Monday, January 31, 2011

Stewart Airport

Stewart Airport is located in Newburgh, NY.  I've flown out of it, and have picked up passengers there.  Like Westchester County Airport near White Plains, it's a nice alternative to New York and New Jersey's big three of JFK, LaGuardia, and Newark airports.

The New York Times (HURRY before they go behind the dreaded pay wall!) brings us this article from Patrick McGeehan discussing Stewart Airport's lack of progress to become New York's true "fourth airport."

I'll give you a way Stewart and Westchester can both do better...bring flight prices down!  That's why, after I weigh all of the costs, I always wind up flying out of the JFK or LaGuardia.  Not that I don't try.  I enjoy using Stewart and Westchester.  They're generally friendly and comfortable airports and mucho convenient to Exit 55's home cave.

Of course, they also tend to be a little more susceptible to bad weather, especially Westchester.  I didn't fly until 1994.  I was 25 and heading out on a business trip to Chicago.  It was raining, and our flight was the first to be stopped...on the the hangar (they didn't have a big terminal yet).  So we sat...for three hours (so much for my plans to go see the Yankees and White Sox at "New Comiskey Park" that night).

Still it's nice to have the option of these airports.  Let's hope Stewart can become a stronger presence in the New York scheme.

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