Thursday, January 20, 2011

Greatest Hockey Player Ever?

Ah, the age-old question.  Now to me, I came up with my answer quickly to a poll on The Hockey News website.

The choices were:
- Wayne Gretzky
- Bobby Orr
- Mario Lemieux
- Maurice Richard
- Gordie Howe

There was also an option for “other.”  As of now, Gretzky has a 49% to 20% lead on both Orr and Lemieux.  I voted for Gretzky, but to me, it’s a lot closer between Gretzky and Orr than anyone else.  For those who didn’t know, go read up on Orr.  He invented the idea of a defenseman being a scorer.  He redefined the position.  He brought hockey into the 70’s with a boom, and scored its most famous goal (I know many want to give that honor to Stephane Matteau, but let’s be real).

By the way, I would also include Mark Messier in the discussion of greatest ever, and he is most certainly the greatest leader, but alas he just misses out.

So while I voted for Wayne Gretzky, I can’t argue – ever – with anyone calling Bobby Orr the greatest player in hockey history.  In fact, in Boston, he’s a saintly figure…

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