Friday, October 16, 2009

Have You Ever Seen The Rain (and Snow)? I Have!

If you're in the Northeast, you probably know that the weather is less than ideal. It's cold and it's either raining or snowing (it's snowing here right now).

Yet football, the last I checked, is a violent game played in any conditions - right?

So then why are games getting postponed? I'm already hearing rumors about various games moving from tonight (or tomorrow) to Sunday and even Monday. Why?

Look, unless the conditions are dangerous (like icy roads or lightning), PLAY! Is this a result of our over-litigious society? What is the rationale?

Is it fun to call games in bad weather for us if, GOD FORBID, we're outside (see: last Friday at Danbury)? No, of course it's not, but it comes with the territory.

Again, unless there's a legitimate reason, I say game on!

A few years back, after a heavy rain, we were scheduled to do a game in Harrison. We drove to Feeley Field to find nobody there. Eventually we found out that the game had been postponed. We went to Port Chester to try to do a game there instead and found the same result. Not a fun waste of gas money!

For the record, I've heard nothing about either of the games that we are scheduled to call on WGCH this weekend (Greenwich/Trumbull and Rye/Harrison). So check your local listings and stay tuned.

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