Saturday, October 31, 2009


I'm still outraged at what I saw last night. Greenwich beat Westhill 45-7, and anybody with a brain knew that the Cardinals were out for blood after losing to Bridgeport Central the week before. Thus it was clear that the Vikings would be in for a long night.

The Cards scored in abundance and led 39-0 at halftime. I knew the topic was coming...

The 50-point rule.

After Colin Dunster scored to make it 45-0, I knew what would be discussed. Then things got weird.

Westhill once again could do nothing offensively. So they went for it on fourth the third their own end. HUH?

Naturally, the pass attempt fell short and Greenwich took over on downs. Suddenly, they were knocking on the door, when Greenwich head coach Rich Albonizio did what he had to do. He called for a kneel-down. Four times.

Again, this was happening in the third quarter, and all so GHS didn't upset the knuckleheads at the CIAC.

Later on, Westhill would get on the scoreboard, and I almost felt like the Cardinals, who CLEARLY DIDN'T LET WESTHILL SCORE, weren't terribly sorry when they did. Now, let's be clear - because of the 50-point rule, Greenwich (and by extension, Westhill) were put in a bad, stupid situation.

Sean Patrick Bowley though enough of it to mention this in his Friday night recap, while Tim Parry actually called me an hour after the game to make sure what he was reading (via Twitter and elsewhere) was true. He wrote about it on his blog.

Incidentally, I love the Taconic State Parkway. I never find it by accident.

Tim adds more on his other blog.

So come on, CIAC. Get your mighty pens out and strike this rule once and for all. Or do you enjoy being mocked nationally for a rule based on political correctness because the big meanies beat up on the little guy? That's another problem with sports today. Those in the suits insist on messing with what's going on on the field. Pitchers can't throw inside, high school players can't field a kickoff in the end zone and run it out (at least in Connecticut), no fighting in hockey, and blowouts are bad. You have to let things take care of themselves on the field, and find bigger things to worry about.

Happy Halloween, everyone! Wish I had a party or something to go to after I finish calling Brunswick and Salisbury tonight on WGCH.

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