Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The End of Mike and the Mad Dog?

It could be drawing to a close soon, so says Neil Best, but the Mike and the Mad Blog won't let it die without a fight. They're putting a petition online, and while they rip Kim Jones (who I like), they also attack Evan Roberts, Joe Benigno, and Chris Carlin, all of whom will hold down the 1-6:30 slot normally occupied by M&MD.

The best of the petition (in the form of a letter to PD Mark Chernoff) is this:
I want hand waves. I want arrogance. I want condescending. I want ill-informed. I want my Mike and the Mad Dog.
Well said, good sirs.

And in other moves at WFAN, Neil has the goods on the new host of the Giants pre- and post-game show: Russ Salzberg. What? Did Chernoff not accept tapes? Did he not look into The Killer? Haysooz Cristo, what exactly is going on down there at the Fan-a-roonie?


Monday, July 28, 2008

Rule 55 in Action

Things to say, a bad day and night to respond to. Disrespected. Frustrated. Broke. Generally pissed. Tomorrow's another day.

So here's a video! The Son likes this commercial...

Sunday, July 27, 2008

New Terminology

For you who love to create your own handbook of terms and slang (ala "Haysooz Cristo" - a fun version of writing "Jesus Christ" without truly taking the Lord's name in vain), allow me to hit you with a new one:

Rule 55.

That's right. Live it. Breathe it. Make it your own. Enjoy.

Oh and the mere fact that Sean used the word "feckless" helps prove why he's cooler than most people.

Had I been near a computer this weekend, I might have invoked my beloved new rule.

Thank you. That is all.

What The BLEEP?

OK, so I'm back, and a little birdie whispered to me some disturbing news out of Cardinals' Land.

He was calling me about something else and said, "did you hear about...?"

Well, no...but wow!

Read here.

Full disclosure - I know Phil Tarantino and he's a stand-up guy (not to mention an "Exit 55" reader). I'm sure he's strict with athletes, though I've never seen him in action. So what exactly drove somebody to this?

There just has to be more to this story, so I guess "stay tuned."

Otherwise, I'm tired. Camping was great, and I took pictures, got into a fight at the local Wal-Mart, had a few drinks, and so on. Good times. We'll catch up soon.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Gone Fishin'

Well, not really. I've gone camping - to Jim Thorpe, PA. Sean will fish (he has a Transformers fishing pole...don't ya love marketing and merchandising?) and I will hopefully relax and NOT THINK. About ANYTHING.

I doubt I'll have a computer, but if I do, I'll check in. Be well and talk to you soon!

PS - my friend Dana had shoulder surgery earlier this week. I haven't talked to I hope all went well!

PPS - Sean says, "good bye!"

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


It's bad enough that the Wiffle ball field was torn down. So the kids go back to have a harmless game on the field - without the walls that existed there. Seems innocent, no?

WRONG! The poor neighbors felt threatened by the evil Wiffle ball players. So the neighbors called the cops, and now there are "No Tresspassing" sings.

You stay classy, Greenwich. I especially appreciated this quote, by the esteemed First Selectman, Peter Tesei:
"It is what it is. It means you don't go there."
Well isn't that just dandy.

The whole thing is just another black eye in the court of public opinion from Greenwich and Riverside. Just another excuse for outsiders to snicker at the rich, snooty behavior in Greenwich. And this time, I can't defend the town. Nor will I defend the neighbors.

The whole thing stinks.

There's a much-overused cliche for things like this:

Mighty Greenwich has struck out.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Tesei Cries "You're OUT!"

Despite support from virtually every politician, the Greenwich Wiffle ball players didn't get the support of the one person that counts: First Selectman Peter Tesei.

The Greenwich Time details it here.

There are two approaches to this. Number one is to say that Tesei is using his best judgment and is doing what's right for the town. Number two is to say that Tesei is caving into the whining of rich NIMBY's who were prepared to make his life miserable.

I'll save my rant and rage and leave it to you to comment.

UPDATE: They're holding a protest at the field site Friday morning at 7:00. This is nothing more than a town official covering his and the town's arse, seeing it as a "liability issue." That's an easy way to get out of it. I don't envy Mr. Tesei.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

We're Being Watched

From River Ave. Blues comes a link to some amazing technology. Go here and take a look at Yankee Stadium on the 4th of July. I thought the guys at RAB were kidding when they said:
odds are pretty good that you can find yourself, in high res, in that photo...
They also go on to say that it's Dice K throwing the the pitch, when it's acutally Josh Beckett. But I digress.

Anyway, sure enough, I was able to zoom in and there we are (in the picture up top). Then I zoomed in as close as possible...

From left to right are Eddie, Steve, me, Kris and Jeremiah. Kelly and her dad are sitting in front of Eddie and Steve. Mick would have been in the shot, but we can all guess where the smallest bladder in the history of man is...

And don't get me started on the girls that are supposed to be sitting in our row. Just don't go there...

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

FOX Had Been OK...

For the most part, I felt that FOX's All-Star coverage was passable. Yes, they botched a few things, and blew off a couple of others for commercials, but they earn my wrath for leaving as the Great Mariano came out of the bullpen, mid "Enter Sandman."

Mo's entrance is one of the coolest moments in sports, and his participation in this game had been a source of controversy. You'd think they could have skipped that commercial break, don't ya?

Oh, FOX (specifically Tim McCarver) did kind o' piss me off with their DEFENSE of Papelbon. They're kidding, right? Then ol' Paps went and damn near blew the game. But Billy Wags (he who is not the real Sandman) came in and let former Renegade Evan Longoria tie the game up, thus taking Paps off the hook.

My hat tip to Terry Francona for bringing K-Rod in, setting things up for Mo. Further nods to K-Rod himself for applauding as he left, in deference to Mo.

And as for Mo's appearance? Um, strike 'em out, throw 'em out. Just another night for the greatest closer ever.

Did I just hear Tim McCarver say that the booing and treatment of Pappelbon will further fuel the fire of the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry? Is he kidding?

Oh, and I NOW find out what I've been waiting all night for. From PeteAbe:
I should have mentioned this before but I foolishly assumed Fox would have mentioned it. But there was an announcement after the second inning about Bobby Murcer. It wasn’t a moment of silence, just sort of an annoucement. I’m sure the Yankees will do something better on Friday.
Um, Mr. McCarver? You WORKED with Bobby Murcer on Yankees games and called him a close friend. Could SOMEBODY have mentioned him tonight?

I know the Bombers will pay tribute to Bobby Ray on Friday night, but I won't be there. I'll be calling Gades-Auburn Doubledays. Damn.

UPDATE: It took FOX until 12:17 AM (at the start of the bottom of the 11th) to finally pay tribute to Bobby. Very nice.

All-Star Game, Father and Son Style

The Son is asleep now. His bed time is normally 8:30, but he got a few extra minutes tonight.

It's the All-Star Game. It's baseball. It's time for father and son.

Thankfully, the New York-Penn League takes tonight off, as does most of Minor League Baseball. "The Tailgaters", however, had to work, and Sean Ford and I did a pretty good show. We work a lot better when we're face-to-face, but most times Sean is in the ballpark, and I'm in the studio. We'll be separate tomorrow and Thursday, and together on Friday at Dutchess Stadium.

With the show over at 7:00, I had an offer to grab dinner with Sean but passed, wanting to make good on my own promise to watch some of the Midsummer Classic with Sean (The Son).

Yet I wondered - would he join me? To be honest, Sean is not great at watching games on TV. When I told him though, he surprisingly didn't hesitate and was with me for virtually all of the 45-minute opening ceremonies. I wanted him to understand why this was emotional and important.

I especially enjoyed watching his reactions. Oh he had toys with him (some cars and a car wash) but his focus was largely on the TV. He booed the Red Sox and Mets players, took note of the Braves, Giants and Pirates, and cheered loudly for A-Rod, as well as recognition for Joe Girardi, Derek Jeter, and the Great Mariano Rivera. He seemed intrigued by the older men wearing the suits - especially those with the Yankees hats on.

He was very impressed by seeing the REAL Whitey Ford. My brother has a cat named Whitey Ford, and that's all he's ever known. I've tried to explain that there was indeed a real Whitey Ford. Tonight, he got to see Edward Charles "Whitey" Ford for himself.

He also seemed stunned as Daddy was able to rattle off the names of each Hall of Famer as they were introduced. "How did you know that?", he said.

Sean took note of the moment that George Steinbrenner was driven onto the hallowed turf, allowing me to note there was once a time when pitchers were driven in from the bullpen in a car (the old pinstriped Datsun). He was curious about The Boss handing the first pitch balls to Reggie, Yogi, Whitey, and The Goose. He inquired what that was all about, but for a moment, I had to regain my composure, as the scene had choked me up.

My son was watching the All-Star Game with me. You might not understand that. But I do.

Sean went to bed not too long after the first pitch, but I had to do one more thing.

I liked seeing my players as a kid. So I pulled Sean out of bed so he could see A-Rod hit in his first at-bat.

Sadly, there would be no fairy tale. A-Rod popped out to the catcher. Sean went back to bed.

And I smiled.

Jonathan Papelbon=Asshat...The Sequel

PeteAbe has some thoughts from inside the American League clubhouse before tonight's All Star Game.

Yep, ol' Paps is the best. I always kind of thought most the Sox were OK guys. But Papelbon is, well, whatever.

Neil Best With More About Bobby Murcer

Touching story relayed by Neil Best.

Read here.

Tim Parry Visits Wiffle Ball Heaven

A big 'atta-boy to Tim Parry, who took a ride to Greenwich to visit the now-infamous Wiffle ball field.

Read his account here.

A lot of times the NIMBY's find some support, and often win their case. It doesn't look like a lot of folks are on their side in this situation.

Somebody is actually spending the time and money to have a security camera installed to view the field? Haysooz Cristo, puh-leeze find something better to do. Donate the money to a charity, or something.

What I've learned is that you're cool to the kids, the kids will be cool to you. At worst, they'll ignore you. This is true in everything, like the volleyball game I took part in the other day where it was me, who graduated from high school 21 years ago, and probably 20 kids, who graduated a month ago.

Jonathan Papelbon=Asshat

He's kidding. No, really, he's kidding, right? mean he is serious?

Jonathan Papelbon is a great closer. He's got the whole 'tude and everything. Great stuff. But if he thinks he deserves to close out the All Star Game...for the American Yankee Stadium...I've got some news for him.

There's this other closer, and it's kind of his building.

And Papelbon might not even be the best closer on the AL squad.

My favorite line is when he says he deserves to close because:
"By winning the World Series and having our manager here."
Stop! My sides! The comedy!

Monday, July 14, 2008

More YouTube Goodness

I doubt this will stay up for long, as Major League Baseball's watchdogs are always finding things that get put up on YouTube and taking them down.


Anywho, have a lookie at this footage from 1972. It's the Angels and Yankees in The Bronx, and the great Dick Enberg (long-forgotten as a baseball announcer) is at the mic.

A certain left-handed batting, right-handed throwing center fielder named Murcer shows up in this. That's probably just coincidental.

Speaking of coincidences, Enberg passes along condolences regarding a member of the Angels family that has just died from cancer...right as Bobby Ray is about to hit.

What's My Line?

Bad night - I can't sleep. I've been up since 2:00 AM, and am now just giving into blogging. Instead of saying what I'm thinking, let's watch a funky fresh video - Bobby Murcer, on "What's My Line" in May, 1971.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

I Have Very Little Nice to Say Tonight

Remember that rule I had about posting videos when I wanted to say something else?

Well then, take a look at this wonderful video of Pittsburgh sports greatness.

Still More Tributes

AP Photo by Julie Jacobson

Nice touch by John Valenti in Newsday here.

PeteAbe blogs some items here.

Tyler Kepner in the Times has thoughts from longtime Yankees trainer Gere Monahan here.

Here are the thoughts of Bill Madden in the Daily News.

Haysooz Cristo, even Mike Lupica has stepped up to the plate.

Bob Raismann has praise also? Wow - guess everybody really did like him.

I'll keep adding things of interest. Oh, I do have just one criticism, and leave it to ESPN. They did a story on ESPN News about Bobby's passing. As most outlets do, they added that "death shot", which is a still frame of the person with their dates of birth and death. There was a full-color picture of Bobby, from his appearance at Yankee Stadium in May (which is above). Then in the background was a faded image of Bobby in a CUBS uniform.


Let the Tributes Pour

Shaun Powell has written the first great tribute to Bobby Murcer. Please read it - it says much of what I'd like to say tonight/this morning.

The current Yankees comment...

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Bobby Ray Murcer - May 20, 1946-July 12, 2008

I don't quite have the words to say how I feel like tonight. Bobby Ray Murcer felt like a friend - he was such a regular guy - but he was so much more. He was a fine baseball player, loving husband, great father and friend, good broadcaster, and a great person. He is somebody that every young person should know about, because he played the game well and inspired people. He's a big part of the reason that I'm in broadcasting today.

Frankly, I'm just a touch too emotional tonight. I've lost my favorite athlete - ever. He was so wonderful to me the three times we met (including above, in 1983). We do place too much emphasis on our sports heroes, but Bobby Murcer helped make me love the game of baseball, and to pass that love on via the radio.

I feel like a chapter of my life has closed. How appropriate, since a chapter of my life is ending.

Please go here for the Yes Network's coverage. Major League Baseball also provides some excellent coverage here.

Sorry - I should say more, and I'm not being melodramatic. I'm just pretty damn sad about this.

Friday, July 11, 2008

More Wiffleball Madness

My friends at WSTC/WNLK (well, I only know Matt Levine) had this note on their site today:
The Brockton Rox, a baseball team in a Massachusetts independent league, wants to show the people of Greenwich how to be a good neighbor. The Rox, of the Canadian-American League in Broxton, Massachusetts are inviting the Greenwich wiffleballers to take them on, by challenging the 14 wiffleball players to a wiffleball game at Campanelli Stadium.

When the Massachusetts team became aware of the controvesial field situation surrounding the Greenwich youths, they immediately wanted to show their support.

"We are all about family fun," said Rox General Manager Brian Voelkel. "Wiffle ball is great way to spend a summer's day and we want to encourage these kids for their desire to not sit at home and play video games," Voelkel added
Kind of funny, considering WGCH's owners own the station that have the Brockton Rox games. Great job by the Rox, and I hope the Greenwich kids take them up on it.

The whole Wiffleball thing is dumb, and shows Greenwich in a bad light...again. The story has been picked up by the New York Times and others. It also sounds like the politicos are supporting the kids. I'll join them for a game anytime!

Kudos to my WGCH colleague Sam "I've never met a cause I didn't like" Romeo for discussing the situation on his "Greenwich Matters" program.

Fairfield County Wins All-Star Game

Nick Angotto reports that tonight's Hall of Fame Classic All-Star Game was!

Word is that there was a wild play late in the fourth quarter that allowed Fairfield County to score and tie the game, sending things to overtime. Fairfield County would eventually beat New Haven County, 31-30.

Don't take my word for it. I'm just getting home from something else that I'm doing these days. Instead, head over to the FCIAC Football Blog, where Tim Parry will have the details. And by the way, Tim worked tirelessly promoting the game. He gets my vote for MVP.

Just one other thing...and this is a note for Tim...I made sure to talk up the game today on WGCH. I wish I could have done more, but duty called. I wasn't invited to take part in the broadcast on SportingNewsCT. It's all good, I suppose. I'll hang out with the Renegades instead.

I once worked for SportingNewsCT. No, make that twice. They seem to have lost my phone number since then. Strange, considering I worked for free. Guess I won't be that "voice of the FCIAC" that I was suppose to become.

Sean, you wanted me to blog more, no? Say something funny!

In all seriousness, Nick Angotto was there in part because they honored his late friend Steve Bawol tonight. Still, I hope he didn't pay for his ticket. He's electronic media - part of the WGCH familia!

Before you know it, it will be August 23rd - and the start of practice. I expect to spend that day (my brother's birthday) in Oneonta (and probably Cooperstown), calling the Gades and Tigers. Then it will be Septembers, and I'll be back at the mic on WGCH.

At least that's the plan.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Let Them Play!

Oh, for the love of God. Have we nothing better to get upset about?

About a week ago, I wrote briefly about a Wiffle ball field that was built in Greenwich on a patch of unused land. As usual, there was "community opposition" from some of the neighbors, plus kids being - SURPRISE - kids, they didn't go to Town Hall to get their seal of approval.

Haysooz Crisco, I could have seen myself doing the same thing on the old barren lot across the street from my parent's house. In fact, we did do the same thing, playing everything from hide and seek to - GASP! - "war" over there. It was also the land that became a home run if a fly ball landed there during our - wait for it - WIFFLE BALL GAMES!!

Well now the neighbors have brought in a lawyer, and taken the whole thing to another foolish level.

This is where the humble Sports Director of WGCH Radio will pause for a moment before exploding on a rant. Since a lawyer is already involved, Mr. Adams will resist from saying anything that will have said lawyer - or a process server - visiting him. Been there, done that. Didn't buy the T-shirt though. Too expensive.

OK, thank you. I'm back.

Anyway, look - here's the thing. How many times do I have to tell you, Greenwich, that you look ridiculous to the rest of the world when you get your multi-million dollar shorts in a bundle over these things? Do you know how many times the world laughs at you over beach access, football stadium lights, and now Wiffle ball fields? I'm sure you don't care, but maybe you should, as this story will give the pundits any excuse to bring the hammer.

This advice is free, by the way.

(NOTE - After writing my original draft of this, I drove to work and was listening to WCBS 880, as they ran a story about...what else...this subject. They described the ruckus as taking place in Riverside, but you get the point.)

I said it when I first presented this here - there are worse things they could be doing. Would you rather the players go sit in somebody's house, playing video games, eating unhealthy snacks, and watching TV all summer? Then why not let them go play ball and have some fun?

There are charges in the article of broken alcohol bottles and horn honking signs (to support the field). No point in getting into that stuff, as I don't know what the truth is and as always, it's somewhere in the middle. But a few things boggle my mind. Here's just one quote, from Neil Vigdor's article:
"Certainly, there's a sense of fear that has been created," (lawyer Tom) Heagney said. "Right now, because of the activity that is going on there, I don't think you can do anything but stop it at this point."

So we'll sit back and watch and wait. People - let's find a compromise. There has to be a better way to spend the summer than in court. Set some ground rules, put in a curfew, and the whole thing will likely go away. But keep it up and everybody is going to dig their heals in.

When did common sense become so rare?

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Kind of Cool

A jazz funeral was held recently at Hillside Cemetery in Cortlandt. That means nothing to you, but it means a lot to me.

My father, three of my grandparents, and several aunts, uncles, cousins and friends are all buried at Hillside. I never realized that two of the once-famous Boswell Sisters singers were buried there as well.

So read here if you wish.

Behind the Scenes

I finally stepped into a land that I had never ventured into during my first "tour of duty" with the Renegades.

The clubhouse.

Before almost every Gades game, Sean Ford records an interview with the team's manager. This year, it is the very likable Joe Alvarez, who is in his first year with the team. So before yesterday's game, I strolled down to the clubhouse with Sean.

Now don't be fooled. Dutchess Stadium isn't like a big league park. It's not uncommon to find the clubhouse in a separate building from the dugout. In this case, the clubhouse is down beyond the right field corner.

That's where Sean and I gathered with Sean McMann of the Poughkeepsie Journal, who writes his own blog, Renegades Rumblings.

As an aside, what is it with all of the Sean's in the media that I know? Ford, McMann, Bowley (Sean Patrick, to be exact), and the one and only Killer Kilkelly.

Let's back up. I arrived for Saturday's 7:05 PM game at Dutchess Stadium around 4:00 PM, and parked without anybody saying a word to me. I also walked into Dutchess Stadium near the clubhouse without incident. Don't get me wrong, it's not that easy. It's just that I have the proper credentials and make sure they're on me at all times.

The Tri-City Valley Cats were taking batting practice as I went up to the booth, where Sean Ford was waiting and playing baseball on his laptop. He and I made small talk and began to go over some news and notes. Then we decided to take the walk out to the clubhouse.

Upon our arrival, Sean (Ford, that is) peered in and heard enough to indicate that the team was having a meeting. So we waited and talked. As players began to file out, we walked in and waited some more.

You wait a lot in the media. You wait for your interview subjects, for the media food, for the starting lineups, for the game to start, and so on.

Honestly, there isn't a lot to tell about the clubhouse. After walking in, the training area (it's not even a trainer's room) is on the left. A quick right takes you into the locker area. There are a few comforts (couches and a big TV), and music is blaring. The players don't have big lockers - they're fairly small but nice, with a stool in front of each one and a small printed, but laminated nameplate. Another right turn took us to the office of Joe Alvarez.

"Office" probably isn't the right word. The Gades' skipper's area has a locker and a small desk, with a small couch and chair. Yet no door.

We waited for a few more minutes for Joe Alvarez to put his uniform on before heading in to talk with him. As we talked, there was some playful abuse for Sean (yes, Ford again) from a few players as they get to know him pretty well.

That's where doing analysis is tough for me. I don't know the players and the little minutiae. I'd like to be better known around the stadium but it's tough when I'm not there for every game.

Sean McMann went first with a few quick questions, then Sean Ford did his thing - about five minutes of simple, yet interesting questions. The reality is that while Sean (Ford, again) isn't a team employee, he still travels with the team and has to dance a fine line. As such, he's not going to necessarily hold the Gades' proverbial feet to the fire. He's done it well enough to be with the team for ten years.

We walked back out to the field and passed the team as they played catch. Sean McMann went back to the press box, while Sean (yes, Ford for the love of Abner Doubleday) and I returned to the booth. Sean loaded the interview into his laptop for playback, and we began the process of looking for the starting lineups, stat pack, and game notes. These items come in due time, and we're able to review them. Rick Kubitschek, the Director of Media Relations, does a great job of assembling some of the best notes around.

Oh how I WISH such luxuries existed in high school football!

Now we waited for one more thing, perhaps the most important thing: food.

Former Yankee Joe Alvarez heads up the culinary delights, and until somebody can prove to me otherwise, he's got the best product in the New York-Penn League. On Saturday, he served us prime rib, French fries (and good ones, no less), and vegetables. Unfortunately, it sometimes shows up about a half hour or less before game time. That's all well and good, but when you need your mouth to speak into a microphone, you have to eat fast - especially when your pregame show (hosted by me, by the way), begins in fifteen minutes.

Now during this pregame time, which was a little tighter than usual, Sean and I had to troubleshoot tehcnical problems with our board-op, because we couldnt' hear the station in our headset. I took on that task.

Normally we even have more time to wait, and we often spend it by leaning on the rail behind the booth and watching the crowd as they wait to come in.

Again, more waiting. Just not on this night.

With the technical stuff resolved, Sean's PC ready for playback and eventually to record highlights, and the proper drinks set up keep us hydrated, I took to the air to open the broadcast at 6:45. We were off and running.

Oh, and Sean didn't have a headphone splitter, so he didn't have audio in his ears all night. I had to give him cues.

From there it went like any other game. Perhaps we'll go behind the scenes again for the broadcast at another time.

Of course when the game was over, and we went off the air, guess what we did?

We waited. For traffic to clam down.

The All-Star Game is a Joke

There. I've said it. Look at the starters:

Joe Mauer C
Kevin Youkilis 1B (What a joke. Justin Morneau should be here)
Dustin Pedroia 2B (Again. Have you people seen how good Ian Kinsler is?)
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Derek Jeter SS (Might not deserve it. The game is in his House though)
Manny Ramirez LF
Ichiro Suzuki CF
Josh Hamilton RF (GREAT story. More credit should be given)
David Ortiz DH (Doesn't matter. He won't play)

Cliff Lee SP

Geovany Soto C
Lance Berkman 1B
Chase Utley 2B
Chipper Jones 3B
Hanley Ramirez SS
Alfonso Soriano LF (I don't know about this one)
Kosuke Fukudome CF (Um...are you crazy)
Ken Griffey Jr. RF (Wh...wh...WHAT??? He's hitting .242)

Brandon Webb SP

Now the reserves:
Mariano Rivera (New York)
Scott Kazmir (Tampa Bay)
George Sherill (Baltimore)
Roy Halladay (Toronto)
Jonathan Papelbon (Boston)
Justin Duchscherer (Oakland)
Joe Nathan (Minnesota)
Joakim Soria (Royals)
Francisco Rodriguez (Los Angeles)
Ervin Santana (Los Angeles)
Joe Saunders (Los Angeles)

J.D. Drew (Boston)
Jason Varitek (Boston)
Joe Crede (Chicago)
Carlos Quentin (Chicago)
Grady Sizemore (Cleveland)
Carlos Guillen (Detroit)
Justin Morneau (Minnesota)
Milton Bradley (Texas)
Ian Kinsler (Texas)
Michael Young (Texas)
Dioner Navarro (Tampa Bay)

What the hell is Veritek doing here? Terry Francona and the people who put these reserves together should lose their right to be a part of the game (and I actually LIKE Francona). And has anybody noticed that Mike Mussina has 11 freaking wins?

UPDATE - the players voted for Veritek. Again, what a joke.

Aaron Cook (Colorado)
Tim Lincecum (San Francisco)
Dan Haren (Arizona)
Ben Sheets (Milwaukee)
Carlos Zambrano (Chicago)
Ryan Dempster (Chicago)
Brian Wilson (San Francisco)
Edinson Volquez (Cincinnati)
Kerry Wood (Chicago)
Brad Lidge (Philadelphia)
Billy Wagner (New York)

Brian McCann (Atlanta)
Aramis Ramirez (Chicago)
Matt Holiday (Colorado)
Dan Uggla (Florida)
Miguel Tejada (Houston)
Russell Martin (Los Angeles)
Nate McLouth (Pittsburgh)
Albert Pujols (St. Louis)
Ryan Ludwick (St. Louis)
Adrian Gonzalez (San Diego)
Cristian Guzman (Washington)

Whatever. Again - the All Star Game is a joke.

Alex Rodriguez tied Mickey Mantle tonight with 536 home runs. His wife will file for divorce tomorrow. Guess we'll need something to talk about since I officially deem the 2008 Yankees as lousy.

I have a pithy, mean-spirited comment. But I won't say it.

Football Radio Musings

Leave it to Sean Patrick Bowley and Tim Parry to have all of the wild and wacky details of broadcast changes in Connecticut football.

Now I have some very pointed opinions about all of this, but they would be inappropriate for me to put here. So I'll leave it at that.

I will, however, add this. WGCH broadcasts every single game of ours on the Internet. SPB didn't mention that, but did give some "love" to SportingNewsCT and So be it.

We also used to have talk shows - I had two sports shows at one time, and Ricky Fritsch also did one. Now I have quarreled with people over the fact that we don't have any at this point, but I've given up ramming my head against the wall. I will offer though that when we had those shows, we had amazing guests from all over the sports world. As Sports Director (yep, that's still my title) I was extremely proud of them.

I'm further proud of the people that have worked with me on WGCH since 1998. Sean, Nick, Ricky, Jason, Matt, Zach, Ron, Tom, John, Mark, and on and on. It's an amazing team that has assembled.

One writer once had us in the booth with him for a state championship game. After it was over (Greenwich had lost), the writer - a fairly tough sort - turned to us and complimented us for our very professional broadcast. That's what I like to hear.

The same thing happened a few years later in a booth where two other outlets were calling the same game. Different writers - same result. That's what we have always worked for.

I'm often the lone voice sounding the trumpet for our efforts on WGCH (Tim is great about it as well...he never forgets us). Maybe I'm just not yelling loud enough. Or something like that.

Oh by the way, "The Tailgaters" starts Wednesday at 6:05 PM on the Hudson Valley Radio Network. Sadly not on the Internet...yet.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

July 4th at the Stadium

OK, first of all, today is July 5th, so happy birthday to Huey Lewis.

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, let's proceed. The Section Fivers (me, Kris, Mick, Eddie, Steve, and Jeremiah...along with a couple of ladies who are in trouble with us) gathered for an Independence Day blowout. Normally we don't have time for tailgating since we're all coming from work, but since everybody was off and it was a day game, it was time to rock out...

Mick, don't finish that sentence. Let it just sit there in the breeze...

Oh, as for the ladies, Liz and Christine have sat with us for several years and I exchanged emails with Christine about joining us for the frivolity. She was all for it...but then they pulled a no-show for the pregame. Then they sat with somebody else. Then they didn't show for the post-game.

We're beginning deportation procedures as we speak. They will be excommunicated from the good Church of Section Five, High Priest of the Sack of Nuts (that's me) presiding.

Anywho after a quick lunch whipped up by the J-Man (with an assist from Kris, who helped him put the grill together), we headed to the Big Ballpark. But first...

Mick had to ponder a few things. OK then.

More pictures from the day are here.

Oh, I almost forgot. It's quote of the day time! Now parents, hide the kiddies, because this is a BAD LANGUAGE ALERTT!

Phew...that's better. Mick was discussing hot dogs, when he enlightened us with the fact that he doesn't like his dogs with casings. Said Mick:

"I don't that condom shit." Or something like that. I warned them that I'd forget the exact quote, but you get the gist.

The game wasn't very good. The Yankees rocked the Sox early, to the tune of 3-0. Then the walls crashed in. Earlier in the week, upon seeing the pitching matchup, I told Kris and Mick that I didn't like the Bombers chances. Yep, right again. Darrell Rasner needs to work some things out, because he's just not up to it right now. I think all 55,130 people could see Mike Lowell's home run coming from a mile away.

The Yankees just couldn't get it done and have a woeful team. Amazing what $208 million can buy, no?

To make matters worse, the skies opened up in the later innings, and a rain delay stopped things. After hanging around for a bit in the concourse, ostensibly to see if two ladies showed up, we called it a day, and headed out. J-Man, Steve and Eddie had things to do, so Mick, Kris and I joined the lovely Gretchen (Mick's wife and, sadly, a Sox fan - the only thing wrong with her) for a post-game dinner. That dinner was held at a particular establishment where attractive ladies wear "dolphin" shorts and may perhaps flirt incessantly. They might also put on a talent show, which would have all been fine if we didn't all have headaches.

Kris and I headed for home after dinner and upon our return to Carmel, discovered that Mick's phone was sitting in his back seat. Yo Mick! How are we going to get it back to you?

Happy Birthday, America!

Oniontown Ouch!

My late grandmother lived in Dover Plains, NY for the final years of her life. Obviously we made countless to visits to see her, and my aunt, uncle and cousins - all of whom lived there as well. Not too far away was this strange land known as "Oniontown." The legend of Oniontown seemed too scary to be true.

"Don't go in there", I'd get told by everyone. "You might not come out alive."

Oh, OK. And that's because the Loch Ness Monster, Abominable Snowman, and Charles Manson all live in there?

Well sort of.

Anyway, the legend persisted. Of course, the truth was somewhere in the middle. So I'd drive right on by on New York route 22, always chuckling to myself about the stories, and telling strangers to the area.

It seems there's been some YouTube foolery mocking the O-towners, and they're not too happy about it. Then again, they have computers back there? I was always led to believe that they didn't have TV, power, and teeth.

Again, whatever. Let's carry on here.

So a couple of upstanding youngsters (that is, they're idiots) from my beloved hometown of Mahopac decided to take a drive in. The Journal News wrote the story, and a Google search reveals that many others (USA Today) are picking up on it as well.

Oniontown gets some pub. Probably not what they wanted.

The Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel

I was just talking with somebody about the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel the other day. For those who have never driven it, it is an amazing ride. Sadly, the drive to reach it southbound on the Delmarva Peninsula can be Still the payoff is worth it - 17.6 miles out in the middle of the water, with two tunnels thrown in for good measure.

Freeway Jim and Son put together a top-quality video of the drive across the CBBT, which has a $12 toll. I've been across the CBBT three times - once in the 70's, in 1986, and I drove it myself in 2001. Each time, we couldn't resist the appeal of stopping to use the facilities. There's something cool about stopping for a drink, bathroom, and souvenir break in the middle of a bridge (and tunnel).

This is one of three bridge-tunnels in the "Hampton Roads" area (including Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Hampton, Newport News and Chesapeake), but the CBBT is the granddaddy of them all (and also the only one with a toll).

Friday, July 04, 2008

The New York-Penn League Needs Your Help!

For reasons that only they understand, the New York-Penn League is changing their logo. They accepted designs from far and wide, and have narrowed it down to the final five. Now we, the unassuming baseball public, get to vote for the winner.

So vote here.

It seems that number one is in the lead. That one is nice, but I tend to favor old-school stuff, so I voted for number five.

This, by the way, is the league that the Renegades play in. And I'd rather talk about this than the pathetic Yankees.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

There Are Worse Things They Could Be Doing

"If you build it, he will come."

You know the quote, from "Field of Dreams", as Ray Kinsella bulldozes his crop to build a baseball field. The field reunites Ray with his deceased dad, and millions of men blubber like little boys.

In Greenwich, some enterprising teens build a Wiffle ball field on a vacant lot near Greenwich High School. It's a small-scale replica of Fenway Park, but of course, adults have to try to spoil the fun.

Read the story from the Greenwich Time here.

Let the kids play. They're not really doing any harm, and they probably should be commended for doing something constructive. Haysooz Cristo, don't we all get on kids for being inside and playing video games too much?

God I LOVE hypocrisy!

NIMBY's. Don't you just love them?

Boys, I love the idea of this field. I'll come visit anytime.

There's other news in the Time to discuss, but I like my job. So that's that.

Oh, and that picture up top? That's me in 1977, holding...what else?...a Wiffle ball bat.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

New Huey Lewis Song!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Perhaps I could add just a few more exclamation points. Thanks to my personal hero, Sean "Keith Moon" Kilkelly, I now know that the title track for the movie Pineapple Express can be found and I'm listening to it right now. A little ol' band named Huey Lewis and the News are the ones performing.

Cue Johnny Colla's sax solo!!

You can hear it on this MySpace page.

This alone will make me see the movie.

The ghost of Marty McFly rises!