Thursday, January 06, 2011

In the Mood for Some "Heart and Soul"

The song that got it all started for me, and turned me into a life long fan.  I saw the video one night on NBC's old "Friday Night Videos" in early spring, 1984, and the music sucked me in.

We didn't have MTV at that time, so I taped "Friday Night Videos" every week, and watched it every Saturday morning.

Eventually I would buy the album (Sports, of course) on cassette (I think it was at Record World in the Jefferson Valley Mall).  I would wear it out.  I would buy the record (yes, kids, vinyl).  I would buy the CD...and the remastered CD...and the Original Master Recording CD (to go along with the Original Master Recording vinyl record).

Yep.  Memories.  Ladies and gentleman, Huey Lewis and the News!

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