Friday, January 14, 2011

Staying Classy in San Diego

(I tried to upload a few pictures but, of course, the Blogger editor is being cranky.  So *sigh*)

Greetings from the lobby of the US Grant Hotel in the wonderful city of San Diego.  It's heading towards 80 degrees today, and I'm wearing shorts, a T-shirt, and flip-flops.  I know it's 19 back in New York.  I apologize.  I'll rejoin the suffering next week.

Sadly, I discovered, but was not surprised to find out, that NONE of "Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy" was shot in this city.  Not...a...drop.  Virtually all of it was shot in Long Beach.  Thus I can't go to the spot where Ron takes Veronica to have her "drink in" San Diego because "it always go down smooth."  This is the same moment that Ron tells Veronica the history of the city.  Naturally, it was discovered by the Germans...

If you're a fan of TV's "Man v. Food", then you will appreciate that Carrie and I have visited many of the sites that Adam Richman (from Brooklyn, of course) went to.  Check the travel guide here.  We ate at the Broken Yolk Cafe today (though not the one featured in the show - this one was within walking distance of the hotel).  I had an insanely good omelet, with chorizo sausage and cheddar cheese inside.  Just crazy good.

Phil's BBQ should be illegal.  Their El Toro sandwich was a site (and taste) to behold.  The BBQ sauce was beyond good (and it had a spicy kick to it).

I'm proud to say that, in both cases, as Adam Richman is known to say on "Man v. Food", man (and woman) WON!  If you know the show, you'll get the reference.

We moved around the area on the seamless light rail trolley system.  All you can ride for five bucks!  We visited the Old Town section, where California was supposedly founded.  We also rode to the very end of the line, at the Mexican border.  It's beyond fascinating to see the border life in action.  As we walked the outlets of San Ysidro, just beyond a wall was Mexico.  I know I wrote about that on Wednesday, but I remain intrigued.

As I write, Carrie is moderating a session on social media.  I wish I could have stayed and watched but I'm not an attendee of the conference, so no dice.  I don't want to press any luck, so I've laid low.  Maybe I'll go to Sea World and take my pants off or something (again, an "Anchorman" reference).


Off to LA tomorrow for a few days.  Still more fun to be had here.

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