Sunday, January 09, 2011

Rit Spezzano

Nice work by Dave Fierro of the Greenwich Time, who wrote this update on Rit Spezzano.  I think I can be justified in calling Rit a friend, and I definitely call his dad, Richie, a friend.  Richie, Chris Kaelin and I all had dinner together last night.

Rit is having a blast playing hockey in Canada.  I can tell you from first-hand experience that he's a great kid and a good player.  The Spezzano's did a wonderful job of making people aware of Matt Brown, and making sure to take action on behalf of Greenwich to support Matt's recovery from his on-ice injuries.

Rit is worth rooting for.

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Richard said...

Rob, very nicely said.Dave did a very nice job interviewing Rit and putting this piece together.I enjoyed our dinner last night even though we did end up missing the Cardinals Hockey game.They did win 4 - 0 just so you know.Thanks to you and your support with the Matt Brown story.You and Chris did a tremendous job supporting Matty and putting his story out there.And so you know, Rit thinks very highly of all you guys and will call you his frined for sure.Keep up the great work.Thanks again,Richie.