Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Vin Scully...Football Broadcaster

Yep, the title says it all. People forget that Vin Scully actually broadcast football for many years. In fact, his first play-by-play assignment was a Maryland-Boston University game at Fenway Park in 1949. His performance led to eventually becoming the a member of Dodgers' staff in 1950.

These are his final moments calling football - the magical NFC Championship featuring the Cowboys and 49ers. Hank Stram is his partner on this day, and it would be the final time that Vin would work for CBS. Scully had worked the early part of the 1981 season with rookie broadcaster John Madden, who would then move on to work with Pat Summerall. CBS liked that pairing, thus scheduling them for Super Bowl XVI. Scully and Stram became the number two team and did the NFC Championship.

Magical. Scully goes a full half-minute before he says a word. Funny note - during our call of the Gades/Staten Island Yankees game the other night, Geoff Brault orchestrated for quiet in the booth during the key moments in the eighth inning. I had to chuckle to myself (and John Spang would appreciate this). I learned a long time ago never to ramble on after a big play. Listen to our call of this past season's FCIAC hockey championship. On the big goals, and after time had run out, John said nothing. He knew to let the moment speak.

Sean Kilkelly does the same thing.

From whom did I learn this?

Scully, of course.

While I'm throwing such rare goodies on here, check this one out, where Elizabeth Montgomery summons our great man to join her in a promo for the 1967 Tournament of Roses Parade.

I can't embed it (spoil sports), so check it out here.

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