Thursday, October 01, 2009

Play-by-Play Warbles

Ripping John Sterling is like ripping the Mets: we all do it, but it's just too easy.

Oh, by the way, nice work yesterday, K-Rod. Make sure you listen to the play-by-play courtesy of NASN. Yeah, Hall of Fame-worthy work there.

The home office for analyzing the work of the aforementioned John Sterling is here, and it's quite humorous. The fever has stretched its appeal and now Joe DeLessio at New York Magazine will be breaking down Jawn's (so pronounced by Suzyn Waldman) performance. It begins with a look at his "warble" to end the American League East, which I have posted below.

It's OK, but it's not vintage Sterling.

Staying on topic of ripping John ('cause, you know, the "voice" of the Yankees is held to a higher standard), let's move across the country to Seattle. Shannon Drayer brings us this nugget as former Yankee and Mariner Mike Blowers gets into the prediction business.

Hysterical stuff. We played it on "The Press Box" yesterday.

So did you listen to the play-by-play by longtime "voice" of the M's Dave Niehaus? Mr. Niehaus has been screaming "FLY AWAY!!" and "MY OH MY!!" for over 30 years and won the Ford Frick Award from the Hall of Fame. They love him in Seattle.

Again: we rip John Sterling but what Dave Niehaus does is OK? Isn't it a little hypocritical?

One last thing. John Sterling has enhanced the English language. Think about it: the word "THE" has always been this plain, boring, one-syllable word. Now, thanks to John, it's has new life with multi-syllables! "Theuhuhuhuhuh pitch..."

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