Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I'm not going to get into the whole Omar Minaya mess here. Plus I don't need the cries of "concentrate on your own team." It's kind of my job to comment on it and I think the whole thing was handled horribly - the first time I've ever given in and written "LOL" anywhere - but I'll leave it to others, like Deadspin. Adam Rubin responds here.

I'll add this - Rubin wanted a job eventually (if you haven't noticed, the newspaper biz is a little troubled). Nothing wrong with that. Michael Kay was a writer and would do anything to get the Yankees play-by-play job. He got it. Well-played.

What Omar did was bad. If he did it on his own then he needs to be dealt with severely. If it came from Jeff Wilpon, then it's just sad.

Wait, there's more. Omar kind of apologized (Deadspin again).

As for my team, they're in first place, two and half games ahead of another team. They beat the Rays last night in St. Pete. And furthermore, Pete Abraham says fans should be proud of them for more than their stellar play of late.

Neil Best reports that the Islanders dumped their radio team, sadly. Not only is the newspaper industry struggling, the electronic media has its own struggles. Looks like I picked a bad lifetime to be in radio.

Killer Cam (don't know why ~F.O.X.~ calls Sean Kilkelly this but it's funny) has some ideas for the new hosts of Monday Night Raw. I wonder if I could do it...

Oh, and Wade Boggs wants his number retired. Um...isn't that a little, how do I say this, tacky? If you're the Red Sox, don't you then say, "Gee, Wade, it's kind of an honor and we'd like to bestow it on you without you asking like a petulant kid?"

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