Saturday, January 22, 2011

That’s It, Jets…Keep Talking…

After a quiet week of respect between the two AFC finalists, that jack wagon Antonio Cromartie opened his pie hole, going to an old notion: attacking Hines Ward.

Whatever.  I'd worry a little more about Mike Wallace, but that's just me.

Hard to argue with what Gang Green has done.  The talking just makes them an easier target.  If they win, they’ll never pipe down.  However, most football fans will take more delight in watching the Jets go down, should the Steelers beat them tomorrow.

I have too much respect for the Jets (and any opponent) to start talking crap about them, so I won’t.

The Jets were my dad’s team.  They are my brother’s team (though we haven’t spoken about the game as of today).  I say everyone just shut up and play ball.

Yet I know this – since last weekend I’ve received a few texts and emails begging for a Pittsburgh victory.

Again, whatever.  Let’s kick this thing off and with any luck, an unnamed landmark in New York will be decked out in a Terrible Towel.

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