Friday, January 21, 2011

Stuff...Linky Dinks for a Snowy Friday

Yes, I'm clearly back in New York.  I'm not sure we'll see any grass around here until April...maybe June.

It's winter.  It is what it is.  But I'm sick of it already.

Richard Sandomir in The New York Times says we're a bunch of losers around here.  Think about it.  The Knicks...1973.  The Rangers?  Fifty-four years of futility.  Then nirvana.  Seventeen since.  The Mets?  I'll let that one go right there.  Too easy.  Islanders...Nets...and unless they win Sunday, the Jets.

Of course, the Devils have three Cups to their credit since 1995, the Giants have three Super Bowl wins since 1987, and then there are the Yankees.  I think those shiny 27 rings kind of make up for the rest.

So to sum up: we're not Cleveland.

Jon from R-VA comes to us with two Vintage Richmond offerings.  The first is right up my ally.  A postcard of the Belvedere Street toll plaza on the Richmond-Petersburg Turnpike.  Ah, I remember it well.

(right about now, Jon - always the wise one - is saying "I knew Rob would post a link to that's like leading a camel to water.")

The second one is a poster for a Lou Rawls concert on this date in 1967.  What intrigued me about it is how, to me, the poster looks nothing at all like Rawls.  It looks, well, it's a cartoon.  Let's leave it at that.

Tom Hoffarth explains why Carrie and I saw so many construction trucks driving around Chavez Ravine on Monday.  Eventually I'll get around to writing about how impossible it is to see Dodger Stadium - even from the outside.

Lastly, Tom gives us the announcing rundown for March Madness, with lots of TNT/CBS symmetry.  Unimpressed is a good word for it.

I'll be calling Greenwich and New Canaan hockey tomorrow night on WGCH.  Pregame coverage begins at 6:05 PM,  Chris Kaelin and Sean Kilkelly will help me sound good.

(oh...and go Steelers!  Just in case I don't say it before Sunday.)

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