Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Adios 2008

So happy blah blah blah.

Whatever. It's another day...and maybe I won't even work.

I've been working since about five this morning, which largely makes me feel like an awful father. I'm not, but I still feel guilty.

It was really a work day, but did I really have to do roughly 14 hours or so of work?

The answer, unfortunately, is yes.

Such is life.

The damn weather didn't help - snow, ice, yuck. I couldn't get the car out of the driveway. To top it off, it looks like 2009 is beginning the same way I spent much of December 2008 - sick.


I'll spare you the 2008 recap. You know what happened, and we're all better served to just keep moving forward.

WGCH's hockey coverage begins Friday, with our pregame show at 5:05 PM. Sean Kilkelly will run things from the corner of Lewis and Mason Streets, while Nick Fox reports from between the benches. John Spang and I will be at the mics to call Greenwich and Darien. Hard to believe I'm beginning my 11th season.

Talk to you on the radio then.

Three things to look forward to on 1/1/09 - plenty of college bowl games, the Winter Classic, and the debut of the Major League Baseball Network. They're kicking off
with the first rebroadcast of Don Larsen's perfect game, played on October 8, 1956.

Be safe, and may we all find good things to say about 2009.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Phil Mushnick: Upright, Uptight Citizen

Amazing. Purely amazing. From Awful Announcing:
I have yet to find/see the video on this, but a few outlets are freaking out because the NFL on FOX's Howie Long decided to call co-worker Terry Bradshaw a "scumbag" during the pregame show on the network. The comment came after Bradshaw said he was rooting for the Lions to lose their last game and finish 0-16.
From there, the New York Post's resident pantywaist got his stuff all twisted.
That gave Long, Bradshaw and Fox 58 minutes to apologize, to express their regrets to a national audience for having ambushed it during Sunday daylight.

None came. Perhaps they felt they'd said nothing inappropriate, or, at worst, it was no big deal. Hey, if there were kids watching, that's what the Fox robot is for!
Oh Phil, Phil, Phil. Is it a slow day? Are you angry because you're working this week? Are you troubled because you don't really have Mike and the Mad Dog to fight over any more? Or is just because the WWE hasn't given you anything to troll about?

Haysooz Cristo. Get a grip.

Hey! Did anyone notice that the Patriots and Cowboys are both out of the playoffs? They were my Super Bowl pick, by the way, but that's OK. I'd rather be wrong on that one, thanks all the same.

I'll eventually stop hating on you, Pats. Just not right now. My boy Nick Angotto will make me see right again, I promise.

So is this the behavior where I'm being smug, self-absorbed, or both? I get confused on these things so quickly!

I'm out of here before I say more snide things.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

My Christmas Card

In lieu of sending out Christmas cards, I decided that I would send an email to the many people who have touched my life in one way or another. Inevitably, I'm sure I left somebody out because I either don't have their email address or just overlooked them.

So with that in mind, I'm posting the text of the email here.

Hi all,

It's another crazy holiday season, and I don't quite have a Christmas card routine set just yet, so I'm hoping that you'll indulge me by accepting this email and know that I'm thinking of you. I've attached Sean's most recent school picture for you to marvel at and make the realization that yes, indeed, my little boy is almost seven and getting bigger every day.

Sean and I hope that you each have a joyous holiday season. We also hope we can continue to be a part of your lives in the same way that you've enriched ours. So many of you have been so good to both of us as we've accepted life's ups and downs and continue to move forward. Words cannot describe the gratitude that I have. We look forward to moving into many happier days.

So from both of us, may you have the merriest of Christmases, the happiest of holidays, and peace in 2009.

- Rob

Maybe it's the music I've been listening to for the past four hours or so. Maybe I'm just touched by the season. Maybe I'm a softy at heart.

True...true...and true.

(Oh, and I'm sure some copyright precludes me from posting Sean's picture. I'll apologize in advance.)

Friends and acquaintances, you've each been such a big part of my life, and this silly ol' blogaroonie. I say to you, from the bottom of my heart, many thanks for reading and listening. Beyond the friends and blood relatives, where would I be, for instance, without my Cardinals family? What about the Renegades? I'm not sure you realize what a godsend that was for me. And my Yankees family (the people I sat with, not the team, per se).

You get the idea.

Merry Christmas, may God (or whoever you choose) bless you, and may we see peace in 2009 (I know, we still have a week to go). I have such high hopes (Frank Sinatra, 1959) for me, Sean, and our world in the future. I hope we all find prosperity, good health, and that our brave men and women overseas come home safe.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Empire Strikes Again...

New ballpark...lots of money off of the books...plenty of available HEY! Let's sign some players!

First it was CC Sabathia. Then came AJ Burnett. Now...just days after the Red Sox and Angels supposedly backed out (then the Sox made a late dash), it appears that, if the reports are correct, Mark Teixeira is coming to The Bronx.

Let the budget bitching begin.

Now, Mr. Brian Cashman, go get us a freaking center fielder, and say hello to your 2009 World Champions!

Or not.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Well Done, George

The Boss pays tribute to Bobby Murcer in The Sporting News.

In other news, are they really going to bring Manny here? Oy.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

OK, Enough With The Snow!

Roughly a foot of snow fell in the Putnam County area since midday Friday. My back has had enough. Shoveling...pushing the snow the cars.


More and more, I realize how much I could presumably embrace being a snow bird. Maybe a nice place on the Gulf Coast of Florida.

Yeah, right.

I got to watch some football today, and I'm reminded of this. All you have to do is see the games in Foxborough (or Foxboro) and Seattle to know what I mean.

Thanks to CBS and the NFL for their idiotic TV contract. Because of that, I didn't have to watch the Steelers look like garbage against the Titans. The better team won, so now the Steelers will gear up for the playoffs.

Oh, I just saw video of the Titans stomping on Terrible Towels. Bush league, but to the victor goes the spoils.

Further thanks to CBS for putting Gus Johnson on the Jets/Seahawks game. If you haven't heard, GuJo is a tad excitable. He's big with the college crowd; not so much with those of us who are more, say, traditional.

I'll give him this - he sounds like he loves his job. That's good.

OK, so back to the snow. We all know I'm no kid anymore, but I still kind of have a kid's heart. At least I think I do. Sometimes.

So snow plus icy driveway with a hill plus six year-old precocious son plus a sled equals SHOWTIME! I couldn't resist the chance to ride with him. We laughed pretty much non-stop for each trip down, but we saved the best for last, landing in the bushes at the bottom of the driveway, and unleashing what Sean called "and avalanche."

Snow...all over me. I saw what I would look like with white hair.

My cheeks hurt from laughing.

I wanted to embed this right here, but the YouTube Grinch won't allow me to. So here's a link. It was all I could think of as we were out there.

People let me tell you about my best friend...

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Looks like John Walsh has found his most wanted after all these years. Good for him and his family.

Now if they could solve the Etan Patz case.

I'm not looking for DB Cooper or Amelia Earhart, but I think solving crimes involving children is, you know, noble.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Booing Santa in Philly...Explained!

Philadelphia once booed Santa Claus. Is it an urban myth? When did it happen? How? Why?

All of your questions are answered here.

Nick "Sly" Fox
had nothing to do with it.

Of course, it's semi-irrelevant to me. Philly, Boston and New York are still the three toughest sports towns in the good ol' USA.

Did anyone notice that the Steelers are 11-3? Oh and they can whine in Baltimore all they want. Yes it was a tough call, but I thought the ball hit the plane of the goal. That's all it has to do.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Tune Your Web Browser

If you're near a streaming computer this morning (and really, they all stream), why don't you point your browser here for the big farewell to the 2008 football season.

Tim Parry will preside as master of ceremonies (or some big fancy-schmancy title) and Matt Levine and I will play the humble Katos to his Green Hornet.

Or something like that.

It will be a jam-packed hour of guests, talk, laughs, and tears (OK, I'm stretching here). We'll be live from 9-10 AM, but fear not...the show will be archived so you can hear our soulful voices whenever your heart desires.

While I'm self-promoting (or promoting things from Parry Industries), head over to Tim's professional blog for his post about Waffle House! Tim asked if he could link back to "Exit 55" (since we've discussed the insane goodness that is "The House") and I was more than happy to say "yes."

As someone who had worked in marketing for a long time (and would probably go back), I think Tim's points are perfect.

Boy, some Waffle House would be far better than the granola bar I just ate.

Oh, and know I'd make the trip to Allentown for some Waffle House (that's the closest one to the metro-New York area). Roadtrip? Roadfood? Heck...YES!

You're talking to a guy here that drove New York State Route 52 from end to end last Monday just...because. And all I had was a meatball marinara wedge from a Subway inside a Walmart in Matamoras, PA. Not the world's best roadfood.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

And Your 2009 Greenwich Football Captains Are...

Mike Lefflbine, Mike Dunster, James Utton, and Camryn Ferrara.

Good choices, all. Let me tell you - not only does the player need to be a quality leader to be a captain; they also need solid families because of the amount of responsibilities placed on everyone. I know the Lefflbines and Dunsters, and met Camryn Ferrara's mother tonight. I'm not sure I've met the Utton's yet, but I think these are all good families.

They're replacing two extremely hard-working groups in the DeVico's and Riscica's, people that I've grown so close too. Nancy and Rich Riscica (and Dana too!), and Connie and Jeff DeVico (and Julia and Jenna) are the best. They helped organize another fantastic Cardinal football banquet tonight at the Old Greenwich Civic Center.

Most touching was co-captain Ricky Riscica's words about Steven Bawol, a former Cardinal who died in a car crash a year ago. I should also mention that our once, and forever colleague Nick Angotto was a close friend of Steven's. Suzy Bawol, Steven's mom, was sitting just a few seats away and was deeply moved by Ricky's words. I think the whole room was.

In the interest of honesty, I didn't know Steven, but got to know his mom pretty well this year and was blown away by what a first-rate lady she is. As a dad, I can't even imagine, nor do I want to.

Of selfish interest to me was the really nice pictures of the seniors, taken by Avery Belicka. The picture of co-captain Jeff "Cuz" DeVico was with me, as I was interviewing him. I was pleased to see that, and would love a copy.

You can yell and scream about 8-3, no threepeat, and so on, but I liked this team, and enjoyed calling their games. I'm proud of the relationships I forged in this 2008 season - one that made me closer to the Cardinal family than ever before.

So here's to 2009, and congratulations to the outgoing Cardinals, the various award winners, and to the incoming captains. Is it August yet?

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Quicky Yankees News and Notes

CC Sabathia...come on down! Yes the money's outrageous, but that's the market.

Derek may be next. I'm not a big fan of this - or signing AJ Burnett. I'd take a risk on Ben Sheets for two or three years.

Tony Kubek wins the Frick Award. I've been pushing this for a few years, and am amazed that the committee got it right. Graham McNamee would have also been a good choice as well.

Joe Gordon is elected to the Hall of Fame. This was shocking to me, but hey...he's a Yankee. Still I don't get why Gil Hodges hasn't made it, and Joe Torre would have been elected if he wasn't an active manager.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

My Son Becomes a Bigger Star Everyday

I had heard rumor that this might happen, but didn't know it had taken place. Click here to hear Sean and the rest of the first graders at Kent Primary School recite The Pledge of Allegiance.

Strange for Sean to not tell me about it but oh well. Guess he's being modest.

I'm sure Sean will have an agent any day now.

Monday, December 08, 2008

Darkness on the Edge of Town

It is 8:10 PM as I type this (though you’ll read it much later) on the old (read: 2002) laptop that my mother bought, decided she didn’t liked, and gave it to me.

In short, this thing is awful.

Anyway, why am I writing from such a prehistoric machine? Because at this moment, it’s running on batteries.

We have no power.

So I guess this allows me to play some catch-up; just not with links to fancy yet pithy sites.

Let’s start with yesterday, or even Friday at 5:01 PM. Because that, dear friends, is exactly when this cold that I had been suppressing somehow finally exploded, with a vengeance. Enough so that on Saturday, Sean (yes, “The Son”) and I spent the majority of the afternoon here so that I could convalesce.

Of course then again, that could have all been brought on by the way I felt while Sean and I were at a birthday party for a classmate of his. Twenty six- and seven-year-olds screaming and running around a small room in the basement of a church?

Oh for the love of DayQuil!

The way I felt had me worried that I wouldn’t make it to Sunday night’s Rangers/Flames tilt at The Garden. Yet never fear (as I knew I’d make it). The chance to go see some hockey and hang out with fellow Yankee fan Kelly was enough for me to suck up the misery and hop the 4:13 our of Southeast.

In typical Rob style, I didn’t really prepare for the cold of New York on an early December’s night. For one thing, I’ll be damned if I’m going to take a cab from Grand Central to MSG. I think the last time I was in a taxi in New York, Ed Koch was mayor, hookers still ruled Times Square, and the Yankees were the defending World Champions.

Memories…like the corner of my mind…

So with no hat and not even my trusty “180’s” (ya know, those things that fit over your ears and stretch around the back of your head), I hoofed it quickly from 42nd and Madison to Seventh and 33rd.

The walk gave me lots of time to think, and not ponder the fact that my ears and head were freezing in the roughly 15-degree chill (without the wind chill factor). I had time to consider a lot. I took note of the people walking; how fashionable New York is. Sure there are plenty of folks in jeans, but there are just as many looking straight out of a fashion mag. Then there are those who meet in the middle.

My kinds of folks.

In some ways the walk to (and subsequently from) The World’s Most Famous Arena was great. I’m not sure I’ve ever walked alone in Manhattan at night and yet, here was the hick, keeping to himself, thinking about stores and computers, and friendships and marriages, and missing Sean, and the total awesomeness that is New York City.

It was not quite cathartic, but it was a typical “me” moment – the kind where I wished I had a computer at my fingertips so I could type away with the thoughts that are nowhere near me now.

Frankly I gave very little thought to the game itself. I’m a Rangers fan but I’m not a diehard. I grew up with the Islander teams that won four cups and I liked them but didn’t worship them. I still feel affection for the Isles, as I do for the Devils. Yet I just like the Rangers, and their fans. I love my fellow Yankees fans but I think we can settle for no better than second place in true die-hard New York fans. I think we can tie and sometimes surpass the Giants fans, but there’s just no way that we can top the loyalty of Rangers fans.

By the way, I also like the Boston Bruins. I’m very strange when it comes to hockey.

I do not, however, care all that much about the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim. Don’t ask why I’m bringing that up.

One other thing I never considered on my walk was tiaras. What, you say? Yeah, the kind of thing a vapid, “look it’s all about me and now I’m going to get totally trashed” kind of girl wears on her birthday in public. Say, at Madison Square Garden.

You know, the kind of girl that screams ONE NIGHT STAND.

Like the one who sat a few rows above me, and could barely get down the stairs in her heels.

Not that I have anything against an attractive gal wearing heels to a hockey game. It's just that you might not want to do that if you're going to get hammered.

I met a girl like that in 1991 at a bar in Syracuse. Now, keep in mind that I was 22 and had never ordered a beer in a bar before. Yet here I was, attending a sportscasters camp (!) and when it came time for me to order, I said “I’ll have what he’s having” following the guy that I was hanging out with.


And I have no idea what it was that drank. Genny, perhaps?

Anyway, there was a fairly attractive young lady celebrating her birthday, and for whatever reason, she was interested in me. And her friend, who was sober, was essentially encouraging me to have a one-nighter. The birthday girl kissed me and I slammed on the breaks.

I’ll pause now while you all tell me what an ass I am.

Did I tell you the power is out here in Carmel? Did I also mention it’s 18 degrees outside and the prison cell…I mean, the office that I currently occupy is getting colder by the second.

Oh, so the hockey game. Well first of all, have I also mentioned that I’m a freaking fool? Last year, I worked a couple of hockey games on WGCH with Dave Maloney, son of the former Ranger by the same now who now serves as a Blueshirt broadcaster. Well Dave the Younger was at MSG last night and with a simple phone call, I probably could have visited the booth.

Oh well.

Our seats were great – Section 310, right at center ice, and literally three rows in front of the TV booth. Kenny Albert, ready to call the game, had made his way over from Giants Stadium, where he had called the Giants/Eagles game on FOX. The Rangers know how to show off their tradition and history, and the presentation was fine.

It’s just that their effort was awful. They lost 3-0.

But hey! At least I had a good time, right?

The power is still out, and it seems the ol’ laptop is beginning to lose steam. Then again, so am I.

When time allows, I will tell you all about today, when I drove roughly 250 miles, for over six hours, touched three states, and took 175 pictures.

For the hell of it.

UPDATE...the lights came back on just after 9:00 PM...then went back out about two minutes later. Another 10 minutes or so went by before they came back. I hope for good.

UPDATE AGAIN...well maybe not. We lost power once more for about 10 more minutes or so, so I'm going to hit "publish post" now before we lose it again...

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Check Out the Links

They sit over there on the right...kind of down the page. Admittedly, it's not something I update often, but I threw a few new ones up there today.

You know what they are...don't be afraid to hit them.

They're the links!

Among the new additions is The Fleer Sticker Project. I've been viewing it for some time now, and I think I have to give props to Jon in VA (he of Up Front fame and husband of Artipantz) for pointing it out to me.

Jon, who runs The Fleer Sticker Project (an Orioles fan and no relation to Jon from VA) sent me a nice note after I posted a link to his site for his collection of Wish Book Memories (many of which I do remember - god those NFL jeans were awful!).

I know more than a few pieces of Steelers merchandise from Sears showed up under my Christmas tree.

The entire WGCH crew now has blogs up and running. Of course you all should know of Sean Kilkelly's and if you don't, it's time for you to discover it. If you like "Exit 55", I think you'll equally enjoy Sean's. In that same regard, please welcome the efforts of both Nick "Sly Foxie" Fox and Rob Crowley. This is all a part of a healthy, nutritious blog diet.

Oh, note to Killer - keep those Martha Wainwright vids coming! Man she is just too great, and I'm hoping she will have plenty of affordable tickets the next time she plays in this area.

So look all of those links over, and feel free to suggest others to join the roll call. And yes, there are a couple that are kind Yet I have faith in the writers that they will rise from the ashes.

Anyone? Hello?

OK, I'm going to try to beat this hideous cold that has ravaged me and steady myself for Rangers/Flames tonight at the World's Most Famous Arena.

Ponder that for a minute. That really should be Madison Square Garden's nickname, shouldn't it? I mean, name me a more famous one.

Despite the evil that the Dolan's do.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Some Championship Updates

New Canaan easily won the rematch with Darien for the Class MM title, 26-7. I'd expect the Rams to take the top seed in the state rankings, and deservedly so. They were the best team all year. No shame for Darien, as they had a great year.

Also, in Class LL, it was Glastonbury over Cheshire, 28-14. Brookfield won Class M, 16-14 with a late field goal, over Ledyard. Jack Cochran wins his first championship at New London 27-18 over Seymour.

Two games are still in action, though one is over. Masuk leads Newington 50-7 in the third quarter. Run the clock, please! Lastly, it's halftime in Trumbull and Ansonia has a 12-7 lead over Cromwell.'s now 56-7, Masuk in the fourth quarter. From what I'm gathering in Don Boyle's call on SportingNewsCT, it sounds like Masuk botched the conversion to avoid the idiotic 50-point rule. Regardless, heaven forbid they score again...

More High School Sports That I'm Not Calling

Ken McMillan writes a blog about sports media for the Times-Herald Record of Middletown, NY. I read his blog, but was disappointed that he never mentioned any Renegades stuff, or our Tailgaters efforts on the Hudson Valley Radio Network. Yet Sean Ford likes him and told me to pipe down, so I did.

Anywho, I like McMillan's blog and frequently comes to us with news of Port Jervis (New York) games being aired on WDLC (coincidentally, 1490 AM). So I read with interest that WDLC is going to air Port Chester wrestling and basketball (both girls and boys).

Girls' basketball and wrestling? Are you serious?

I have enough trouble getting boys basketball on WGCH.

For cripes sake, we have so freakin' much we could offer. Rugby, water polo, and more.

What's their secret?

By the way, New Canaan has just taken a 2-0 lead in the second quarter. A safety, obviously. You can follow the rest via the Connecticut Post and SPB.

Old Wish Book Memories

Love this stuff. Those of you around the same age as me will enjoy it also.

(I'm looking straight at you, Jon)

Still no score from New Canaan/Darien. Not that I'm live-blogging it.

Oh, one thought - Matt and Zach are having a good call. Just don't step on each other.

Sorry...that's the teacher in me talking. Which I might be doing again...

New Canaan/Dairen Underway

Matt Levine and Zach Eastright are off and running, calling New Canaan/Darien on WSTC/WNLK.

I'm listening to Matt and Zach, who are presiding over the affairs from the fabulous press box in Trumbull. The PA mic power died as they went to the National Anthem, so the fans sang it a capella. Nicely done.

Matt mentioned something about somebody making negative comments about the Trumbull press box. Don't know who that could have been...

Then he said that the box will be refurbished.

Incidentally, Cromwell/Ansonia has been moved to 8:00 PM. And SPB (that's Sean Patrick Bowley, peeps) reports that the New Canaan equipment needed to be extracted from their bus by the fire department. A police escort rushed it to Trumbull High.

You can't make this stuff up.

As I listen, I am watching the Steelers and Cowboys in Super Bowl XIII on the NFL Network. Curt Gowdy, Merlin Olsen, and John Brodie called it on NBC. I wonder who will win?

For the record, it was the Steelers 35-31. My love of the Steelers was officially born that day, and Terry Bradshaw immediately became my football idol. Anybody who can beat the Cowboys was all right with me.

Perhaps they're showing it because the Stillers and America's Pretend Team will meet tomorrow in The Burgh?

Big Mac Attack, Again

I didn't know about this. Apparently, from the Stuck in the 80's guys, Fleetwood Mac is reuniting for a tour.

I'm not a huge fan, but I like them. Rumours is one of the great albums ever, and one that I appreciate more than I did when I was a kid. The songs mean even more to me now.

If you haven't figured out why, you're just not paying attention.

Yet I'll drop the fly in the Big Mac. If Christine McVie isn't on board, then it doesn't count. It's got to be the full, great Fleetwood Mac for me to care. Just give me the prime-time lineup. It's not like I'm asking Peter Green and Bob Welch to return.

To me, it's like the Van Halen reunion. Close...but no cigar.

Besides, Christine McVie is, to me, one of the all-time great female voices in the history of rock (and pop, I guess). The woman could sing the alphabet to me and I'd be happy. I know most of you enjoy the offerings of Stevie Nicks, and she is great, but I just enjoy McVie's voice more.

Besides, her maiden name is Perfect.

An Update and a Warm Thought

Tim Parry says the New Canaan/Darien game will possibly start at 4:00.


I'm thinking about next June 19th. Why?

The Renegades schedule is out!

Baseball broadcasting gods willing, I will be a part of the 2009 Renegades broadcasting crew. No guarantees, but I'd like to join Sean Ford in the booth again.

Guess while I'm at it, I should tell you that, barring any unforeseen problems, I'll be in the booth for some Greenwich Cardinals ice hockey, and I expect John Spang to be my side for our 11th year.

I know, there are no "booths" in high school ice hockey, but you get my point.

I'll give you the details when they become official. I also hope to add Greenwich basketball, along with some Brunswick sports as well.

Hey Did You Hear the One About the Locked Equipment?

This is not a joke. I swear.

Tim Parry just sent a text a few minutes ago to say that there is a "bus malfunction." OK, that happens. But wait! There's more!

The equipment is trapped inside. Literally.

I just heard Matt Levine say so on WSTC/WNLK.


Matt and I exchanged messages earlier, and I he told me that this would be his first state championship game call in Connecticut. He had called a Louisiana state championship game (in the freakin' Superdome). But as he and Zach Eastright both offered, neither has anywhere to be, so they'll wait for this one to get going.

I'm sick right now (damn cold) so it looks like I'll be waiting as well for this one.

Or I'll go out. We'll see.

By the way, the Army-Navy game is one and, as this writing, the Midshipman are destroying the Black Knights, 24-0. But more troubling to me are the uniforms being worn by the West Pointers. What the hell are those things? They include camouflage pants, helmets, and uniform numbers. If that isn't enough, the back of their jerseys don't say their name. Oh no. They say "Duty, Honor, Country."

What the deuce?

Oh, and leave it to TP (that's Tim Parry, folks) to lend his thoughts about the shoddy field situation for Connecticut championships.

Check out the Games Today

Lots of state championship action coming your way from Connecticut today. I'm partial to the game at Trumbull High School, featuring the New Canaan Rams and Darien Blue Wave as they battle for the Class MM title.

I thought you would have multiple listening options for this game, but from what I'm seeing, that is not the case. It looks like only WSTC/WNLK will have the call, with my friend Matt Levine and analyst Zach Eastright.

My understanding is that CTSN - the Connecticut Sports Network will show the games on tape at some point. Check your local listings!

I would imagine the WELI will also have a game or two, plus wall-to-wall coverage. will carry several games live today as well, but apparently NOT the Darien/New Canaan game. That probably has to do with the fact that the CIAC, in their infinite wisdom, lined up FOUR 2:00 games!

(Just a minor update: Sean Patrick Bowley reports that SportingNewsCT will have four of the games, with WAVZ picking up one, and of course, WSTC/WNLK having the other)

Let's go over this again. In New York, the games are played at one site (the Carrier Dome) spread out over two days. Nobody misses any of the action, and no one has to run from site to site.

And let's review those games and sites (the details on the games are here, from the CIAC):

Ken Strong Stadium, West Haven High School in West Haven:
- 2:00, Class SS: Seymour/New London
- 7:00, Clall : Newington/Masuk

I have no issues with this place. It's got nice concessions and plenty of seating, along with a big press box (though the windows don't open, so it's hard to string a crowd mic). Still, it's a high school stadium. Plus it's Greenwich's personal house of horrors (0-3 in State Championship Games there).

Willowbrook Park, New Britain:
- 2:00, Class LL: Cheshire/Glastonbury

Again, nice place, with a two-level press box. The fact that I nearly exchanged heated words with a member of the New Britain coaching staff in 2003 doesn't deter me. Still...Central Connecticut is just a Dan Orlovsky bomb away.

McDougall Stadium, Trumbull:
- 2:00, Class MM: Darien/New Canaan
- 7:00, Class S: Ansonia/Cromwell

I've made my feelings known. Nice concession stand, decent field, a fair amount of seating. Still the press box is...hmm, is there a nice way to say it? How about unacceptable!? Certainly for a state championship game.

Even Kennedy Stadium would have been a better choice.

Municipal Stadium, Waterbury:
- 2:00, Class M: Ledyard/Brookfield

I don't know a lot about this place, but I've been given an unfavorable review or two.

So there you have it. Yes, I know it costs money to put games on at places like Rentschler Field, Central, Southern Connecticut, and so on, but aren't these kids worth it? Isn't it about making it to the "field of dreams?" Alabama uses Legion Field...New Jersey uses Giants Stadium...Pennsylvania uses Heinz Field...I think Texas uses Texas Stadium (at least for now). I'm sure there are others.

One site...a couple of days...everyone can come...get people like me to call the games (so that's a cheesy plug but I don't care).

Yes, I know, Rentschler Field was busy hosting UConn-Pitt today, but the CIAC could adjust or something.

Whatever. Our high school athletes deserve it.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Nothing to Do

While looking at Sean Patrick Bowley's blog this morning, a feeling came over me.

I have no games to call. Nothing.

A state football semi-final? Nope. Basketball? Nada. Hockey? Nyet.

So best wishes to those who are gainfully employed in game-calling tonight, and for the state championship this weekend. I've been fortunate enough to call six Greenwich title games, so I'm used to working at this time.

What can I tell you? Despite everything, 2008 was a season that I didn't want to end.


Oh, and did I really hear that Trumbull might be a CIAC championship site again, or even Boyle Stadium in Stamford? Nice sites both, but once again, I find myself laughing at the CIAC (which is just too easy sometimes). New York just finished up another year of title games in the Carrier Dome (I called three games there and it's first class). Connecticut spreads their championship sites out to high schools (West Haven, etc.) and colleges (Central Connecticut, Southern Connecticut). Yet again, there's this nifty little site called Rentschler Field - home of the UConn Huskies, in East Hartford.

Or put all of the games at Central, or Southern.

Do like New York does. Spread the title games out over two days and made it the event that it should be. Never mind the point that six championships might be too many (another fight for another time, and the CIAC can only handle so much...50-point rule...COUGH...HAHAHAHA).

Free advice from many of us in the Connecticut sports media.

Even us unloved, underutilized, often forgotten play-by-play voices in Greenwich.