Sunday, July 31, 2016


There are days in our lives (I used to watch that soap opera with my grandmother) that are significant. For better or worse, we know those dates. Sometimes we let them go because of changes over time. You probably don't keep track of a past flames' birthday, if you know what I mean.

But for me, dates like March 17, February 23, June 25, and I suppose even November 22 are significant. Each for better and/or for worse.

And today: July 31.

We have reasons for these days. July 31 is baseball's trade deadline. It speaks of promise and change. That's what July 31 means to me. It's exciting and promising.

If you have a passing interest in things around here, you know that I've been very quiet. I went through some changes over the past month, and I'm still figuring things out. I have a new show that I'm hosting, "Greenwich Sentinel's Doubleheader", currently with Paul Silverfarb, Andrew Frattaroli, and Andrew Mitchell. The Andrews will depart for college in August, leaving Paul and I on our own*.

* I'll have an opening for anyone who would like to co-host on Wednesdays. Inquire within.

Oh, and the show is on WGCH (1490 AM, Greenwich) and weekdays from 3-4. It's what you would expect from me: loose. Fun. Firm. Wide-ranging. Unpredictable.

According to those I've spoken to, it's also a hit, and I'm pleased to hear it.

Anyway, change is daunting, as we know, and I'm the flipping Cowardly Lion.

The moves I've made certainly weren't easy, and some were made sort of on the fly (and are still on the fly). So we're adjusting as we keep moving forward.

The blog is frequently on my mind. I've lamented many times about not writing enough, and I try to remind myself to go easy and cut myself some slack. This isn't a paid gig, but I've always been grateful to each person that has taken the time to read, and so I believe in putting content out.

Yet, if you look, I've changed. On August 17th (another date of significance for me), we'll hit 10 years of Exit 55. I don't write as much as I used to, and I don't write the way that I used to.

There was a fearlessness here at one time. I wrote, hoping to inspire, and create conversation. Instead...I...just...don't...write. It seemed like this had become Exit to Scrutiny, and yes, when one uses a vague writing style, one opens themselves up to interpretation.

I never wanted this to simply be about the Yankees. Or the Steelers. Or Vin Scully. Or Huey Lewis. Or roads. I didn't want to write about just one topic.

I wanted to take a stab at seeing what I could write about. Did I have some Mike Lupica in me, or some other writers whose style (but maybe not their content) I've admired?

In some ways, I'm writing the 10th anniversary post now, though I hope maybe, come the 17th (I'll be on vacation least I think so), I can put a few thoughts together.

I still have lots of thoughts, but sometimes there's a price to be paid, and I'm trying to decide how to pay that bill, or if it's worth it.

So we cycle back around to July 31st. The Yankees made a few trades earlier today -- sending Andrew Miller to the Indians might be a watershed moment for the franchise -- so there is promise for the future. It reminds me of a message I sent out once on July 31:

"You need to get out of there."

I'll always be glad I sent that.

Tomorrow we swing into August. The days are growing shorter. Football training camp is underway. Sean is roughly a month away from being a high schooler.

I'll call my first Greenwich Cardinals football game on September 10.

Times change. We all move on.

Promise. Excitement.

July 31.