feeling here)

Dave Concepcion – Really?  He’s a candidate?  A career .267 hitter?  (No)

Steve Garvey – Only hit .294 for his career, but I often thought he was overlooked for the Hall.  Not only was he brilliant with the Dodgers but was a huge reason that the Padres went to the World Series in 1984 (Tough call.  I still say No).

Pat Gillick – A winner everywhere.  Still, a lot of executives don’t make it (No)

Ron Guidry – This is a tough one for me.  He became a star too late in his career but had one of the best seasons I’ve ever seen (1978: 25-3, 1.74).  I loved watching him pitch, yet he’s got a Mattingly-like quality to me (therefore, he’s a No).

Tommy John – Twenty-six years.  Twelve wins from 300.  Still, twenty-six years?  Then again, cultural impact has always been factored into Hall voting, and there’s a simple reason why it’s called “Tommy John Surgery” (No)

Billy Martin – Oh boy.  Never was a Billy fan.  He was never good enough to make it as a player (though he had major success in the postseason, with 12 hits in the 1953 World Series).  This vote is for his managerial career, where he won just won World Series (1977), though he did have plenty of success in his stops in Minnesota, Detroit, Texas, and the A’s (and of course, five stints in The Bronx).  He had five first-place finishes, and won two AL titles.  He also destroyed the arms of several pitchers. (No…and unretire his number one, or share it with Bobby Richardson and Bobby Murcer, both men of dignity)

Marvin Miller – The players will say “yes.”  The owners will say “no.”  Isn’t that how it should be for the former head of the Major League Baseball Players Association?  His impact on baseball can’t be overlooked.  A hugely controversial figure. (I don’t think he’ll make it…but my vote is YES)

Al Oliver – Played 18 years.  Career .303 hitter. (No)

Ted Simmons – Good catcher.  Good hitter.  Not good enough for me. (No)

Rusty Staub – Le Grande Orange!  The original Expo hero!  Also found success in New York, but I’d want his plaque to represent Montreal.  Still his stats underwhelm me. (No)

George Steinbrenner – What more needs to be said?  If the vote were purely for his behavior up until, say, 1993, my vote would be NO.  He embarrassed the Yankees.  He often embarrassed baseball.  He also, along with Marvin Miller, helped drive players salaries to where they are.  But he had one of the great second (third?) acts, letting the right people run the Yankees, and securing the dynasty.  He helped build the YES Network.  He helped build a new stadium (that simply is NOT the old Stadium).  His impact on baseball – and sports – can not be overlooked. (A resounding YES vote from me).

There you go – George Steinbrenner and Marvin Miller.  They get my vote.  Nobody else.  Realistically, I think Steinbrenner and Steve Garvey might get in, but to me, that’s it.  This group otherwise underwhelms me.

Meeting a “Dark Ranger”

Photo courtesy The Dark Ranger

Carrie has long been in contact with a fellow Rangers fan on Facebook, though they had never met.  That meeting finally took place on Sunday before the Blues game at Stout, probably the premier pub near MSG.  Though it’s a loud place, the food is good and the drink menu is mighty.

(Plus, in full disclosure, their sister pub, The Long Room, is where Carrie and I met.  I’ll always be grateful for that.)

Carrie had told me that her Facebook friend is a blogger, and she expected that he and I would hit it right off.  Yes, I think that is fair to say the least.  He writes as “The Graying Mantis” for The Dark Ranger, a truly fair and balanced look at all things Blueshirts.

What struck me with TGM (I'll protect his true identity) was that he doesn’t just look at things with a Rangers bias.  I gathered that he wouldn't mind me ripping the team or the Garden, and some of their lame practices (the stick salute and some of their other marketing shtick).  He also struck me as a guy who didn’t just know the current scene, or go for the easy favorites.  He knows his stuff.  He knows his history.

To that point, TGM wore a Dan Girardi jersey (I still like calling them “sweaters”).  Let’s take that a step farther.  TGM worked with the manufacturer, insisting that they use the proper materials and detail, and initially insisting on Girardi’s number 46 before compromising to his current number five.

Count me impressed.  It’s too easy to go for pretty boy “King” Henrik Lundqvist and his number 30 (rather “Jeteresque” if you ask me, though that’s where the comparison between the two ends).  While I have a Yankees’ number two jersey, most of you know that is to represent Bobby Murcer, who wore that in his final years (1979-1983). 

Quick aside: want to get me a jersey?  I’ll take a 1973 Yankees jersey number one, with the Yankee Stadium 50th Anniversary patch.  That’s Bobby Ray, right there.

Don't get me wrong.  Lundqvist is an outstanding goalie.  Borderline elite. Jeter, would he be so popular (especially among females) if he wasn't a looker?  I sense a Tim Parry-esque rant here (two words: phony fans)!

Now there are no hard and fast rules to this jersey (or T-shirt) stuff.  For instance, I’m still not convinced that I’m on board with any single current Ranger.  Perhaps I would opt for an older one – Messier, Richter, Graves, Leetch (Hello?  Connecticut!), virtually anyone from ‘94, or even older guys (Gilbert and so on).

Then again, I have a Rangers sweater...white, with no name or number.  Birthday present...1994.  I almost never wear it (though I thought about it tonight when I was getting ready to possibly go to the game against the Caps).

OK, getting sidetracked.  Anywho, TGM showed me that, in his world, maybe the “King” can do wrong.  He’s not afraid to criticize, and that honesty, along with those of the sites’ namesake, and colleague J_Undisputed, makes The Dark Ranger a worthy read.

Monday, November 08, 2010

Bill Gonillo Six Time

Before I get to the BG Six, let me just ask the following:

What the hell was that on Friday night?

I mean, I've seen Greenwich lose.  I've seen them fall in some amazing ways.  But jeezus, that was an annihilation!

By the way, many thanks to everyone at New Canaan High School for finding room for us inside the Dunning Field press box.  I got a phone call late Friday afternoon from their AD, assuring me that they would accommodate us (and Matt Levine of WSTC/WNLK).  But golly, I sure am sorry we were in the way of MSG Varsity, who decided to set up the screen for their opening shot in the area where we were going to broadcast.  This, of course, got under the skin of some MSG cameraman, based on the fact that I had the temerity to have my suitcase open and on the floor next to me while I was setting up.  That's when the following happened:

MSG Cameraman, who we'll call "MSG-C" (speaking to somebody back in his truck): "Some guy is in the way.  I don't know who he is.  He's setting up audio."
MSG-C: "I don't know.  He's setting up for a radio broadcast."
MSG-C: "He's still there."
MSG-C: "OK, we'll move him."

Finally, he approaches me, and says, "Look.  You don't need this suitcase here.  We're trying to set up."
Me: (looks at him...doesn't say...a...word)

Then he proceeds to move my suitcase.  Why the EFF didn't he just call himself "the most important person here?"

Ryan DeMaria and Nick Fox were witnesses to the whole thing.  Amazing.

By the way, Friday night proved that MSG Varsity is determined to bring the circus to YOUR town!  They had a fan experience!  It...was...sublime.  They actually had a football throwing game, and they asked yours truly to participate - three tries to throw the football through a hole.  I was close on the first two, and nailed it on the third!  My prize?  An MSG Varsity bag!  Now I can die in peace!

Nice of Varsity play-by-play voice Jimmy Cavallo (he of the famous "Thanksgiving" meltdown...and I kept Chris Kaelin far away from him) to stop by and I was trying to give an interview to the "Mary Anne Show" on WGCH.  See, here's the thing: when a broadcaster is wearing this thing called a headset - the same thing Jimmy would have on to "broadcast" the game about a half hour later, and he or she is talking into it, you might want to leave that broadcaster alone.  Jimmy just wanted to point out to me that Greenwich quarterback Liam O'Neil was wearing #14.  As you, the dear reader, would imagine, I sort-of know that.

*sigh*  Soooooooo much more to say....soooooooo not worth it!  I was fairly grumpy as a result of Friday night anyway, so let's move on!

But I will say, again, that there are a lot of good people associated with MSG, and I spoke with several of them Friday night.  I had some laughs with some of the other camera guys and the tech guys, as well as some of the security people.  And they now have a new good dude working for them in former Greenwich Time writer Jesse Quinlan.  Best of luck to him in his new endeavor.

Again - if MSG ever wanted me to join them, I would be honored.  But I won't treat others rudely, especially those just trying to do their job.  I find I always enjoy speaking with others in the industry, as opposed to trying to bully them.

To the BG Six!

1) Staples (Last week: 1)  They remain number one, to me.  Maybe I'm just being too stubborn about the FCIAC.
2) Masuk (2) Somebody has to be number one...somebody gets my second-place vote.  Wish Masuk and Staples could play each other!
3) Darien (3) Has a clear course to play either Staples or Trumbull in the FCIAC Championship Game (to be broadcast on the the helicopter...yay).  I can tell you who WON'T be broadcasting it.  That's right.  Me.
4) New Canaan (4)  Never doubt the Rams, I guess.
5) Trumbull (NR) They're back.  They deserve to be back, even though I should make a bigger push for somebody else, like Brookfield.
6) St. Joseph (NR) I get to see the Cadets first hand on Saturday (pregame show 1:20 on WGCH).

Nothing More to Say

Thanks, Jeff Kitsko for posting this on Facebook.  Of course, thanks to Seth MacFalane and the Family Guy team as well!

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Brawling in Connecticut (and other Links)

A little fracas broke out at last week's North Branford/Lewis Mills game.  Check out the video and story from the New Haven Register.

Dumb.  It sounds like, based on what I read from the officials, that Lewis Mills was more at fault, yet North Branford also got hit with a forfeit?

Again, dumb.

Speaking of topics in which "can't we all just get along", let's go to the FCIAC Football Blog (got the name right, didn't I?) where Tim Parry is lining us all up for Friday night.

Tim has the details of a disappointing injury for Staples.

I have no real interest in this post - an interview with TCU head football coach Gary Patterson, but Carrie the amazingly wonderful girlfriend likes the Horned Frogs just because they're horned frogs.  Thus I'm linking it here via Sports Radio Interviews.

Jeff Perlman writes about what an awful, Republican town Mahopac is.  No, he didn't call it awful.  I'm exaggerating.  Still he did call many of them/us (me?) "sheltered."  I get it, and understand what he means, and he's not 100% wrong (I think I'm little better than what he is describing, but that could be due to my own experiences, especially of late as I spend so much time in the N-Y-C).  Still, aren't many smaller towns like that?  Or does he just dislike Republicans?  Either way, there is a lot of good dialogue going on in the comments.

One last Pearlman-related item.  Probably only Carrie will care about this, but Jeff wrote about his favorite writing spot.  Not too far from where the lovely Carrie spends a lot of time (and where I'll be in a few hours).

Oh, Had You Not Heard?

That's odd.  I thought everyone had heard.

That my friend, Lisa the Cookie Momma, is a part of the blog family over at Next Music Online.  She writes a food blog, and with it being November, well, the bird is the word!

Of course, she posted this video at the bottom, and how can I resist posting it as well?

This is the only thing I plan on celebrating in November - food!  Thanksgiving (Staples/Greenwich, of course).  My niece Katie has a birthday this month; so does Carrie's brother Sean (yesterday).  Maybe I'll get to a hockey game or two.

That's about it.  Nothing else in November, right?  Nothing of a certain annual variety?  Nothing in common with Mariano Rivera (you know, number forty-two)?

That's what I thought.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

High School Sports Broadcasting...What's Not To Love?

Fellow broadcaster Kenn Tomasch posted this on his blog, including a video.  Just shows the ultra-glamorous world that we all live in!

Let's see somebody in the FCIAC do this to MSG!

Vintage Richmond

My friend Jon has begun a blog on vintage Richmond, VA.  I would upload a picture or two if I could, but Blogger is really being stupid.  Jon has a gorgeous picture of Main Street Station, R-Va's classic entrance for train passengers, and a landmark for me as a child on Interstate 95.

Earlier today, Jon posted a poster for a show at the Franklin Street Gym in 1973.  The headliner that night was Dan Hicks and his Hot Licks.  The opening act was a nice kid from New Jersey named Springsteen.

Monday, November 01, 2010

Bill Gonillo Six

Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back...Greenwich.

They beat Westhill, 49-3.  They should have beaten Trumbull (but clearly did not).  Ridgefield lost, and so Trumbull (to Stamford).  So...

1) Staples (Last week: 1)
2) Masuk (2)
3) Darien (3)
4) New Canaan (4)
5) Pomperaug (5)
6) Greenwich (NR)

Now go earn it, Cardinals.  I also know that Newtown is outstanding. so they're mighty close.

Now, a minor rant.  Greenwich/New Canaan is our next broadcast, this Friday at 7:00 (6:50 pre-game show).  Of course, MSG Varsity, maybe WSTC/WNLK (with my friend Matt Levine), and New Canaan's own station (I hear they have a webcast, a la WWPT) will be there.

Along with Mel Allen, Curt Gowdy, Dick Enberg, and Dr. Joyce Brothers.

Of course, the PA Announcer (Bob VanDerheyden), scoreboard operator, spotter and others will be in the booth as well, along with other New Canaan supporters (read: Greenwich haters).

Trust me on this one.  I've worked in this booth before.

And we - WGCH, who has been covering Greenwich football religiously since we went on the air in 1964, probably won't be getting access to New Canaan's press box.  I'm not writing this to criticize the Rams - they're a fine school and have a terrific athletic department.  I'm saying that everyone drinks the MSG Flavor-Aid.  Now what I haven't figured out is if the almighty dollar is involved here.  That is, are these schools getting paid for the product that MSG put out (perfectly fine technically, and there are some fine people on their staff)?  So, as a result, do they get to dictate where they sit?

If so, then great.  Just great.  Greed and ego wins out.  The local dope (that's me) gets to sit outside.

I tolerated it at Rye-Harrison because I completely recognize that we parachute in to cover that game.

Greenwich/New Canaan is different.  We cover Greenwich ever week.  MSG doesn't.  We've been down this road enough - so much so that my girlfriend remembered me (and others) screaming about them - long before she ever met me.

Don't even get me started about my concerns for next week's game at St. Joseph in Trumbull and the lack of cell phone coverage.

UPDATE: Tim Parry says cell phone coverage has improved drastically at St. Joe's.  That's great, because the last time I called a game from there, I think we spent as much time off the air (trying to get a signal) as we did ON.  Tim also told me the entire site has improved with a new press box, etc, which I had heard about.  Good - now I'm excited to cover that one.

I'm looking forward to Brunswick/Hopkins Saturday night, where I know we'll have space and friendly faces (check, please!).

But now, thanks to this, Greenwich/New Canaan has become less of the fun for me that I enjoy in covering games.  It's become work.

Can't we all just get along?