Saturday, October 03, 2009

Cards Win...Yawn

So as expected, Greenwich went out and smoked Harding today, 41-0 on Homecoming at Cardinal Stadium. Mike Lefflbine threw five touchdowns, which has to be a school record, but I don't know that for sure.

Still, was there any joy in this? It was 7-0 quickly, as the Cardinal QB found a wide open Peter Cavini for a long score. The Cardinals looked like they could almost score at will, and might have if they were allowed to. Then there were the penalties - all twenty-plus. By halftime, the Cards led 28-0. In reality, the flags could have been put away and the clock could have been run out. It was that bad.

Rain dampened the smaller-than-usual Homecoming throng and many of those folks were gone by halftime. In fact, the Greenwich Marching Band was soon gone as well - leaving just two brave souls who stuck around from the band to play the traditional "Rockin' Robin" for the alumni cheerleaders.

I can't see where this can possibly be a good thing. The Cardinals have never lost to the Presidents - dating back to 1972. In the "Coach Al" era, Greenwich is now 10-0, and each game has been a blowout.

On the postgame show, I asked the assembled crew - Sean Kilkelly, Nick Fox, and Chris Kaelin - if the Cardinals can take anything away from this game, or do they just move forward. I'm sure coaches will tell me that there are a few things that they got out of it, but I have to say that I'm just content to take this effort and move on to Danbury next Friday night at Crotty Stadium. We'll start our coverage with the pregame show at 6:50 on WGCH.

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