Thursday, October 08, 2009

Thursday Night Linky Dinks

Lots to look at tonight...

Pete Dougherty discusses something I noticed earlier today - that Chris Berman (along with Jon Sciambi and others) call a radio game using a TV style. In other words - no detail. Was there a memo from ESPN Radio saying that?

While I'm on that topic, you would think it wouldn't be a struggle to find postseason baseball games in metro-New York, right? Well it was - at least with the two Phillies/Rockies games. Because 1050 ESPN had the "Michael Kay Show" on (which keeps getting better all the time), the Phils and Rocks weren't on. Or were they? I found them - on 970 AM in New York.

Richard Dietsch takes on Chip Caray and other media topics.

And if you're wondering what "Twitter Nation" thinks of the Chipster, well Deadspin happily answers that (oh, and it's kind NSFW).

At the other end of the spectrum is Mr. Scully. That is all.

They haven't quite figured out a team name in Richmond. The original five finalists haven't overwhelmed. Personally, I came up with "Monuments" because of the city's gorgeous Monument Ave. I had some other names, having nothing to do with baseball that I mentioned to Jon from R-VA. He was amused, albeit mildly.

Speaking of Jon, our mutual friend Jeff Terranova, is quoted in this article regarding the status of radio station WHNU. There's also a picture of Jeff, Jon's band mate from Up Front, who has been a friend of mine since the early 80's. Ah...Action Park...memories.

I just noticed Up Front has a Wikpedia pag
e! I've thought about making one for me, but figured that nobody cares.

Tim Parry spoke with Conor Hanratty, who is a junior playing at New Canaan
. Two reasons I'm interested in this...A) the Rams come to Cardinal Stadium in November, and B) Conor's dad won two Super Bowl rings backing up Terry Bradshaw in Pittsburgh.

Some movie franchises will not die. National Lampoon's Vacation is one of them. Rusty Griswold will now take center stage. (via Stuck in the 80's)

Joe Posnanski received the Greatest Thing Ever. I think it's pretty cool.

In case you had any doubt, the Yankees are America's Team. Duh.

Lastly, Ken McMillan says that WBNR, WLNA, and WGHQ (known collectively as Hudson Valley Talk Radio - home of the Hudson Valley Renegades) is going to air roughly 25 games of Mount Saint Mary's College basketball. He also mentions that there are more details to be released, including the name of the announcer. That sounds like a developing story to me.

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Jon said...

I'd say I was a little more than mildly amused. ;-)

And don't even get me started on the names for the Richmond team. The Richmond Hush Puppies??!!