Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Reminder That Bowlers Can Have Off Days

You might know that I was the captain (OK, co-captain - my friend Rob Ellsworth would prefer that I don't forget him) of the 1986-1987 Mahopac High School bowling team.  I have said, on many occasions, that I was not the captain because I was a great bowler.  Or even a good bowler.  I think I was just a good leader, and that's why the late Dan Veglia gave me that honor.

I never appeared on TV to bowl, though.  But Carrie told me about perhaps the worst TV bowling performance ever.  The meanies at ESPN won't let me embed it, so head over to this link at Deadspin to get some background before you proceed to the video.

The funny thing is - people think this ROCKED!  And I guess it did.  I'm laughing at it and hey, why not?  If the bowler, Tom Daugherty, can laugh at it, why can't we?

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