Friday, October 29, 2010

New Car Commercial

OK, admit it. You've all seen that one and you knew it was coming. Whatever. Happy Halloween...two days early.

"What A (BLEEPING) A$$hat!"

That was essentially what "Exit 55" contributor Mick sent to me as a header in an email for this link.

Look, I'm a Rangers admirer, but I have a soft spot in my heart for the Islanders (having grown up with them). The Islanders are so incredibly irrelevant that the point of "hating" them is foolish. Hate the Islanders? Why? Let's examine the points of the article:

1) They suck. Well, yeah, they haven't been very good in roughly 20 years (I'm generalizing). OK, agreed, to a degree. They have had a few moments, and are off to a decent start this year. Moving on...

2) They Can Do Better. Well, dummy, EVERYONE can do better! The Yankees could win every year (oh, you mean they don't?). Dear God this is inane. Let's keep going...

3) Founded on Spite. OK...So be it, I guess. But they're still there, where they once came back from being down three games to none to win a playoff series (funny how that gets ignored) and won FOUR STANLEY CUPS IN A ROW. The Mets were founded because all of the Dodgers fans (and some Giants fans) couldn't let go of the idea of Duke and Pee Wee and The Boys of Summer, who they still cry for. More notably, the Mets were founded because those fans would never become fans of the WINNERS in New York (hmmm, who could that be?). Dear God, get over it.

4) Poor Management. Are we doing a top five to hate the Mets, the Islanders, or the Los Angeles Clippers? This seems like the Mets. A lot of teams are poorly managed (Pirates, Orioles, and on and on). This is stupid.

5) New York Rivalry. I get this, I suppose. I'm a Rangers admirer, so I should hate the Islanders. I've got room to hate just so many teams across sports and, really, the Islanders just don't matter. When they last meet in the playoffs? How about 1994? Yeah, that.

Yes, the Islanders do a lot of foolish things (um...again, so do the Mets). Their idiotic parades were held on Hempstead Turnpike, but who cares? ALL CHAMPIONSHIP PARADES ARE LAME. HELLO?!? Real fans don't go to those effing things! (Yes, I'm generalizing, and I'm not saying I'd never go to one)

Anyway, thanks to Mick for passing this along. I have begun to think that I should open "Exit 55" up to a few guest authors, and Mick could be one of them (since he abandoned his own blog a while ago). I have a few other names in mind, but I don't know if they would take me up on it.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Lots of Links (and a few Dinks)

If any member of any broadcast of mine ever sounded like these two, I would consider removing them from the air immediately.  For the love of Red Barber, these two are terrible!

Ah but those of you who love ol' Gus Johnson will appreciate it! (Thanks to Awful Announcing and Deadspin)

Staying in high school football, congratulations to Greenwich's own Oliver Ostrowski for winning the Fairfield County Player of the Week Award. (FCIAC Football Blog)

The FCIAC Football Blog also has the details of the recent voting for the Bill Gonillo Five.  Staples is now number one (and I voted for them), but John Nash at The Hour disagrees.  I give John kudos for explaining.  He is one of only a few voters who let readers in on who they vote for, and why (the others being Pat Pickens and some guy named Rob).

I agree with Tim Parry here - Greenwich's win over Bridgeport Central was not an "upset." 

WGCH also broadcast the Brunswick/Canterbury game.  David Fierro was there for the Greenwich Time

Some other guy wrote about the experience of broadcasting both the Greenwich/Central and Brunswick/Canterbury games in the Greenwich Post.

Paul Silverfarb has lots more Greenwich sports in the Post.

Exit 55 fave Ross at NYY Stadium Insider proposes a point that I've long wondered about: are sports more enjoyable when watched at home?

Rant Time: I'm starting to think the answer to that is "yes."  Between the collection of d-bags that gather at each stadium and/or arena, the sickening prices ($10 at the Garden for a Smithwicks?), and the collection of crappy sounds and mind-numbing visuals, I would say that it isn't always as much fun to go to a game anymore.  Don't get me wrong - I went to MSG last night and enjoyed myself, but the reality is, the thing I enjoyed the most was being with Carrie (after I regained my hearing - that's a joke between us, folks).  I love her company, and the company of many of the people I go to games with (Mick, Kris, Eddie, Steve, etc), but still, couldn't that also be accomplished from a living room, or even a bar?  That way, we don't have to deal with the drunken 18 year-old who definitely has the potential to be trouble...the 41 year-old (not me) who wouldn't shut the bleep up...and other miscreants.  The number of people who attend sporting events and have NO CLUE about the sport they are watching is laughable.  I love it when they try to spout history or something factual, and I just sit there and shake my head. 

I have other beefs (MSG doesn't introduce the opposition...really?) but overall, they're not worth it. It's still fun to go to a game, but Ross's question is fair - are we getting the most out of the experience in this era?

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Two Separate Videos...Two Good Laughs (Or Let's Just Do "Linky Dinks")

The Boston Bruins do some very original commercials.  I'm not sure if I've posted this one before, but I laughed quite loudly at this, given the very nature.

Of course, I don't necessarily believe in dating in the division.   But that would also include rivals.  I mean, dear God, I couldn't ever - under penalty of DEATH, date a Mets fan.  Or a Cowboys fan?  Come on, people - priorities here!

Thankfully, I have Carrie, a loyal Yankees/Rangers/Giants fan.  OK, we disagree on football, but how could I ever disrespect the G-men?

With the World Series beginning (and yes, I'll watch when I can), take a look at this crazy video featuring Giants' closer Brian Wilson.  I think he feels some "good vibrations."

While we're talking about the Series, best of luck to former Hudson Valley Renegade Josh Hamilton, who absolutely killed the Yankees (*sigh*).  The Poughkeepsie Journal picks up the local angle.  My friend Sean Ford has nothing but great things to say about Hamilton, who he saw at Hudson Valley on both occasions - 1999 and 2006.

OK, I'll stretch to three videos.  I've never been a big Neil Young fan, or a big fan of Crosby, Stills and Nash (with or without Young), but the idea of Young, Steven Stills, and Richie Furay getting together to play "For What It's Worth" is still pretty cool.

Stills' voice is still amazing.

Joe Posnanski wants to talk about something called the "Hawaii Chair", and at the same time, opened my eyes to the "Cami Secret."

The New York Knicks (remember them) are trying to haul fans back in again.   Hmmm...maybe if they didn't have terrible ownership and a medicore team...

OK, back to the Yankees.  Sport Radio Interviews has GM Brian Cashman talking to Mike Francesa.

The Rangers were the better team, folks.  Period.  I congratulate them.  That's all I will say about that.

Another video (OK, that makes four).  LeBron made an ass of himself, but this is great.

Lots more to write (so much drama in high school football), but I'm out for now!

HL on Jimmy Fallon

Some legit hops with The Roots on board for "The Heart of Rock and Roll."

Mr. Lewis apparently did a few songs from the upcoming "Soulsville" as well.  It was past my bedtime, and I didn't DVR it.  I'll live.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Bill Gonillo Five (Six), After Six Games

Big changes:

1) Staples (Last Week: 2)
2) Masuk (3)
3) Darien (5)
4) New Canaan (1)
5) Trumbull (4)
6) Pomperaug (NR)

Dropped out: Bridgeport Central.

Not much time to explain my vote, but let's say that I was tempted to put Greenwich back in the mix.  New Canaan had to drop after losing to St. Joseph, and while St. Joe's may deserve a vote, they're not quite close enough for me yet.  So, hello Pomperaug!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Badfinger: No Matter What

A great pop song to get us going here on a Friday.  I like the message.

Badfinger was a good power pop band in the late 60's and early 70's and was billed as the second coming of The Beatles (yeah, right...just as The Knack were about a decade later).  They still produced some fine records, including this one, and Come and Get It, written and produced by a guy named Paul McCartney.  He was in a band, as I recall.

Badfinger also recorded at Abbey Road Studios in London.  Now where have I heard that before?

Anyway, this a pretty damn good pop record.  Wikipedia facts are here.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Don't Sleep in Your Car in Crescent City, CA

I've been totally mesmerized by Bill Steigerwald's blog (via the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette), "Travels Without Charley."  To keep costs down, Steigerwald has frequently slept in the back of his RAV-4 (in which he has a sleeping bag and blackout curtains).

As a broadcasters who frequently lives strange hours, I have also stopped into many parking lots to grab a few winks.  Better that than crashing, no?

In Steigerwald's case, he has been taking advantage of WalMart's, as the giant allows weary travelers to sleep in their parking lots, although it's really more for RV's and such.

Steigerwald went to a "Wally" in Crescent City, CA and was told that he could not stay overnight there.  Why?  Something Steigerwald, Steinbeck, and Adams all hate - government interference.  Read it all here.

So in Crescent City, I guess they would rather have me crash into a telephone poll, or another car, than take up space in a church parking lot.  Or the Wal-Mart.  Unreal.

Then people wonder why, although I'll vote as usual next month, I dislike all politicians (with the exception of State Rep. Fred Camilo in Connecticut...just too nice of a guy) .  It's starting to look more and more like I'll write a name in, or go for one of those offbeat candidates for New York Governor.  Me vote for a Cuomo?  Me vote to Paladino?  Um...nyet.  Give me the nut who won't take his gloves off!  In the Senate race, you could hold a gun to my head and I STILL wouldn't vote for Chuck "Microphone" Schumer.

I'd let you pull the trigger.  Which isn't a great feeling, but I guess that's on me.

So What's Up With the Officiating?

Back in this post, I alluded to attending Greenwich film night, so I could have a chance to see the footage of the Greenwich/Trumbull game from last Friday night.  I did so last night, and all I can say is...




Now before I go on, let's be very clear.  Wins and losses are the responsibility of a team.  Barring something extreme (Don Denkinger, 1985 World Series; Jim Joyce, blown perfect game this year), officiating doesn't really impact the true outcome.  Teams have to make plays.  Greenwich had chances in their game against Trumbull to score and failed due to one thing or another.  They also had a chance to shut the Eagles down after a phantom pass interference call and didn't.

What I saw was shocking.  The officials were out of position on many plays, and missed several obvious calls.  For instance, Greenwich was set to punt in the first half.  The snap was supposed to go to Shane Nastahowski (on a fake punt), but sailed past him.  Punter Oliver Ostrowski picked it up and, with an Eagle in his face, got the punt away.  As he did, he got hammered.  No flag.  We looked at each other in the booth in utter shock.

One thing about the impact of that play - Trumbull's Phil Terio scooped up the punt and rambled back down deep into Cardinal territory.  Now, Greenwich needs to tackle him, of course.  Yet if the flag is thrown for roughing the kicker, the whole thing becomes null and void.

Elsewhere, twice during the game, there were intentional grounding calls that were missed.

At another point, there was a no call on an obvious clip.

We've already discussed the terrible pass interference call, but the video revealed that the no-call on a possible pass interference on Trumbull late in the game was correct.  It wasn't interference.

Even on the winning touchdown, it didn't appear that Trumbull quarterback Brian Gallo crossed the plane of the goal line.

The bottom line is that Greenwich lost the game.  Yet the video was frustrating for Cardinal backers, who have long thought the word "GREENWICH" on the jersey is a target.

I respect the job the officials do.  Really.  I know it's not easy.  Still, can they at least be in the right position?  Can they be in shape to do their jobs? 

The video was, to say the least, revealing.

Over and done with.  Bridgeport Central is next for the Cardinals.  We'll be on the air at 1:50, sans Chris Erway.  Anybody want to join the broadcast team for a week?

GuJo is Out at MSG!

According to the resident windbag (curmudgeon) at the New York Post, Gus Johnson has been given his walking papers as radio voice of the Knicks.

I don't think the frat boys watched Knicks games anyway, so I'm sure it is no loss to them.

A big ol' tip of the derby to Sean Kilkelly for this.

Mike Crispino is the new voice, so broadcasts will be a tad quieter.  It would have been nice for The Garden to look outside for some new blood but it just wasn't meant to be.

Mark Schlereth Doesn't Like What He Sees In the NFL

I love this.  Once again I don't agree with Emerpor Goodell.  I'm never a fan of punishing a player for an event that the on-field officials didn't punish in the first place.

There's no question that football injuries have increased.  The "why" seems to be the basic answer that players are bigger and stronger than ever.  Still we never heard about this many injuries - especially concussions - in the era from Bronko Nagurski and Red Grange to Frank Gifford and Johnny Unitas to Terry Bradshaw and Mean Joe.  Really, we didn't hear this much about it until the past decade.

So what's the answer?  Stop playing football?  Dumb.  Dumb.  Dumb.  More padding?  I heard Mike Francesa say that there is a doctor (I think, or maybe a scientist) who wants to put padding outside the helmet.  Yet the good Emperor wouldn't like that, as that would mute the sound of the collision on the field!

James Harrison is seriously considering retiring due to the $75,000 fine he was hit with.  An overreaction?  Maybe.

Yet for the NFL to do what they're doing?  Well?  They might want to look in the mirror.

The treatment of the players, as Schlereth alluded to, is laughable.

Your move, Emperor.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Now The Real Linky Bench…err…Off The Dinks

34 Confusion
A wise guy with some time on his hands teased me for the recent return of “Off the Bench” and how I blurred the lines between it and “Linky Dinks.”

So today, your links are back!

Brian Anderson should be on the A team at TBS.  That is all, folks.  Richard Dietsch at SI put him near the top of his Media Power Rankings.  Besides, I have BA’s phone number in my cell phone.  So I have that going for me.  Seriously, Brian has done an amazing job.

I went to this game last night (thanks, ESPN New York).  Underwhelming would be the best word for it, though I flew out of my seat when Alex Frolov scored.   Clearly, the wrong Rangers won last night!

At the same time, Donnie Pucks has some criticism of the Blueshirts special teams.  Yeah, to say the least.  And that is all I have to say about that.

My fellow Rangers fans are frustrated (and by the way, they too have some really embarrassing folks that shouldn’t ruin it for everyone else.  They’re so great otherwise).  But there were a lot of empty seats last night also (could be apathy with Cablevision…the Fox thing…the Yankees…ticket prices…the team…the Avalanche don’t excite fans…I just don’t know).  I sense that many of them are feeling the “same old Rangers” routine that, say, a Knicks or Mets fan would.  That, friends, is sad.

Me?  I just felt frustrated watching it.  Bad offense.  Blah defense.  Poor special teams.  Just a bad night (though I thoroughly enjoyed being there).  Tied at one, I know of one person who felt like the Rangers weren’t going to win.  Could have been the “Spidey senses” tingling.

Fingers crossed for Rutgers Defensive Tackle Eric LeGrand.  Scarlet Knights head coach went on WFAN with the master of the Diet Coke, Mike Francesa, to talk about LeGrand.

Masuk has moved into second in the Bill Gonillo Five.  Personally I have more faith in Staples.

Remember Andrew McCarthy?  Yeah, Blane from “Pretty in Pink.”  What is he up to now?  He’s an award-winning travel writer! (Thanks, Stuck in the 80’s)

I didn’t see that one coming, either.

I just stumbled across this today.  My road brethren (I think it was the Sure, why Not? blog) pointed me out to the work of Bill Steigerwald, who is following as much of the original route that John Steinbeck took when he was preparing to write "Travels With Charley” in 1960.  Bill’s fascinating blog is here.

The Links Turn Into 32 “Great” Play-by-Play Calls

This started as a new edition of “Linky Dinks.”  Instead, it turned into taking two links from Joe Posnanski and heading off on a rant!  So the links will hit in two parts now (it’s like MUST-SEE BLOGGING on NBC!).

1) On Vin Scully.  Wow.

2) On the 32 greatest sports calls ever (sorry, Joe.  You’re delusional on this one.).

Now how do I let that one go?  I can’t…he puts Gus Johnson on the list.  Why, God?  Why?  Why do you frat boys like people like GuJo?  Joe writes, “It is, I would say, almost impossible not to love Gus Johnson.”  WHAT?  DEAR GOD, JOE!

Breathe, Rob, breathe…

Let’s just break the list down, mmmmK?  (The list is in Joe’s words)

32. Verne Lundquist on the Christian Laettner shot that beat Kentucky in the 1992 Regional Final, ending one of the best games in college basketball history

I love Verne Lundquist.  OK, this is fine.

31. Gus Johnson on Gonzaga

This means ripping my broadcasting brethren.  I’ve already vented too much on not liking GuJo’s style.  I’m sure I’d love to grab a beer with him.

30. Chris Cuthbert and Harry Neale on Tie Domi’s sucker-punch knockout of Ulf Samuelsson

Paging Harold.  Or Sean Kilkelly.  Not sure this would ever hit my top 32, as I want too many other hockey calls (all featuring either Doc Emrick or Dan Kelly).  Oh, not a knock on either Cuthbert or Neale – both really good hockey voices.

29. Bill White on the Bucky Dent homer

I don’t know.  I love Bill White.  I’m not sure this is any better than Frank Messer (on Yankees radio), Ned Martin and Hawk Harrelson (I think, on Red Sox radio), or Keih Jackson (on ABC TV).  I have them all.

28. Mike Keith on the Music City Miracle

Sure, whatever.  Is this any better than Jack Fleming calling the Immaculate Reception?  No.

27. Jack Buck on the Kirby Puckett home run that forced Game 7 in the 1991 World Series

Can’t do it much better in this spot, but Joe offends me when he ranks this next one higher…

26. Joe Buck on David Ortiz’s homer in Game 4 of the 2004 ALCS (an homage to his father)

Um…Joe better than Jack?  JACK BUCK?  I don’t think so!

25. Jon Miller on Ruben Rivera’s classic base-running error

To Joe’s credit, he didn’t just pick any old automatic highlights.  He did his homework.  Jon Miller gets forgotten for his brilliance as a radio voice because we’re so bogged down with his work (stuck with Joe Morgan) on Sunday nights.  Still he’s the latter-day Scully.

24. Verne Lundquist on Jackie Smith’s drop in the end zone

Love Verne.  Love this moment (sorry, Cowboys fans…mwahahahaha).  It wouldn’t be on my list though.

23. Tom Cheek on Joe Carter’s game-winning World Series homer in 1993

This is a good one.

22. Marv Albert on Michael Jordan’s brilliant move against the Lakers in the 1991 NBA Finals

Hard to argue here.

21. Jack Buck on Ozzie Smith’s home run to beat the Dodgers in Game 5 of the 1985 NLCS

No argument.

20. Milo Hamilton on No. 715

*sigh*  Has anyone ever heard Scully’s call of the same moment?  Has anyone ever read this blog before?

19. Vin Scully on Bill Buckner

Nothing for me to add, except respect for the late Bob Murphy, who called it for the Mets radio on WFAN with Gary Thorne.

18. Dan Hicks on Jason Lezak’s comeback to keep Michael Phelps’ dream of eight gold medals alive at the 2008 Olympics

OK.  Sure.  Whatever.

17. Scully on Sandy Koufax’s perfect game

This IS number one – with a bullet.  That is it.  Game over.  Drive home safely.  It is the standard by which I tell ALL broadcasters to listen to.

16. Howie Rose on Stephane Matteau‘s overtime goal to beat New Jersey in the Eastern Conference finals in 1994

This is up there on my list of great hockey calls, no doubt about it.

15. Kenneth Wolstenholme on 1966 World Cup

14. Anonymous someone yelling over Bud Palmer during the 10,000 at 1964 Olympics

(See my response to #18).

13. Bob Costas on Michael Jordan’s shot against Utah

Not sure I’d pick this over Marv at #22 but it’s Joe’s list.

12 (tie) Johnny Most on the two most famous steals in Celtics history (John Havlicek or Dennis Johnson)

Again, it’s Joe’s list.  I’ll always take “Havlicek stole the ball” first.

11. Bill King on the Holy Roller

Not a favorite call of mine, but I agree with Joe on my favorite part: “Madden is on the field. He wants to know if it’s real. They said yes, get your big butt out of here. He does!”

10 (tie) Three of college football’s great calls

10A) Larry Munson on Lindsey Scott’s catch against Florida

10B) Lyell Bremser on Johnny Rodgers’ punt return in the Game of the Century

10C) Dan Davis on Doug Flutie’s Hail Mary against Miami

I can take these or leave these.  They wouldn’t be at number 10 for me, but as Joe mentions, he’s not sure if it’s the moment or the call.  I look at these things purely for the call, personally.

9. Vin Scully on The Catch

This…over KOUFAX?  I love this call – the way he lets it happen but still…

8. Verne Lundquist on Tiger Woods’ remarkable chip on No. 16 at Augusta

Joe’s got a bit of a thing for Verne.  I don’t blame him but still!

7. Victor Hugo Morales on the greatest goal of all time, Diego Maradona’s second goal against England in the 1986 World Cup

6. Chic Anderson on Secretariat at the Belmont

The sixth best call ever?  Over anything from Clem McCarthy and the earlier voices of horse racing?  REALLY?

5 (tie) Jack Buck on Kirk Gibson’s 1988 World Series home run

5 (tie). Vin Scully on Kirk Gibson’s 1988 World Series home run

Joe went the right route here.  They’re both great.  I’ll take Vin over Jack, but how can one ever complain about either?

4. Joe Starkey on The Play

Probably College Football’s greatest call.  Wouldn’t be in my top 5, but to each their own.

3. Howard Cosell on George Foreman’s knockdown of Joe Frazier

You probably know the words: “Down goes Frazier!”  *sigh*

2. Russ Hodges on the Giants winning the pennant

Never been a fan.  Not when I first heard it.  Not now.  I get it for what it is.

And you probably know it, and you probably know I wouldn’t rank it this high but it deserves to sit among the best calls ever…

1. Al Michaels on the Miracle on Ice

By the way, Al’s “Impossible Dream” when the US won gold was pretty terrific also.

OK, so who is missing?  How would you rank them?  I'll start with the Lewis/Schmelling bout at Yankee Stadium...Red Barber in the 1947 World Series...Phil Rizzuto on Roger Maris (10/1/61)...Dan Kelly on Bobby Orr...and I'm just warming up!

My “kindler, gentler” side is keeping me from opining further, and keeping the vitriol stored away.  Stuff to deal with at another time, I suppose.

Yet, in total, while I love Joe’s writing, I think he’s just purely nuts here!

"Soulsville" - First Track off the New HLN Album

From Huey Lewis and the News.

Good stuff - old R&B.  Not to say their "I Want a New Drug" days are over, as they may still play that live, but Huey and the boys might be a more polished band now.  More proficient musically.  Just not as pop chart friendly.

The new CD is available in Europe.  It drops here in a few weeks.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Bill Gonillo Five (Six), Week Five and some Links

So Greenwich lost the other night, and the Cardinals sit at 3-2, likely out of the FCIAC playoff race, but still in the hunt for the state tournament.  We shall see.  Bridgeport Central comes calling this Saturday (it's homecoming, in case you don't know).

As for my Ganillo poll, not much will change for me:
1) New Canaan (Last week: 1) - OK, now there season begins.  St. Joe's, Wilton, Greenwich, Central and Darien to finish.
2) Staples (2) - Only beat McMahon by eight.  They finish with Trumbull and Greenwich.
3) Masuk (3) - Just solid, yet I wonder how the FCIAC would treat them.
4) Trumbull (4) - They're good, but I think we also found out that Greenwich is better than they have shown.  The Cardinals fought them.
5) Darien (5) - Some have sent them to the FCIAC Championship Game already (which will be played at Trumbull for the second straight year...*sigh*)
6) Central (6) - Not much more to add.  Looking forward to seeing them this weekend.

Oh, I mentioned Darien to the conference championship game.  That is just part of Tim Parry's links from the Saturday games.  He also has links from the Friday games.

Good for Brunswick, getting their first win of the year ( Greenwich Time).  We'll have the Bruins as the late game in our doubleheader this Saturday, as they play Canterbury.

Boy, you talk about a dedicated fan.  One Staples dad makes almost every game...traveling cross country to do so (Matt Doran, The Hour)

Off The Bench is Your Friend!

Time to revive "Off the Bench", my Mike Lupica-esque collection of quick hits and such.  I tried this last week, and it never reached publication, with good reason.  So now, TAKE TWO!

Yeah, let's go see if Cliff Lee is doctoring the ball.  Dear Josh, my fellow Yankees fans can act so stupid sometimes, especially when they (we) have too much time on their (our) hands.

Rye vs. Harrison was special.  Even more special this year.  I had the 2006 edition of "The Game" in the top 10 football games I called a few years ago.  This one was better.  Harrison seemed to have it won.  Rye took it with :15 to play (Josh Thompson in The Journal News).  Once again, the WGCH crew had to hang with the crowd, while the TV people got to sit in the booth.  *sigh*

I've said it before and I'll say it again.  I'll take my broadcast crew and put them up against anyone.  We work through the nasty weather, the shoddy conditions, the obvious slights against us, the bad equipment and so on, and put together one of the best broadcasts around.  The past weekend of Trumbull/Greenwich and Harrison/Rye proved that, and made me proud.

I'm pleased to call Sean Kilkelly, Chris Erway, Chris Kaelin, Nick Fox, and Bob Small (along with Rob Crowley, who has stepped away temporarily) colleagues.  Good people to have in the foxhole.  I'm further pleased to call them friends.

I still don't get it.  Why can't a kickoff be returned out of the end zone in high school football?  Are we playing pinochle?  Shuffleboard?

I'm never one to say there is a bias, and I do what I can to get too deep into criticizing officials (especially high school officials).  Yet I saw a phantom call the other night at Greenwich High and where there's smoke...

I'll be at film night this week at Greenwich.  I want to see the film of the battle of the birds (Trumbull and Greenwich) for myself.

Say what you want - I call it both ways.  I'll say it on the air if Greenwich deserved the penalties.  We were quite outspoken in saying that the Cardinals still had to make plays against the Eagles.  The striped shirts didn't win or lose the game.  BUT...

Moving on.  Cablevision.  Wow.  OK, I get it.  There are negotiations to be had with News Corp over Fox 5 and My 9 here in New York, but I think they make themselves look foolish in the long run.  The consumer doesn't care.  YOU are the cable operator, and YOU took the two channels off of TV in New York City.  If Carrie had been home yesterday, she would not have been able to watch her Giants beat the Lions.  When we got back to her place last night, we couldn't watch Game 2 of the NLCS.

So yeah, shame on both sides.  Yet bigger shame on Cablevision.

Put it this way: if I ever move to New York City (or any area that has Cablevision as the cable provider), I would look to live in a place where I could have a dish, and then I would return to DirecTV.  Or Verizon Fios.

This next statement is a little dicier.  I thank my baseball gods that the Dolan's have never gotten their hands on the Yankees, because I'm not sure I would ever be a ticket holder again.  At least not on a season-ticket plan.

That being said, I'm not ripping those who are with either the Rangers or Knicks because when you love your team, that's all there is to it.  I can only imagine those who do give their money to those teams do so with at least a little trepidation.  I feel for those people.

Oh yeah, I'll be at The Garden tonight.  So yeah, I know the feeling personally.

By the way, I still don't get why the NHL thinks it's OK to reward a team with a point for an overtime loss.  I mean, I guess I do, but I think it's silly.  Go ahead and play for overtime!  Hey at least we get a point!

Where I come from, a loss is a loss.  Maybe it's just time for the NHL to return to ties (as much as I HATE them).

I met him many times, and banged that frying pan at least once.  Freddy "Sez" will be missed at Yankee Stadium (thanks, Sam Borden and The Journal News).

I said it on "The Press Box" and I'll say it here.  If Ben Roethlisberger had his come to Jesus (or Josh) moment but Emperor Goodell hadn't suspended him, he would win the NFL's MVP this year.  I still suspect he's going to have a monster year regardless.

I think that shows how focused he is, and the Steelers are now getting pretty scary good.

Right now, the Jets, Ravens, maybe the Pats and Dolphins, and those boys from the Burgh all look like there's going to be a fight to the finish in the AFC.

I'm terrified the entire season, in so many way, might come down to AJ Burnett tomorrow.  Yet this Pettitte guy has had some success in the post season, no?

Whatever your means are (prayers, thoughts, etc), please send them to a young man at Rutgers named Eric LeGrand.  He is a defensive tackle and was injured in Saturday's game against Army.  As of this morning, he's in intensive care and is paralyzed from the neck down.

Best wishes to him.

Bill O'Reilly can be a bit of a buffoon; that goes without saying.  Yet those loudmouths Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar think just storming off the set of "The View" was the way to go?  Yeah, way to debate on live TV - which is sort of, oh I don't know...YOUR JOB!  You don't agree with O'Reilly's view that Muslims caused 9/11 (or extreme Muslims?)?  Then go at it with him!  But to storm off was gutless.

Barbara Walters was the sanest one there.  As usual.

I'll stop now, before I further blur the line between "Off the Bench" and "Linky Dinks!"

Stay thirsty, my friends!

Oh Stewardess...I Speak Jive

How can let the passing of Barbara Billingsley go by without this?

Farewell, Mrs. Cleaver.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Where's the Crowd?

Last week at Cardinal Stadium, something became very obvious to me.  Something that I've been slowly noticing for a few weeks.

Nobody's there!

OK, I don't mean nobody.  I mean, players are there...and broadcasters...and coaches...and a collection of fans.

But beyond  A lot of empty silver benches.

Yet show up - even an hour before kickoff.  EMPTY!  I was the first one at Cardinal Stadium last week, and that has never happened.  Now granted, this was about two and half-hours before kickoff, but still!

I've done games for a long time now.  Basically a generation (which is shocking to me).  I remember what it was like - when Jimmy Capparelle would wind the huge crowd into a frenzy (with an assist from me, as Jimmy was listening to me on his Walkman).

I remember the college football fight songs that used to ring out (I loved that atmosphere).  I remember the sound that the crowd would make when a players' name was mentioned by Dick Leonard over the speakers.  I remember the cries of "defense", and rooting on the offense.

I love crowd noise.  Just.  Love.  It.  Not the fabricated, fake creations of loud music and air horns and other artificial crap.  Spare me the party store purchases.  No pom poms and such.  Man - just give me a loud, spontaneous roar!  Yet to get that, people have to show up.

So what's the problem?  Do people not like the night games (I've sometimes suspected that)?  I don't always see the students showing up.  Why?

Before you get into the whole "wine and cheese thing", stop.  Stop now.  I've spent a lot of time with the parents to know that they aren't what you might think.  It was only two years ago that the Riscica's and DeVico's were hosting huge tailgates (not to mention Ed and Tami Kelly).  Last year, Roe Lefflbine, Alyce Kavanagh, the Bawol's, and others were in charge.  This year, Ann McGuire (that's Joe's mom!) has been kind enough to get in touch with me for the tailgate, and I've had the chance to chat with the Cici's (captain Ben's parents) and Terry O'Neal (quarterback Liam's dad), among others.  All nice people, who want Greenwich to have the atmosphere that it once had.  The fans still travel to road games, but Greenwich can do much better.

One set of parents actually told me that people are asking when Homecoming is.  REALLY?

It's next Saturday - against Bridgeport Central, at 2:00.  Just an FYI for ya.

Folks, if you don't know, Greenwich has a reputation that isn't always great.  I alluded to the wine and cheese factor.  I hear the jokes about caviar at the tailgates.  I hear all of the crap.  It bugs me.  I know better.  I know all of you better.

For you in Greenwich, going to a game is a cheap date, and a lot of fun.  For the students, you can hang with your friends.  You can start a raucous (but respectful) fan section and give Greenwich a home field advantage.

What's it going to take?

So, really, what is the problem?

See you tonight at Cardinal Stadium.  Bring a radio (and, of course, listen live)!

And thanks to Eric Gallanty and DJ Sixsmith for having me on their FCIAC Football Weekly show.  They did the show from Greenwich, and I couldn't join them for it, but they were kind enough to interview me via phone.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Your Links Are Upon Us

(I had no other reason to use this photo, but I like it.  Kendall celebrated her fifth birthday a few weeks ago…and we “posed” for a picture, taken by Carrie).

It’s not politically correct to say this, but I still like Don Imus.  He’s one of the main people who got me so into radio all those years ago, back when he was “nuking” things, and featuring characters like Skip and Muffy and Geraldo Santana Banana and Crazy Bob and Moby Worm and Right Reverend Doctor Billy Sol Hargus (with the emeralds and the rubies just a-dripping off of him, got a ring on every finger of his hand).  Those later evolved into real life people like Nixon, Clinton, Walter Cronkite and so on.

Then came the “nappy-headed hoes.”  Things changed.  HE became more politically correct and the characters have changed.  The show is still solid, when I get to watch or listen.  Maybe not quite the old mean-spirited I-man that I loved (where EVERYBODY got skewered), but still better than anything else in the morning.

Anyway, I’m babbling.  He’s writing a blog now.  It’s one of the few free parts of his new website (if you join, all of the money goes to his ranch…and that’s one of the great things people forget about the man).

All of this Brett Favre picture stuff is nuts.  NEWSFLASH…people do this.  A lot.  I’m not saying I ever did it (I haven’t) but if you think it doesn’t go on, you’re wrong.  Eric Deggans, via the National Sports Journalism Center, wonders if this is the sad, unfortunate future of sports journalism.

By the way, I’m not going to defend Favre (I have my own guess to his guilt or innocence).  Just keep an eye on Jenn Sterger, the “victim” in this.

And once again, Emperor Goodell will have his say, hiding behind that “personal conduct” crap.  Just in time for Big Ben to return to the ‘Burgh.

Jeff Pearlman won’t put Favre in his top 10 quarterbacks of all time.  Correction, his list begins in 1985.  Thus no Bradshaw, Unitas, Graham, Starr, Tittle, or Baugh.  Among many others.  Favre probably would be in my 10 for the same era, but that’s an opinion for you.

This is fascinating.  The 25th (WHAT?) anniversary DVD of “Back to the Future” is coming out, and will include the usual extras, including footage of the original Marty McFly, Eric Stoltz.

Eventually, the Academy will award a Lifetime Achievement to Huey Lewis for his appearance as the judge in the band audition scene.  An amazing performance.  Of course, HL and the News got jobbed on their real Oscar, for “The Power of Love.”  I still haven’t forgiven the Academy.

To sports now (and hey, why not?).  The Rangers lost a terrible game yesterday, but the Islanders showed they have some goon in them.  James Wisniewski had words with the one and only Sean Avery, and decided to take matters into his own hands, by miming a particular kind of hand-to-mouth gesture. 

Everybody remembers Boom Goes the Dynamite, right?
Well Deadspin says Brian Collins has a new job.  Good for him.

The new Bill Gonillo Five is out.  Pat Pickens of the Fairfield Citizen and I are apparently the only ones who show our choices.  Goody for us.

Get ready for a visit to Darien by a quarterback who is in the 8th grade, and is already committed to USC.  It’s kind of shady, folks, even though the kid is apparently the goods (thanks, Tim Parry).

John Nash of The Hour has some problems with the high school officiating around Connecticut.

Stuck in the 80’s has a link (so this is a link to a link) to a Vanity Fair gallery of photos of the making of The Empire Strikes Back.  Cool stuff.

Johnny Damon wants to come back to New York.  That’s what MLB Rumors says.  If there is room and a place, HEEEERE’S JOHNNY!

The new Disney movie about Secretariat is out, and supposedly it is pretty good, albeit “Disneyfied.”  For my money, let’s see the real deal:
From Tom Hoffarth, the Sporting News has come up with their annual list of the best sports cities.  This is so arbitrary to me.  Atlanta is the EIGHTH best city?  EIGHTH?  How many empty seats were there at Turner Field last night?  Miami 11th?  WHAT?  Houston 14th?  Wow.  Just.  Wow.

By the way, Wappingers Falls, NY being number 378th made me laugh.

Lastly, Ken Fang has perhaps the worst list of baseball movies ever.  He agrees that Turner Classic Movie’s so-called top 10 is just awful.  They are:
 Speedy (1928) with Babe Ruth.  Whatever.
The Pride of the Yankees (1942).  There are a lot of holes in that story for my taste, but OK.
The Stratton Story (1949).  A wonderful movie.  I’m a big fan of this one, with Jimmy Stewart as Monte Stratton, who loses his leg in a hunting accident.
Take Me Out to the Ballgame (1949).  There are a lot of big names involved here (Sinatra, Gene Kelly, Esther Williams) but this is basically “Baseball: The Musical.”  Sigh.
The Jackie Robinson Story (1950).  I don’t have the words to say how laughable this is.
Damn Yankees (1958). “Baseball: The Musical…The Sequel…to Beat the Hated Yankees!”
The Bad News Bears (1976).  Love it.
Bull Durham (1988).  One of my favorite movies.  Ever.
Eight Men Out (1988).  Love it (historically accurate).
Field of Dreams (1989).  Still makes me cry. “Hey Dad.  You wanna have a catch.”  F***!

But as Ken points out, where are Major League and Bang the Drum Slowly?  Not to mention The Natural?  I just got done watching some of For Love of the Game and that’s far more enjoyable than some of these others.  A terrible list.  Just bad.

Faith Hill, Al Michaels, and Cris Collinsworth With a Long Theme Song

Admit it, friends.  You might like Hank Williams Jr.  You may be a fan of Faith Hill.  Yet the reality is, you just want to watch the frigging game!

Which of course would bring me to a diatribe about Stuart Scott and most, if not all, pregame shows.  But why?

Thanks to the people at Saturday Night Live for the funny.  Thanks to Awful Announcing for the tip.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Amateur Hour

I heard from a few sources that the Islanders had moved their radio broadcasts to a new outlet (or outlets).  Their night games will now be on WMJC, 94.3 FM, while the day games will be heard on WHLI, 1100 AM.

That, friends, is a college radio station.  Read that again.  College.  Radio.  Station.

Have a look at the official press release from the Islanders.  Let’s highlight a key element:
Former color commentator, Chris King will move over to the play-by-play position and various Hofstra broadcast students will have the opportunity to serve as the color analysts and sideline reporters throughout the season.
Yes, you read that correctly.  Students will be the color analysts.

Now have a look at the thoughts of Eric Mirlis, who worked for the Islanders at one time, and gave all of this significant thought.

I don’t agree with everything he said.  First of all, I have no issues with the idea of a simulcast.  Sure, it’s the cheap-o approach, but the Dodgers use it in LA with some bum named Scully (granted, it’s baseball and much different than hockey).  There are other hockey teams that use the simulcast approach also.  So I don’t think that’s as terrible as Eric points out.

I also quarrel with the idea of students hosting the non-game elements (pregame, intermissions and so on).  Maybe not as much as I object to them serving as the color commentator, but I still think it’s laughable.  Have you ever listened to college radio?  I get to listen to some of the very best, on WFUV (Fordham University) in New York, and they produce some wonderful sports broadcasts.  Yet, sorry to say, they still sound like college students.  Young.  Inexperienced.  Raw.  To be clear – not unprofessional per se.  To an extent, that’s OK for college radio.  But not for the NHL.  Not for a so-called “professional” organization.

College students do not have the savvy.  They don’t have the instinct at that point.  They’re not ready for the pros.  Sure, I’m generalizing, but my point stands.  I know there is the rare diamond in the rough.  They’re students and they sound like it.  I see the same thing when I teach at CSB.  I hear the same in the productions from WFUV (and again, they’re on the high end of the scale).  In Syracuse, the Orange (and they should still be the Orangemen, but I digress) broadcast both via a student station and with “pro” announcers.  In other words, they get it.

Also, I understand that Hofstra has a top flight communication program.  No question about that.

Full disclosure – WGCH carried some of Hofstra’s basketball games last year, which I found odd, and considering my unapologetic dedication to our true LOCAL sports broadcasts (you know, like GREENWICH sporting events), it struck a nerve.  Yet we’ve been expanding our sports for years (the Red Sox…blech…the Patriots…blech…along with Fairfield basketball and Hofstra) and I get it – these are business decisions.

Yet for the Islanders to go this route shows me that they accept that they are metro New York’s least important franchise (I understand that they had a nice comeback to beat the Rangers on Monday, and I still have a fondness for the teams that I watched as a kid).  Still, the media ignores them, and they have definitively a minute fan base at best.

I wish them well.  That includes the broadcasters (including the students).  Because if this story finds some legs, these broadcasts will be heavily scrutinized.  Otherwise, it’s the Islanders, and no one will care.

The BG Six After Four Weeks

1) New Canaan (Last week: 1)
2) Staples (2)
3) Masuk (3)
4) Trumbull (5)
5) Darien (5)
6) Central (4)

That's how it will look for now.  Greenwich plays Trumbull Friday at 7:00 (6:50 pregame on you-know-where).  The Cardinals can make a BIG stand with a win.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Carrie!


Today is 10/10/10.  Some think it is the end of the world (and I feel fine) or some such garbage.

I know it – and will now forever know October 10th – as the birthday of my one and only Carrie.

It’s been just six months.  Wow, time flies, but these six months have been such a gift.  The beginnings of a new life.  After posting various “Rule 55’s” with songs related to her, I wrote that Carrie and I were a couple back in May, and we’ve been constantly together every since.  Despite the ups and downs of the roller coaster of life, I wouldn’t trade it.  It’s been amazing, but we still have so much more work to do, and so many more experiences to discover.

It’s so tough to put it all in words; you probably feel the same about your own significant other.  For me, Carrie has become my best friend.  Yet that’s so pithy; too simple.  She has been beyond thoughtful, so much so that it is almost stunning when something slips through the cracks.  Generous, kind-hearted, loving, cultured, educated, funny…I could dig around for all of the adjectives.

Maybe Jack Nicholson had it right, when he told Helen Hunt, “You make me want to be a better man.”  That kind of sums it up.

I hear her moving around right now, and I want this to be a surprise.

Happy birthday, Carrie.  Here’s to many more.

Friday, October 08, 2010

Happy Birthday, John

John Lennon would have been 70 tomorrow.  So I'll be the one to say that the car on the cover of Abbey Road should say "70 IF" on the license plate.  For the uninitiated, it says "28 IF", which played into the Paul is Dead theory.

My friend Amy Beth (sad sad Mets fan that she is) wrote a wonderful piece on John's impact.  She makes the point that The Beatles didn't really break up because of Yoko Ono (but let's be honest...she played a part in it) but because John and Paul McCartney were a couple of hot heads (basically).  All true.  It's also pretty well known that John and Paul began to break the ice and the thoughts built that maybe...just maybe...The Beatles might "get back."

Of course, December 8, 1980 came and that idea died, as John was mortally wounded by Mark David Chapman.

The remaining Beatles would reunite in the mid-90's, using John's voice for two songs, as part of the "Anthology" series.

Amy Beth has is all straight in the article I linked above.  John's impact is still very much felt, and even felt in pockets around New York City, a place he came to love so dearly, from when he first visited with The Beatles in 1964, to how he made his home here (and died here).  That legacy will be celebrated in film with a showing in Central Park.  Many others wish to remember John via his contributions to peace and love (and Yoko continues to soldier on his memory and on her own).

For me, it's the music - always.  So today, I began putting together a list of John's best - both with and without The Beatles.  The usual suspects are all there: "Help!", "Strawberry Fields Forever", "Imagine", "Instant Karma" and so on.  What would you put on your "Ultimate Lennon" list?

Happy birthday, John (and anyone else having a birthday this weekend...hmmm...any, um, girlfriends having birthdays this weekend).

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Third Jerseys and New Logos

It’s no secret that A) I like discussing uniforms and logos and such and B) I am no fan of alternate jerseys.  I’m trying – I like what the Steelers have done with their throwback alternates (although I don’t love the gold helmets)…
I read with great interest that the Buffalo Sabres are getting rid of their foolish looking cartoon logo (aka the “buffaslug”). 
buffalo_sabres Jeff Z. Klein and Stu Hackel have much more via the New York Times.

There are teams who should never – I repeat, NEVER – fool with their look.  Yet they insist on doing so anyway.  I lost all respect for the Miami Dolphins when they messed with their classic aqua and orange, changing their numerals and adding a drop shadow (and don't get me started on the orange alternate).  I wasn’t happy with the Stillers (Pittsburgh pronunciation, of course) when they changed their uni’s in the 90’s.  The Red Sox added a ridiculous red jersey (just…stupid).  The Mets have no consistency (wait…is that supposed to be a shock?).  Of course, there are countless baseball teams that roll with batting practice jerseys.

I hate it.  Give me white at home and gray on the road, in baseball.  The Dodgers, Cardinals, Tigers, Red Sox, and a few others.  They generally do it correctly.  They have classic looks.  Of course the Yankees are the gold standard (pinstripes at home…so famous that Japan asked the team to wear them when they were the VISITING team…and of course, gray on the road).

In hockey, the third jersey has become the norm.  I generally like what the Bruins did (for the record, I never liked the Rangers “Liberty” logo…ever), and the Pens were cool with the light blue (their throwbacks).  There are some others.  Not bad, especially if they’re hitting the “wayback machine” (which the Rangers will do in 2010-2011)
capture_crop_340x234 Where’s John Davidson?  Rod Gilbert?  Anyway, I like this look.  It's still not necessary, but I like it.  Embrace the past, and it’s a good thing.

(UPDATE) I heard from Harold, who at one time had an enormous collection of hockey sweaters (and might still).  Anyway, he was dismayed when he first read this and discovered that I did NOT use the picture he posted on Facebook wearing this classic piece of Rangers goodness:
He said this was taken sometime in the late 70’s or early 80’s.  Great stuff.

I could go on all day…about the Lakers…and the Cowboys…and on and on.  Let’s not even get into the horror of college sports!

Of course, should you need to get your uniform on, head over to UniWatch, where they produce an overwhelming amount of information.

The Central Cheerleading Conundrum

jpg1 Photo: Autumn Driscoll / Connecticut Post
Anytime I can drop the word “conundrum”, it’s all good.

Bridgeport Central’s cheerleaders have made the news recently, most recently earlier today.  Tim Parry has more on the story.

After you get done with Tim, drop by and visit with Sean Patrick Bowley, who has assembled a lot of links.
I had a vague idea of the story, but Carrie told me she had heard about it – showing the power of this little topic.

Congratulations to the Central cheerleaders for defending themselves.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Ford Frick Award Ballot

The nominees are in for the 2011 Ford C. Frick Award, in honor of major contributions to baseball by broadcasters. Despite what people think and say, it is an award and is not an induction to the Hall of Fame. I wish the Hall of Fame would change that, because I do think there are quite a few men of the microphone (and eventually women) who are worthy of induction with a plaque in the Gallery.

I mean, Vin Scully. Hello?

Anyway, ESPN has the list of names. They are:
Tom Cheek (longtime voice of the Toronto Blue Jays, who died in 2005)
Dizzy Dean (the first true TV network play-by-play star, calling the game of the week on CBS)
Jacques Doucet (called Expos games from 1972-2004)
Bill King (famous for saying "Holy Toledo", he was the voice of the Oakland A's)
Ned Martin (did Red Sox games from 1961 to 1992)
Tim McCarver (self-explanatory, me thinks)
Graham McNamee (the original baseball broadcasting superstar)
Eric Nadel (longtime voice of the Texas Rangers)
Dave Van Horne (called the Expos for 32 years and now does Marlins games)
Rene Cardenas (no Wikipedia entry for him, but he has been part of the Dodgers' Spanish-language broadcasts since 1982).

My vote?  McNamee.  We seem to remember the pioneers in every other sport (Foster Hewitt in hockey, Marty Glickman in basketball, and so on) but the exclusion of McNamee has been a travesty.  Let's get it right.  Finally.

That being said, I won't complain if the winner is Cheek or Martin or even McCarver (though his day is coming).  I suppose each one is worthy.  I would simply go with McNamee over everyone else (good opinion post about him here).  The problem is there really isn't any audio of him calling baseball.

Oh, how I wish I had a vote!

A Bunch of Links...Whittled Down to One

I had several things that I was going to post some "linky dinks" to, but I decided to do away with them in the interest of time and put just one up. One from my friend and now FORMER (grrrrr) Mount Saint Mary College basketball analyst, Christine Baker.

She's the former analyst...I'm the former play-by-play radio "voice." The Mount isn't doing games this year. *Sigh* We're looking for other places to take our talents to!

Anyway, Christine is also a talented writer, and put together a post on her blog called "A Day in the Life of This Writer." She uses pictures, words, humor, and more to break it all down. She also includes a musical break, using a a song ("I Run to You" by Lady Antebellum) to indicate how to soothe the savage beast that exists inside each of us.

That song has incredible lyrics. It means a lot to me. Sadly, the big meanies wouldn't let me embed a video. So go here and enjoy.

Take a few minutes to listen to the song, and take a few more to look at Christine's post.

The Secret Powers of Time

Carrie posted this earlier today on Facebook. Fascinating topic and video.

A Little Something To Get Ready For the Playoffs (or "Bomberoo!")

Occasionally, the stat geeks (aka "Sabermetricians") at River Ave Blues give me a reason to keep their site on my Google Reader. Today, they posted a scary-yet-hysterically-funny video to get me (and YOU) fired up for the defense of the 2009 World Series.

Now before you watch the video, I can already see it happening. One person in particular is starting to behave in a way that had me seething last October. Yet I thought perhaps maybe, oh I don't know, fatherhood and other priorities would have him (or her) occupied and finding better things to do than attempting to bring me down. Of course, I'm not truly their target. It is the phony fan that prompts their rage/abuse (and I don't disagree with that at all). Believe me, I can not stand that kind of fan.

Let's play nice, boys and girls. Because even if they fail this October (which, sadly, I expect), they are still the 27-time World Champions.

I digress. You want the video. You need the video. The video is now yours.

You just can't explain baseball.

Bill Gonillo Five, Week 4 (or After Three Games)

New Canaan stays on top, Darien jumps up, and Ridgefield is nowhere to be found. That's the headline for the latest edition of the Bill Gonillo Five.

My six had some obvious changes:
1) New Canaan (last week: 2)
2) Staples (3)
3) Masuk (4)
4) Bridgeport Central (5)
5) Trumbull (NR)
6) Darien (6)

Dropped out: sadly, the Ridgefield Tigers.

Greenwich hosts Danbury this Friday night. We'll have our coverage beginning at 6:50 PM on WGCH.

Friday, October 01, 2010

Just a Quick High School Football Post (Down Goes Ridgefield)

Tim Parry just sent me a text - essentially telling me that Staples beat Ridgefield 34-14, and I - the lone wolf in the Ridgefield support room - was wrong for my first-place vote in the Bill Gonillo Five. So here I am, manning up, to say I was wrong. I believed everything I heard in the off-season about the Tigers, and they just weren't quite ready to live up to the billing.

I stayed true to my belief, even when the Tigers weren't part of the BG Five. All good. To me, this is better than those who simply suck up to various coaches and programs. And we're all guilty to an extent.

Sorry, Tigers. You will be taking a hard fall in my BG Five (Six). But I still support you.

Off to bed now, to rest my voice (I'm battling allergies or something) for tomorrow's Greenwich/Harding tilt in Bridgeport. It's on WGCH, beginning with pregame coverage at 1:20 PM. If you spy an eight year-old watching a DVD player (most likely), that will be Mr. Sean Adams - the pride and joy of my life. No matter how crazy he makes me for being a typical eight year-old.

A History of Rap!

This is EVERYWHERE on the Internet right now, and it is now here also!  Mock him if you want, but Justin Timberlake if crazy talented, and so is Jimmy Fallon.  Watch and behold...

And as of this post, "The Press Box" is temporarily closed.  It was fun while it lasted, and we went out with a really funny show (with Carrie as a great "mystery guest").