Monday, October 26, 2009

A Few More Yankees Thoughts


I disagree with CC Sabathia winning the ALCS MVP over A-Rod. Rodriguez was a monster, and yeah CC was great, but I just don't get it. Does the media hate A-Rod that much?

I can only hope that there's a World Series MVP in the next few weeks for him.

Randy Levine really is a stooge. He stand there on the podium with this dumb ass smile on his face. He and Lonn Trost are part of why people hate the Yankees.

We will find out if the Yankees are still Pedro's daddy.

Kenny Albert called today's Steelers/Vikings tilt in the 'Burgh. He magically appeared in the clubhouse at Yankee Stadium to preside over the trophy presentation. That's quite a day, and my kind of job. Sign me up!

Oh yeah, it's been a good sports day for me, no?

That must have been tough for Jackie Autry, whose father owned the Angels, to give the AL trophy out. Then again, since current owner Arte Moreno took the Angels legacy and made them into the LA Angels of Anaheim of Orange County and such, she might not care.

Mike Scioscia is a heck of a manager. He always seems to be a classy guy. Yet tonight, Joe Girardi is the manager of the best team in the American League. Almost in spite of himself.

The champagne is flying. Neil Best must be displeased. Then again, come Wednesday, Neil's opinion will be somewhat muted, as the Dolans, who run Cablevision, MSG, and Newsday, will begin charging for readers to access everything - even blogs!

For the record - I chose to let Sean sleep tonight, since it's a school night. If he's with me and the Yankees are closing to winning the Series, I will wake him up.

OK. That's enough for tonight.

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