Saturday, October 10, 2009

More Chip Caray Bashing (with a nod to Me!)

Richard Sandomir writes about sports media and other items in the New York Times. On Thursday, he aimed some very fair criticism at postseason baseball's official whipping boy, Chip Caray. There's a very pertinent passage in the column:
No one in the production truck could rescue him from his 10th-inning classic faux pas during the Twins-Tigers tie breaker Tuesday night. Caray called the Twins’ Nick Punto’s sharply hit liner to left field this way: “Line drive. Base hit. Caught out there. The runner tags. Throw to the plate. On target. And in time! A double play.”

My ears quivered in amazement at hearing a very obvious lineout called a single as smoothly as Caray did.

It’s baseball, as never taught by Prof. Vin Scully.
Let's examine that line about Vin Scully. There's a link attached to it. Go ahead - click on it. Check out the Artist/Composer: yep...that's me.

Nice to see the link posted (and no, I'm not offended that my name isn't mentioned). It's not the first time I've seen people post a link to that.

So I got mentioned on the Times, just not by name. That's OK.

The audio is embedded here as well for your enjoyment.

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