Thursday, January 20, 2011

Back from Cali

So, um, yeah, it's, err, great to be back in New York.  I want to do some kind of travel blog to go through the trip, so I'll hope to do that soon.  Got things to catch up on in the mean time.  Lots of real life stuff.

I've loaded the California pictures on Facebook, and Carrie has most of hers up as well.  LOTS of sign pics for my road enthusiast friends.

California was, in short, an amazing experience.  My end of vacation blues were palatable.  I had a great time, met great people, and traveled with a wonderful companion.  Truly the only down side was missing Sean.  OK, and the blister on my feet (along with the usual flat foot pain).

Rumor has it the Steelers are playing for the AFC Championship...

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