Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Facial Hair and Other Middle of the Night Ramblings

It's 4:21 AM as I begin typing on this Tuesday morning, and I'm listening to the rain. It's also cold in the house (my nose is like ice) but I will not be turning on the heat anytime soon. Heat=money...and of course, there are various axis of evil that need some of that green stuff first.

Fred the erstwhile cat is here also. Though down in weight, and not exactly full of life, he still sends his love to the blogosphere. He's fighting the good fight.

And he's back to sleep.

So a prevailing theory of late is that women (especially women in my age bracket) prefer facial hair. Not of the "mountain man" variety, but of a couple day's growth. I'm being encouraged to grow it out - at least until this Friday's Greenwich/Trumbull tilt.

Yeah, because I'm going to walk out of McDougall Stadium with a date. Riiiiight.

A 40 year-old overweight sports broadcaster with little income and a cholesterol level that makes a nice batting average is just that - regardless of facial hair.

I used to once be a popular sort among the fairer gender. I guess I still am - in that "gee, he's such a super-nice guy" way. You know: a friend.

Or I'm a psycho on the rebound (PLEASE NOTE: NOT TRUE).

Ah to say more would mean to look "Rule 55" square in the eye and - by the beard of Zeus! - that's gotten me in trouble before as well.

By the way, I have very little patience. Oh I can be patient, but there are just some things that drive me bonkers. That is a current state. Just sayin'.

These are supposedly the Most Annoying Songs of All Time! I didn't see "Jack and Diane" on it, so it's not a legit list to me.

I sort of know how the folks at WFAN feel. They moved from their dumpy studios in Queens to fancy new digs in Manhattan. That's how I felt when WGCH left our longtime home.

I thought I had more links, but that is all for now. I suppose I will try to get another hour or so of sleep, then begin another scintillating day. Rock on, y'all!


Tim Parry said...

Face it, Rob, you're Waffle House handsome!

Rob Adams said...

Maybe I could meet somebody there!