Thursday, October 15, 2009

Well Hi Friends, and A Very Pleasant Good Evening To You, Wherever You May Be

"It's time for Dodgers baseball."

That's probably the way the great Scully opened the broadcast tonight at Chavez Ravine. Hopefully he asked you to "pull up a chair" somewhere along the line tonight also.

I'm writing that as a nod - not only to Vin - but to Chris Erway, who quoted me in his latest post about Notre Dame over at ISportsWeb:
Even though I am a fan of the Irish, a wise man once told me that when making predictions you want to pick with your heart, but in reality you must always choose with your head.
That wise man would be me - who thinks the Yankees will fall in seven. I'm hoping the Yankees win in six, but am preparing for the worst.

Anyway, thanks Chris. That was pretty cool.

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