Monday, January 31, 2011

Starting Them Right!

Thanks, Carrie for this link.  All babies should be brought into the world this way: wrapped in the love of Terrible Towels! (Yahoo!)

Now make sure they grow up with a love of Yankees baseball, hockey and the Rangers, and you have a well-rounded child (with no disrespect to basketball.  I'm just giving the child a foundation).

By the way, I'm considering a telethon for the Wilpons.  We could sing songs, like "Do They Know it's Baseball Season" and "We Are the World of the National League East" and other uplifting tunes - all to raise money so that the Beltrans, Wrights, and Santanas can put food on the table.

I offered to buy the Mets the other night.  I think I had about 80 cents in my pocket.  Chris Kaelin was not amused (but then again, he still think Yogi Berra is a Met).

Stay thirsty, my friends!

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