Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Interesting Comments by the Cash-Man

Brian Cashman spoke at a breakfast hosted by Mike Francesa this morning in Manhattan.  Cash Money had some interesting things to say that, while not necessarily surprising, still will leave some ripples in the waters of Yankees Universe.

Chad Jennings was there, writing on the Yankees' blog at Lohud.

And thanks to Exit 55 correspondent (and extremely beautiful person) Carrie, it appears Cashman is now backpedaling just a tad regarding the comments about Derek Jeter heading to the outfield (via the Daily News).

By the way, do we need a pseudonym for Carrie?

Anyway, while everyone else wrings their hands over this, I'll simply say that there's nothing to see here, folks.  It's clear the Yankees are - at best - the second team in the AL East, and maybe the third best in back of Boston (the clear number one) and Tampa Bay.  Plus...the Blue Jays aren't terrible, and the Orioles are improving.

Just sayin'

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