Friday, January 28, 2011

Remembering the Challenger

Twenty-five years ago today...

I was heading into my seventh period history class at Mahopac High School when I first heard the news. Like most, I was glued to the TV as soon as I could get to one. My dad was home from work and saw it live.

By this point, we as a nation (and I suppose, as the news media - though I wasn't a member in 1986), had begun to take the space launches for granted. They weren't going to the moon, so the missions weren't as "exciting." The first shuttle launch, in 1981, was impressive because it was the reentry to space for the US. I had just seen the shuttle on the launching pad in February, 1981 so I had an even deeper sense of excitement.

We pause to remember the Challenger Seven this morning, with the words that President Ronald Reagan spoke to the nation that night (and please leave the politcs out of it).


Mick said...

Check your facts buddy. I was in Freshman gym class in HS (or 9th grade). Last time I checked you were older than me so I highly doubt you were in 7th grade.

Rob Adams said...

Read it closer, buddy. I wouldn't have been in seventh grade in Mahopac High School...I meant seventh PERIOD. It was a proofreading error!

(thanks for catching start writing your blog again)