Sunday, January 23, 2011

YOI! The Terrible Towel

Today would have Myron Cope's 82nd birthday.  So...oh, wait, what's that?  Who is Myron Cope?


Clearly yinz knowz nothing about the Stillers.


Myron Cope was a sports journalist; a fine writer whose work appeared in Sports Illustrated and elsewhere.  That would have sufficed for a fine career but in 1970, he joined the Steelers and began a 35-year run in radio, working first with Jack Fleming and then with Bill Hilgrove (and Tunch Ilkin).  To say that Cope was colorful would be putting it, let's just say, mildly.

We need a little audio (with video)...

But today, on this AFC Championship Sunday, we pay homage to Cope's greatest creation.  The one that EVERYONE now uses.  The Terrible Towel!

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Blog 'n Gold) serves up a tribute to Cope, complete with the reminder that his last broadcast was a loss in the AFC Championship Game...on his birthday.

Feh.  Or double YOI!

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