Thursday, July 02, 2009

More Linkage!

This staying-late-at-the-Gades-game-with-nothing-to-do-deal is really benefiting you - the loyal readers of "Dé salida a cincuenta y cinco" (that's Exit 55 in Spanish, according to Babel Fish.

You know I'm wacky when I'm doing that.

Anyway, have some reading material.

Jack Clark hates the Mets - always has, always will. Especially those '86 clowns. I especially enjoyed the comments on Gary "LOOK AT ME" Carter.

Let us examine - Cardinals: one World Series win in three tries in the 80's (won in '82, lost in '85 when they should have won, and lost in '87). Mets: One Series win ('86 and yeah, they should have lost and a playoff appearance in '88).

For the record, Jack the Ripper didn't win a World Series. Still, he brings this priceless nugget about Carter:
He talked his way more into the Hall of Fame than actually deserving it.
Since it's in vogue, have some more silly Michael Jackson items.

Something about going through a difficult split made me appreciate this.

I can actually hear the Vermont Lake Monsters dugout chatter and cheering as they just brought in three on a bases-clearing double. That should just about do it from here at "The Dutch" (Sean Ford always hated that).

I can also clearly hear traffic on Interstate 84.

Another run just scored. 8-2, Vermont.

One more link for you. Benjamin Hill does a fine job noting the many great promotions in baseball. He writes a blog. It's here.

And we're done here at Dutchess Stadium. Vermont beats the Renegades 8-2. See ya.

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