Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Naming the Richmond Team

The Richmond Professional Baseball Organziation has received many suggestions for the name of the new AA baseball team coming to Virginia in 2010. They've been whittled down to the final five. From the Richmond Times-Dispatch's John O'Connor:
The Richmond team will adopt one of those names, all offered by the public in a name-the-team contest. The winner will be announced by Oct. 15. The franchise encourages online voting for one of the final five. The choice of the front office will be influenced by public input, according to Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Todd Parnell, but the winner will not necessarily be the top vote-getter.

The franchise's front office liked the five finalists for these reasons, according to Parnell:

Flatheads: a kind of catfish commonly found in the James River.
Flying Squirrels: soar in Virginia.
Hambones: paying homage to Virginia ham.
Rock Hoppers: people or animals on river rocks.
Rhinos: alliteration featuring a powerful image.
The Richmond Times-Dispatch has a ballot in case you want to vote on this pressing issue. Personally I have no dog in the fight. Best of luck.

Thanks to Tim Parry for passing this to me.

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