Thursday, October 15, 2009

More Football - Rye vs. Harrison

Once again, WGCH will carry the Rye/Harrison game in New York. This is going to be the fifth time that I will have called "The Game" and the sixth overall.

But I have something that is grinding my gears, and I don't get it.

Why, exactly, is there such a rough reception whenever we cover this? I would think schools would be pleased that their programs - their KIDS - are getting such attention. We never come to hurt or harm, and goodness knows we don't bring an agenda.

So why the big chill?

I will say this, but won't get into further details - one person was nice enough to say that they will try to work with us, but also thought we were a TV station.

It has been an effort to get sufficient space to cover this game every year. The last two times we worked at Feeley Field in Harrison, we stood inside of Harrison Ave. Elementary School - hardly ideal conditions because we can barely see the field. It's very likely that I will call the game - get this - from field level, on the sideline, with some combination of Sean Kilkelly, Chris Erway, Chris Kaelin, and Nick ~F.O.X.~ standing inside the school.

We're honestly not sure yet, and something tells me we won't be sure until about 1:00 on Saturday.

We get very little press about our coverage also.

As always, we'll make the best of it. Pregame show at 1:50 Saturday afternoon.

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