Monday, October 29, 2007

The Big Three and Weekend Observations

Right off, here is the latest installment of my Big Three voting:

1) Greenwich (7-0, Last Week - 1)
2) Staples (6-0, 2)
3) Central (5-1, 3)
4) New Canaan (6-1, 4)
5) Ridgefield (5-2, NR)

I'm only going to comment on Ridgefield, because there's nothing to add about the other teams. Ridgefield is good...very good. I'm convinced they're a touch better than either Wilton or St.Joe's. They're just not good enough to be in the class of...well...the big three.

And boy does it seem like Central will get the old screw. Greenwich has essentially sealed their trip to the FCIAC Championship game (either November 16th at Boyle Stadium, or November 22md at Staples Field). When looking at the points system, Central sits in fourth, because New Canaan and Staples have stronger opponents, in that those opponents have more wins, which build up more points. I think many want to see a rematch of Greenwich and Central instead of a GHS-Staples Thanksgiving game for all the marbles. Oh well.

A-Rod plus Scott Bor-ass...perfect together.

Congratulations to the Red Sox. I picked them back on day one to win it all. It's not their fault but they just completed the worst postsesason of my life. Boring.

I'm done for now.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

On Behalf of America...

It seems like the inevitable is going to happen. Thanks to Jimmy Kimmel for putting it all straight.

Greenwich rolled 33-0...yawn. More whining about "Spygate." Fine. Off to call Brunswick and Salisbury today...pregame show at 2:20. Chcek out Nick Angotto with Tim Parry on "Live From the FC" today at 10:00.

That's all I've got for now. I'm hearing Fred (the erstwhile cat) whine and I'm thinking about hurting him. Bad.

I'm kidding...sort of.

Stay dry!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

More From Spygate and Other Off the Bench Items

A tip of the old chapeau to the Naples News, for catching everyone up to date on the shenanigans in the filming fiasco between Greenwich and Naples. Dana Oppedisano has the story here.

The whole thing seems rather shady, but I'm just a broadcaster.

We're two weeks away from the big trip! Now if I only knew where I was staying...

Did I mention that WGCH is broadcasting the Greenwich-Naples game? Game time is 7:30? Have I mentioned that? What about Nick Angotto and Jason Intrieri - have I mentioned them?

Sean Kilkelly is not one for lists, so he nearly made my head explode with his list of the top 25 rock acts. He also lists his favorites, and what songs by each band are to his liking. Great stuff by The Killer (no, not Jerry Lee Lewis). Lots of stuff to agree with, and a few things to debate - like taking Elvis at number one over The Beatles. I especially give him mad props for recognizing the greatness of Queen - which not many do.

As for me, I know I'd put The Beatles at number one. From there, I could go with Elvis, the Stones, Bruce, Led Zep, Clapton, U2, Dylan and so on. As we all know, it's way subjective.

Add that to the list of many things that I've wanted to write about but have been either too tired, too uninspired, or too forgetful to do.

Sean's still waiting for me to name my top three favorite movies, and I guess with a gun to my head, they would be "Vertigo", "Bull Durham", and "Ferris Bueller's Day Off", from three to one. At least for now - but don't forget about "Apollo 13", "The Godfather", "Anchorman", "Office Space", and "Napoleon Dynamite." Hell, I'm just warming up.

OK, so let's see if I've got this straight. I drive from Carmel, NY to Stamford, CT every weekday. It takes me sometimes an hour and a half to do so. The "hot spots" during this trip are such pressure points like Croton Falls and Bedford, NY.

I understand if one struggles with traffic in downtown Stamford, but Croton Falls? Have most of you ever heard of Croton Falls? Oooh...that real nerve center at the corners of Stoneleigh Ave, Croton Falls Rd, US route 202, and NY state route 22.

It's great to have a full-time job again and all, but getting from Putnam and northern Westchester Counties to Stamford is a full-on joke. For the high speed route, one has to go all the way to Interstate 684, then to 287, then to 95 (and good luck there!). Otherwise it's all back roads, baby!

To be a capital of industry, one needs an infrastructure. Stamford is woeful in that department. Interstate 95 on a Friday night (and most every other night) is a freakin' joke.

I've long said that the New York metro commute is not as bad as it is in, say, Washington, DC or Los Angeles or Chicago. Yet the reality is that it's getting bad, and why? Because we all have to travel too far to get from home to work. My commute - 47 miles via the interstates, 34 via the back roads, isn't bad by comparison. I know people who drive from Dutchess County, NY to Stamford, or from the Poconos in Pennsylvania to Elmsford, NY, and other crazy trips. All this because we're trying to afford the American dream. At the same time, we're all trying to get to the T-ball game, PTA meeting, and dinner date, so if we're not stuck in traffic, we're all doing 85 miles per hour because we're overworked and over-committed.

Yet all we read and hear about is the whining because people drive too fast, from the people who have either no commute, or a five-minute drive. Come to Yorktown Heights, for instance! The home of the speed bump and the four-way stop. On the main roads.

At this point, I could use a hug.

Reality check #1 - My thoughts are with the people in southern California. Those fires are scary, to say the least.

Reality check #2 - Speaking of thoughts and condolences, I sadly announce the passing of two people. One was the father of one of my oldest and closest friends; somebody who gave me a verbal undressing last month (and I appreciated every word of it). Now I will be with him tonight to support him following the death of his father. His dad was a funny, decent man.

My extended family also suffered a loss with the passing of The Wife's grandmother. She lived a long, full life and raised a remarkable family. My wife's Uncle Al (my main man, I might add) wouldn't have such a rich life without Grandma (and the rest of the family).

Well as it seems Joe Torre isn't going to miraculously reemerge as Yankees manager, I think it's probably time to stop the madness and just hand the job to Don Mattingly. Of course Donnie Baseball will sadly be a puppet to Hank and Hal Steinbrenner, and lead ass clown Randy Levine.

This stooge Levine has never met a microphone that he doesn't like, but whines when the critics start to attack him. Well I'm attacking you, Randy, so get over it. You want to screw up the franchise that I've given so much passion and energy (and money) to, then you have to hear it from me. You kicked Joe Torre out to the curb like he's Bill Virdon or Stump Merrill, and now I'm going to get a little pissy.

I'm only a ticket holder, Randy. I'm sure you don't care a whole lot what a guy like me has to say.

Red Sox in five.

For the love of Papi, puh-leeze give us some compelling baseball.

I will add, though, that if you don't at least have a soft spot for Clint Hurdle, then you know very little about him, and baseball, for that matter.

For Yankees fans, who can't stand the thought of watching the Sox celebrate, think of it this way: a Sox win will make the Yankees brass very angry. Angry Yankees means open checkbook. Open checkbook means A-Rod, Posada, and Mo will all be back.

It's reverse psychology, which I'm all about.

I'm a Rudy guy. I don't know if I will ever vote for him, but I like him. He's a bully, he's this, he's that, but I always thought of him as a smart politician. But a lifelong Yankees fan...he says that he's rooting for the Red Sox, I couldn't help but think that this could have been one of those moments when he should have said, "may the best team win."

I don't care if he's rooting for the Sox, but he's got to be smarter than that.

I'm not a big fan of the fuss over the Giants and Dolphins playing in London. Generally I get grumpy when the marketing twits begin to mess with sports. But I know one thing for sure - I would have gone to the game in a heartbeat.

I'm worried. I'm a pathetic, still slightly overweight, 39 year-old father with a MySpace site. Now everone is telling me that Facebook is "the shite." Jeez, am I that out of touch?

How is somebody who's trying to hold on to being young supposed to pull it off?

There is a punch line here, but I know better.

Yes, I've actually gotten smart. Feels good, too.

Monday, October 22, 2007


I was going to allude to this in my post from the Greenwich-McMahon game, but as I erased the little pressbox "showdown" story, I erased the Belichick-esque affair that took place in the stands as well. I was OK doing so, as I didn't think I had all of the facts straight. Nick Angotto did a great job of telling me what happened, and now Patrick McNamee in the Greenwich Time can tell the whole story:
Coaches from Florida's Naples High School, the Cardinals opponent and hosts on Nov. 9, were caught videotaping the game and had their tapes confiscated by Greenwich coaches.

"We saw them filming our previous games against Trumbull and Darien," coach Rich Albonizio said. "I called them up to tell them we have a gentleman going down there to tape their two games before they play us since they didn't want to do a film exchange."

"Their guy told us that we can't, that they would confiscate our camera. I heard they had a bye this week so I was on the lookout."

The Cardinals took the video and took offense to the fact that Naples tried to pull one over on them.

"We would gladly let them film us if they showed us the same courtesy," Albonizio said. "But don't call us and say we would fire anybody that filmed us and lie and come and do it the next week."
Let the games begin!! Shockingly, there's nothing so far in the Naples News about this yet, but that will be worth watching as well.

More Reasons Why Connecticut's 50-point Rule is a Joke

New London High knocked Griswold pretty badly, 54-7 on Saturday. Of course, that meant the 50-point police were out in full force. From Ned Griffen inThe Day of New London comes this little nugget:

Reserve tailback Calan Bryant ran for a 17-yard touchdown late in the third quarter to make it 54-7 before Cochran had Anthony Basilica punt the ball on the conversion to keep the Whalers from getting any close to that 50-point lead.

The fourth quarter was unintentional comedy. The Whalers were at the Griswold 36 early in the period when Cochran had his team take two straight delay of game penalties. On first and 20 from the 46, Bryant ran 34 yards with the New London sideline screaming for him to fall down. Bryant was tripped up before he could do so.

Reed took four straight knees in order to prevent further scoring. He did so again after a Griswold turnover.

“You can't run a play on offense,” Cochran said. “It's just not football. The intention of the rule is great, but the reality of the rule is awful.”
Yep, great rule there.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

At Least the Weather Wasn't Bad

As Sean Kilkelly, Nick Angotto, and I prepared to leave Jack Casagrande Field in Norwalk yesterday, Brien McMahon High School Athletic Director Joe Maddafari thanked us for covering the game between his Senators and the Cardinals from Greenwich. I appreciated those sentiments, especially since it's becoming quite common to feel like we're just an intrusion.

Yesterday was one of those days.

The Cardinals whacked the Senators, 44-14. As the "voices" of the Cardinals, Nick, Sean and I have big targets painted on us. There are those who think that we're there rooting for the Cardinals and as I have said countless times, that's just not the case. We don't work for Greenwich High School, and two of us never went to GHS. OK, I want them to win because more wins means more games means more cash in the pocket. And yes, I have come to know these people - coaches, players, and families, yet the reality is that Sean and I are reporters. We have no rooting interest, at least not on the air (off the air is different). If anything Sean and I root for a good game, and we don't get many of those with the old Cardinal machine grinding out blowout victories.

Yesterday's game was supposed to be played on Friday but most of the local schools erred on the side of caution and moved the games to Saturday due to the threat of nasty thunderstorms passing through the area. That set us up to call the game in Norwalk yesterday afternoon. We shared the pressbox with our friends from WSTC/WNLK, Matt Levine and Zach Eastright and the level of friendship and camaraderie between the two "rival" outlets is great. Our old colleague and Norwalk resident Ricky Fritsch stopped by and joined us on air for the third quarter. So there was fun in the air!

At this point, I will admit that I had written the story of a brief showdown in the McMahon booth. I'm ready to pass it off as a misunderstanding and I erased the whole thing. Unfortunately I had neglected to consult my copy of the "Book of FCIAC Scoreboard Quirks."

Telling the story is just not worth the aggravation.

Moving on!

I guess I should throw my Top Five in here for Tim's Big Three (confusing, innit?)

1) Greenwich (6-0, Last Week - 1) - Any questions at this point? A healthy Jim Dunster adds another element to their dominance.
2) Staples (5-0, 2) - Playing at a very high level now. It doesn't seem that their bye week hurt them one bit.
3) Central (5-1, 3) - Somehow I'd still like to see a Greenwich-Central FCIAC Title Game rematch. Doesn't look like it will happen at this point, thanks to the current playoff ranking system.
4) New Canaan (5-1, 4) - Played a wild and wacky game with Danbury yesterday. I've got them a notch below the big three.
5) Wilton (5-1, 5) - I could put St. Joe's here. I could pop Ridgefield in. I didn't - not at least until I see the Warriors in person next Friday at Greenwich.

Friday, October 19, 2007


If you were planning to listen to tonight's Greenwich/McMahon game on WGCH, forget it! The game has been postponed to tomorrow at 4:00.

Geez, a little lightning threat cancels games?!? Oh well, I'd rather not deal with the traffic tonight!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

The End Is Near

Well, the end is near of the madness, at least. Joe Torre has been spotted by several media outlets in Tampa. There's no way that Torre flew to Florida to be fired in person, so he's obviously there to negotiate an extension. Thankfully cooler heads have prevailed and it's beginning to look like Joe will be back on the bench for a 13th season - though likely without Ron Guidry as pitching coach. That, to me, is a shame, but there's the person who had to pay the price.

UPDATE - Well that's that. From Peter Abraham:
The Yankees just announced that Joe Torre will not return as manager. He turned down a $5 million deal that included $3 million in incentives.
OK, now onto Manny being whatever the hell he is. For the love of Bob Gibson, will sombody please knock this arse clown on his posterior? I am so sick of his preening when he homers. Show some class and act like you've done it before. Worst of all - doing it when your team is DOWN 7-3. I was born into the wrong era of this game. I want Gibson, Drysdale, even Clemens and Pedro, for that matter, to dust this schmuck. I'm also peeved at him, on behalf of Sox fans (ponder that for a moment) for making his asinine comments about "life going on" if the Sox lose tonight. No - stupid - you're supposed to be seriously upset if your team does not win. Yes, the sun will rise and the earth will keep spinning...blah blah blah...but you're not supposed to sit in front of the microphones and say that it's no big deal. Your teammates don't want to hear that and 99% of New England sure as hell doesn't want to hear that.

How did the lobstah and chowdah go down when some fan in Maine hear that?

In The Spirit of "Frank TV"

Rumor has it that Frank Caliendo, the guy who does the spot-on John Madden impression, has his own TV show starting on TBS next month. We all know this because promos for Caliendo's show ran endlessly during the baseball coverage on TBS which, mercifully, is now over.

Yet as a traffic manager (the one who schedules these spots), I understand how these things come to be. An executive comes to the traffic person and says "run these until peoples' ears bleed." It's not pleasant, yet sometimes, we traffic people look for filler. Listen to either Business Talk or Lifestyle Talk Radio Networks and you'll understand now why I schedule 30 ITT Technical School spots to run daily.

We're not always the best on WGCH at promoting ourselves - especially things I've done, and I take part of that blame because I haven't always been around to harrass people. So with that said, have you heard that WGCH will be in Naples, Florida on November 9th to broadcast the football game between Greenwich High and Naples High? Well here's all you need to know:

The defending Connecticut Class LL champion Greenwich Cardinals travel to Florida to play the Naples Golden Eagles, Friday night, November 9th at 7:30. Radio station WGCH (AM 1490, will be on-hand to broadcast the game. Rob Adams, WGCH Sports Director, will call the play-by-play, Jason Intrieri will offer his years of FCIAC football experience to the broadcast as the lead analyst, and former Cardinal Nick Angotto, Greenwich class of 2006, will bring listeners his unique insight from the sideline.

Pregame show time (and a few other details) have yet to be announced.

I know, it's shameful but I've learned that nobody can promote myself better than...myself. Anyway, feel free to spread the news - post links on your websites, write about us in your publications, talk about us, and gives us (well really Jason, Nick, and me) lots of publicity. I will make sure to thank you many times over (so long as I know about it).

Oh and don't worry - just like "Frank TV", I'll make sure to mention this a few more times before the big trip!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Off The Bench

So they're still playing baseball, correct? I keep falling asleep on the couch every night with some game on (Rockies/D'Backs or Indians/Sox). Either way, it's boring, and few love the National Pastime more than I do. I'm hard-pressed to find a postseason more hideously boring than this one.

That's bad news for Chip Caray, because it gives yahoos like me more time to talk about his on-air performance.

I guess that "Mangenius" tag for the Jets coach isn't necessary at the moment, eh?

If you believe the Drudge Report, set your calendars for December 3rd:
In a dramatic and dazzling career rebound, controversial radio host Don Imus has secured a deal returning him to the airwaves on December 3 -- this time on the nation's most listened to talk station, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned!

"Imus In The Morning" will make high-impact resurrection on WABC in New York City, top sources reveal.
For all of these fringe activist associations, I suggest that you line up now, get your fifteen minutes of fame in, then move on. You can all say something idiotic (like the ass clown professor at Adelphi), we'll write/talk/report/debate it, and it will be over.

The Yankees brain trust will debate the future of Joe Torre (among other things) this week in Tampa. Sean Kilkelly and I had a great conversation (I wouldn't call it a debate) during halftime of Saturday's Greenwich/Westhill football broadcast. Sean' basic premise was that somebody has to pay for the debacle of the Yankees over the past few seasons. My point was that there is nobody better for the position of Yankees manager than Joe Torre - case closed. I'd make Brian Cashman pay before I'd send Torre packing. I know Joe hasn't been great with pitchers (thus the "Joba rules") but he also led them back from the dead to get to the wild card. Cashman is responsible for a slew of bad moves (Kyle Farnsworth? Jared Wright?).

Anyway, I thought Sean and I provided a few minutes of good radio. As always, it makes me miss having a talk show to rant about things like this.

The '07 Yankees never convinced me that they were going to be anything special. I was wrong about them making the playoffs, but I was right that they weren't going to win it all.

Whatever - enough other pundits have broken it all down. Bottom line - bring Torre back, sign A-Rod, Posada, and Mo. Find some offense at first base and solify the outfield. As always, settle the pitching down - especially the bullpen. And for the love of Gehrig, do NOT resign Rogah ("oh my goodness gracious") Clemens. Move on.

Memo to Suzyn Waldman - I've said I like you. I think you're a good person, reporter, and survivor. But when you start playing the gender card, saying:
"This one's getting me angry, because I don't play this card a lot, but this is as sexist as it gets," the Yankees' radio analyst said Wednesday. "What's the big damn deal? That I cried for four seconds of a 10-minute postgame?

"The idea that I can't choke up because a man I went through cancer with 11 years ago is going to lose his job and I was describing his coaches crying? It's absolutely ludicrous." - From Neil Best in Newsday.
Come on, Suzyn! When you respond like this, you only make things worse, and rational people like me, who respect you, can't offer up a legitimate defense for you.

Kudos to Tim Parry, and all who participated in the walk in honor Bill Gonillo. Class, pure class.

Things I've wanted to talk about since leaving the red bullseye:
- Do people realize they look pretty foolish when they walk around with a bluetooth headset in their ear?
- Do the same people realize that they are horribly rude when they checkout while speaking to somebody on a cell phone - bluetooth or not?
- "Hey, look - that register's light isn't on. Let's go there anyway!!" No...that means the register is closed. It's a new concept used in retail.
- Being a 24 year-old assistant store manager doesn't give you the license to talk down to people over walkie talkies. It just makes you a punk. (This didn't happen to me, but I did witness it)
Trust me, I'm only skimming the surface here. And overall, it was a great experience - absolutely crucial for me.

Magic by Bruce Springsteen (with the E Street Band) is quickly becoming a classic album. I haven't heard the new Radiohead album that has created such a stir in regards to its price (you can basically pay as much as you want for it) but some think it's as good as anything they've made.

That's scary to me, because OK Computer and The Bends are two of the best CD's I've heard. Ever.

Those wacky, crazy, pretentious blowhards at Blender are up to their tricks again, this time calling out the "40 Worst Lyricists In Rock." I'm still miffed at Blender for putting "The Heart of Rock and Roll" at number four on the worst songs ever list (whatever - it's still my favorite, so sue me). This time, they say that Sting is the worst lyricist. I'm supposed to take this seriously when Paul McCartney is number 38? OK, "Ebony and Ivory" was dreadful, but when you've completed the output that Macca has, aren't you allowed a few bad notes?

And Robert Plant at #23? Have you heard that Zeppelin is, oh, just slightly god-like in music terms? Just wonderin.

The Big Three

Not a lot of time this morning, so here's my FCIAC Top Five...

1) Greenwich (5-0, Last week - 1) - OK, they're good.
2) Staples - (4-0, 3) - Yes, I caved in and moved them to second.
3) Central (4-1, 2) - They're closer to second than fourth.
4) New Canaan (4-1, NR) - They're back! Big win over Wilton convinced me.
5) Wilton (4-1, 4) - Tough loss to New Canaan.

Dropping out - St. Joseph.
Hovering - Darien, Ridgefield.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Bad Broadcasting 101

It has been made quite cleaer that I am not a fan of Chip Caray, the lead baseball voice at TBS. I first saw him a little over a decade ago as part of Fox's "Nepotism Boys" (Joe Buck, Thom Brennaman, Kenny Albert, and Caray) and among them, I thought Chip brought the least to the table. Apparently Fox did also, as Chipper slowly disappeared. He would reappear with the Cubs on WGN and eventually as part of the Braves broadcasters.

So yes, I've been critical. I wondered if maybe I was over the top, but the criticism has been alarming. Perhaps the best take was offered by Richard Sandomir in the New York Times. Speaking about Caray, Sandomir said,
Caray’s skein of faux pas in Game 3, as well as during Game 2, befogged his announcing like the insects that swarmed Joba Chamberlain on Friday night.
So have a read of Mr. Sandomir's work.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Suzyn Strikes Again

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I like Suzyn Waldman. I think she is a trailbalzer, and a great reporter. She is not, however, a great analyst, but that's not we're here to talk abot today.

Following the Yankees third straight first round playoff exit/debacle, Suzyn went to the clubhouse, as she always does. Thanks to King George's threat to Joe Torre, emotions were pretty low following the game. Suzyn, who wears her heart on her sleeve, got rather emotional. Awful Announcing picks up the story from there, with audio.

I'll have more to say about the Yankees at another time, once the bile settles down. Either that, or after Tim Parry stops gloating.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Top Sports Celebrities of the Last 20 Years

WFAN is running a Top Sports Celebrities of the last 20 years poll and contest here. As one who is a sucker for these things, I added my choices to the voting. My top five are:

- Patrick Ewing
- Mark Messier
- Joe Torre
- Mariano Rivera
- Derek Jeter

If I didn't have these Yankees pom-pom's, perhaps I might have added Mike Piazza, or somebody else. But such is life.

The Latest Imus Buzz

From All Access:
The latest rumors in the DON IMUS-CITADEL talks have surfaced in the NEW YORK TIMES, which is reporting in a story for SATURDAY's editions that the two sides have "reached an understanding" to put IMUS in the 6-10a ET slot at Talk WABC-A/NEW YORK, although the story notes "no contracts have been signed, which means that whatever agreement exists between the two sides could unravel."

The paper's sources put IMUS' return "on or around DECEMBER 1st" and added that IMUS is separately seeking a TV channel to simulcast his show, similar to what MSNBC did when he was with WESTWOOD ONE and CBS Sports WFAN-A. FOX NEWS CHANNEL, the YANKEES' YES and METS' SPORTSNET NEW YORK regional cable channels are cited as the likely suitors for IMUS' TV rights.

While not confirming IMUS' talks with his company, CITADEL CEO FARID SULEMAN told the TIMES, "He did something wrong. He didn’t break the law. He’s more than paid the price for what he did. I think he should be evaluated by what he does going forward."

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Off The Bench (the “Win or You’re Fired” Edition)

So as I type, the Yankees offense has awakened. Big Stein is taking credit, I’m sure. Here’s my first question: why would he have spoken to a hack punk writer like Ian O’Connor?

He is not missed around these parts in The Journal News, is all I’m saying.

Oh, while I’m going rip city, let me take aim at the TBS production. We’ll start with their so-called “A” team of Chip Caray, Tony Gwynn, Bob Breny, and Craig Sager.

Hmmm…how can I put this? I don’t want to sound too critical, do I?

OK, I’ll use one word…yikes.

No, that will not do. OK, I’ll say something nice. I like Bob Brenly. He’s a decent broadcaster, and I don’t resent him for the 2001 World Series. There. I said something nice. I’ll say something else. I like Tony Gwynn. He was a machine as a hitter, and he might one day be a nice third voice in a booth.

I just have too much negative stuff to spew otherwise. Chip Caray proves to me, without a doubt, that it’s who you know (or are related to) and not what you know. When he screamed “Cleveland rocks!” in game one of the Yanks/Indians series, I had to control my urge to drive to Cleveland to rock him. But it’s more than that. He has been inaccurate, ineffective, and basically without a clue. I was talking with a couple of guys who told me that can’t stand Joe Buck, and were calling him out for apparent nepotism. I disagree. Joe Buck is a good (if omnipresent) broadcaster. That’s the fact – most of America is sick of him (just as many were sick of Curt Gowdy, who also was everywhere for a time). I’ll still take Buck (and his often despised partner, Tim McCarver) any day over this cluster blank of a broadcast.

Did I just hear Chip refer to Bayone, New Jersey as “BY-yone?” Is it possible that even Chris Berman might be less painful than this?

Oh, and Craig Sager is just bad. Bob Sheppard, the longtime “voice of God” in Yankee Stadium, missed tonight’s game due to illness. Sager described him as a “broadcaster.” My eyes rolled back to Danbury.

One last thing. I noticed a resemblance between Chip Caray and Matt Levine of WSTC/WNLK and his website. Yet here’s the thing: one of them is a fine broadcaster. The other is Chip Caray.

I just don’t have the energy to break down the rest of the TBS broadcast teams. Then again, I don’t need to. Thanks to the Angels, Phillies, and Cubs for such compelling baseball.


Since I’ve been accused of Yankees pom-poms, let me just say this: there is no way in the world that game two should have been stopped due to the bugs bugging Joba Chamberlain. I liked the umpire’s comparison to a light rain. That’s fair. It also didn’t seem to affect the Indians pitching.

So there.

Joba looked human tonight.

Phil Hughes looked like Roger Clemens, circa 1985 or so. You know, right before he became a star.

Roger Clemens? Well he tried tonight.

OK, TBS. I get it. Frank Caliendo is funny. He can do impressions. So could Rich Little. So can Rob Bartlett. Hell, so can I. But stop with the promos. No mas. Please?

And Dane Cook. Am I supposed to think he’s funny? Am I supposed to like this guy because he’s doing these October baseball promos? Well I’m going to pass, OK?

I’ve nearly lost thirty pounds. I’ve nearly reached a goal that I’ve had for over a decade. Yet I went back into radio, and they’re trying hard to put the weight right back on me with bagels and donuts lying around. Must…resist…temptation.

Steelers 21, Seahawks 0. In Seattle, while drinking their lattes, they think the officials blew this game also.

Over on NBC tonight, the Bears and Packers are mixing it up. Many have accused John Madden and Al Michaels of a man-crush on Brett Favre. That’s fine, if you ask me. It could never be worse than the crush that Michaels had on Joe Montana. I usually needed a shower by the end of the game because I just felt so dirty listening to Al drool.

Yankees win…THUHHHHHHH….never mind.

It took until I started reading the blogs that I found out that Tino Martinez threw out the first pitch tonight at the Stadium. More greatness from the TBS production for pointing that out. I blame that on FOX, as they’re the ones who stopped showing us the pomp and circumstance of baseball years ago.

Since I’m back on the pathetic-ness of TBS, let me discuss their conversation regarding the Yankees game four starter. The booth men seemed utterly clueless as to whom the Bombers would bring out tomorrow, but everyone outside of their booth knew it would be Chien-Ming Wang. Yet Brenly and Gwynn were sure it would be Mike Mussina. Joe Tore said that it would be Wang.


The Big Three

I don't have much analysis to add this week. I have lots of thoughts about the games that I called - especially Port Chester at Harrison - a game that I didn't intend to be at, but when life gives you lemons...

So do people realize that the media (print and electronic) are largely there to report and in a lot of ways, support the teams playing? Oh, they do? Then why is it that we go to a place like Harrison and are treated like we're a distraction? No, not by fans or players, but just some higher-up types. First of all - Feely Field is a joke. For a program like the Huskies, they should have a top-notch facility. Apparently they will next year, but the word I'm hearing is that there won't be enough seating and god only knows what kind of "press box" there will be. I always find that term "press box" laughable. If it is a "press box", then why are press not allowed? Discuss!

Anywho, we called the game from an alcove behind the gorgeous auditorium inside the school. That was because we were told that we were not allowed in the bleachers - the first time I've ever been told that. So that meant large chunks of the broadcast were again handed to sideline reporter Nick Angotto, who had the best view of the deeper ends of the field. Yeah, we might have been in the way in the bleachers, and ya know, I'd be afraid of being a hindrance to the fans disguised as metal bleachers. This wasn't exactly Rye-Harrison, with 10,000 people. This was Port Chester-Harrison, with maybe 300 people, many of whom were members of the Harrison marching band.

Folks, bottom line here. We do the games to bring attention and good will to your town and teams. We're not very hard-hitting journalists because we understand that your athletes are not pros. We'll criticize certain on the field things, but that's about it. It does help if we get sponsors, but in the case of the Harrison-Port Chester game, we didn't have any. To be honest, we'd probably cover more games if we could more sponsors. In fact, there would be a LOT more sports on WGCH if there were more sponsors. That includes talk shows, games and who knows what else?

Frankly, Sean, Nick and I are sports fans who enjoy watching and talking about games. This has always been a labor of love for us because none of us are getting rich off of it. I think Matt Levine, Tim Parry, Jason Intrieri, Zach Fisher, Matt Hamilton, Mark Rosen, John Spang and countless others would agree with this point of view as we have put a lot of money (gas, equipment, airline tickets, etc) and added lots of stress to our personal lives to do what we love. And we're all pretty damn good at it. Same goes for the writers and other folks. Two words here - BILL GONILLO. Think about it.

This is not to say that we had any specific problem with the people in Harrison. In fact, Nick received a few warm wishes, which are much appreciated. I know the same has happened in other places. It's just that I don't understand the occasionally resistance to our presence. We mean good, and no harm.

OK, rant over. Onto the Big Three (plus two).

1) Greenwich (4-0, Last Week - 1) - They look great now. I have nothing to add, except Naples looks scary.
2) Central (3-1, 2) - I don't know if I'm the lone wolf in putting the Hilltoppers this high, but I like what I see. Too bad they don't play Staples this year.
3) Staples (3-0, 3) - Maybe the only thing keeping them from taking over number two is that off week. Or maybe I expect too much from Marce's Marauders.
4) Wilton (4-0, 4) - Not overwhelming in beating Stamford, but they're still perfect.
5) St. Joseph (4-0, 5) - Held off Trinity Catholic. They have a high-powered offense, and the return of the Hogs to prominence is a great story.

Time to go watch the end of the Joe Torre Era (Big Stein strikes again!). At least the Steelers dominated the Seahawks.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007


It's finally going to happen. My morning radio routine is about to clear up. The planets are about to align. First, from Neil Best's Watchdog...
Citadel Broadcasting is close to finalizing a contract with Don Imus that would bring the controversial radio host back to the airwaves, a person familiar with the discussions said Tuesday.
Then from Allan Sniffen on the New York Radio Message Board...
I'm hearing that Citadel and Imus are close... very close. Bernie will likely be back but in a non speaking capacity (for now). McCord also to be part of it.

Don't treat this as fact just yet... but... If I were going to place a bet...
So there you have it. One thing from me: if you are going to bring Bernie back, then just put him on the air. Of course, that's going to happen eventually, but do we have to pretend? Oh, and go get Lou Ruffino off the Boomer and Carton thing on 'FAN so that life can return to "normal."

It's about freakin' time.

I love radio. I love lamp too, but that's for another time.

UPDATE!! I just saw on Neil Best's blog that the latest rumor is...
Now I'm hearing that Don Imus might get back on the air before the end of the year. Either way, his deal with Citadel should be coming along any day now.

It appears the plan is to get the entire old crew back together, including engineer Lou Rufino
Perfect! Now the red-headed stooge might be back in the mix. While Boomer and Carton haven't been the utter disaster that I expected in the morning, I still want the I-man back...and soon. And thus soon it will be.

Monday, October 01, 2007

The Big Three

I just threw five teams down in an email this morning. A pure gut feeling.

1) Greenwich (3-0, Last Week - 1) - Once they got it going against Trumbull, they cruised. The scary thing is that they haven't played to their potential. By the way, Naples is 5-0 and is winning games by an average score of 42-3.
2) Central (2-1, 2) - They showed that they were for real as they pounded Westhill.
3) Staples (2-0, 3) - The only way they could move down is if somebody really impressed me. The only way they could move up is if either Greenwich or Central laid an egg. Neither happened, and the Wreckers had a bye.
4) Wilton (3-0, Not Ranked) - Welcome to the Top Five! The Warriors have been threatening and now they're here.
5) St. Joseph (3-0, NR) - OK, color me surprised. The Cadets went out and knocked off the Rams of New Canaan, 35-27 on Saturday. Their schedule had not been tough until then, but beating New Canaan showed us all something.

Dropped out: Westhill, New Canaan.
Lingering: Ridgefield