Wednesday, January 05, 2011

After Sanchez, We Have Ocho-Whatever

In my last post, I wrote about the class of Mark Sanchez, who showed grace when faced with a dying boy’s wish to meet him.

That brings us to Chad.  You know him.  Chad Johnson.  Or Ocho-stinko.  Or whatever.

How about simply calling him “Jack Ass”, and moving on?

I’ve had literally shouting matches (especially with my friend and WGCH colleague Chris Erway) about Chad.  Chad, the supporters say, has never done anything bad off the field.  He’s funny and charming, especially in commercials.  His touchdown antics are good for the NFL.

When I read that Chad isn’t thrilled with the thought of his head coach Marvin Lewis returning, it again reminds me that Chad is the worst kind of athlete: “Me first.”

A few quotes (coming via Sporting News Radio and transcribed by Sports Radio Interviews’ Eric Schmoldt):

On Marvin Lewis coming back as coach:
“I have nothing to say about that. I’m not the owner of the team. My hands are out of that situation. The only thing I can remember, as of right now, about Coach Lewis, is Coach Lewis throwing me under the bus. When it was time to play the Chargers, knowing that I was hurt. That’s the only thing I can remember at this point.”

On whether he’ll be able to coexist with Marvin Lewis next year:
“I don’t know. Honestly, I don’t know. To say some of the things that have been said in the past, for some reason, when I was especially down. When you look for support, it’s always got to come from the one higher up. For the one higher up to say the things he said, it’s really hurt. I don’t see myself really feeling [that].”

Can anyone shut the (bleep) up anymore, or is this the era of “Schumer” where, like the senior Senator from the great state of New York, nobody can resist the power of a microphone?  Could Chad maybe – JUST MAYBE – do things “in house” with the Bengals and “man up” to Coach Lewis?

No, and no.

Again.  Chad Whatshisname is the worst kind of athlete.  Maybe he doesn’t have the rap sheet of others, but he’s a selfish guy who should follow the lead of others, and keep his problems out of the media.

He’d piss me off if he was on my team.  Thankfully, he is not.

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