Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day and Freedom

Old Glory, Cooperstown, NY, April 18, 2015 (Shockingly, I took that picture)
Around our slice of the world, there are parades going on.

Bands are playing. Children are smiling. Later, grills will fire up. Here in the Pac, it's 80 degrees, and I'm planning on reading before taking Sean home. If I can find some energy, I will try to clean around the house.

It's low-key, and we get to do so because of the freedom we have.

Many - on social media (and on a radio/video webstream) - have espoused that we should thank those who have defended our flag, way of life, etc for allowing us to have this freedom.

Of course many do it for show (HEY! LOOK AT ME! I'M A PATRIOT!). Others do it because it's proper. I did it during Friday's game broadcast because I wanted to reinforce it.

Again, like having the right to post on social media about religion or politics (I have very strong thoughts about this, frankly), we have freedom.

But know why we're off today. Do just a little research. Read about Sandra Ennor of Darien (Darien Times, by Aaron Marsh).

Read something to learn.

Take five minutes. Ten, maybe.

Take some time and do it.

Then go play ball or enjoy that burger, or listen to Born to Run (still, to me, the ultimate summer kickoff song).

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Me and My Doppelganger

Sean had a concert tonight at the high school he will attend: John Jay in Hopewell Jct, NY.

His grandmother took a picture of us following the show. Sean plays a mean alto saxophone.

I posted it on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram, but this is one that I wanted to also post here, since not everyone is social media savvy.

I'm crazy proud of this kid. You probably know that. I also miss him like crazy when I don't see him. Chances are you know that as well. I hope he feels the same.

I mourn a lot of lost time. Decisions that I'm not a part of. Feeling like I'm just...well...I don't know.

Back to hockey.

Saturday, May 09, 2015

Rule 55, and Why It's Still Relevant

Sean, Jackson Square, New Orleans, 2006.
I've been saving this one for a few days. Rule 55 is a glorious thing, but it must be used at the right times.

Long ago, I started posted videos when I had something to say but couldn't. My friend Sean Kilkelly deemed it "Rule 55," in honor of me, when he had the urge to do the same in his writing.

Rule 55 is my outlet. It's my way of saying "something is up."

My writing is raw. Passionate. Sometimes joyous. Sometimes angry. It expresses a wide range of emotion. It's often vague, and that brings both praise and grief.

I've felt sadness as I've ached over one thing or another that I've written. I've laughed at certain passages.

So above is a picture of Sean in New Orleans in 2006, along with a song that mentions the Crescent City below.

A bottle of red. A bottle of white.

Sunday, May 03, 2015

Domestic Violence and Total Asshattery

Rachel Nichols

Michelle Beadle

I've posted a new "From the Press Box" over at HAN Radio. Domestic violence isn't something I mess around about.

Trying to take the eye off the issue by playing a shell game - LOOK, it's THEIR fault - isn't something I'm going to abide by.

I can't defend it. I can't support it. I won't have it.

Climbing off my soap box now, I'll direct your attention here.