Friday, January 28, 2011

NBC No Longer Proud as a Peacock

Welcome to what is likely another addition of "Things Nobody But Rob Gives a (BLEEP) About!" with your host, Wink Morningdove!

Thank you, thank're too kind...

OK, I'll stop.  By the way, "Wink Morningdove" was the name of a game show host that I played in one of the old softball videos.  Wish those were on YouTube (or maybe not).

Anyway, it saddened me to see that, with Comcast taking over NBC Universal and turning them into NBCUniversal, one of the iconic logos is now gone.

Today means the death of the peacock.  It made its debut in 1956, an indication of NBC broadcasting in color (kids, we didn't always have color on TV). 

I guarantee most of my older friends know this:

The peacock would take a break from 1975-1979, before returning and living on...until this morning.  Now, we get this:
Inspiring.  Isn't it?  Yeah.

So far analysts seem to be unimpressed.

You want a history of the old logo, go here.  The old NBC Chimes, with sound files and more from their radio days are featured here.

Time marches on.

We return you now to your regularly scheduled day.

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