Monday, July 20, 2009

Things That I Loathe

Fellow Mahopac High School graduate and top-notch writer Jeff Pearlman recently posted a list things that he truly dislikes and asked his readers to do the same.

Of course he asked
as long as it doesn’t include, “The writing of Jeff Pearlman”
and while I don't loathe his writings, I do occasionally loathe his opinions. That's the beauty of it, of course.

Anyway, let's have at it, shall we?

The Mets. Mets fans (I'm generalizing). Overly obnoxious Red Sox fans (and I'm finding they're more prevalent than ever). Stereotypical Yankees fans (didn't think I'd say it, did ya?). Cowboys fans. Lakers fans (not Jack, of course). Those who attend any sporting event without taking note of it actually being a sporting event. Smokers. Drivers who don't signal. Left lane hogs. The Lord of the Rings trilogy (nobody has sat me down to watch them so the opinion holds). Interstate 84 northeast of Hartford, CT. The Delaware Turnpike toll booth (FOUR DOLLARS?). Dumb broadcasters (too many to list). Broadcasters with shtick (Scott, Berman, Sterling, Cohen, etc). Those who have been given so much at a young age and don't get it. People who overall don't get it. People who have something to say about everything. My own insecurities and shyness. When Sean is fresh. Small-mindedness. People who are too far to the left or too far to the right. Partisan politics. Chuck Schumer (representing all politicians). The overall presidency of George W. Bush (and Jimmy Carter, for that matter). This dumb-ass war (what is it good for?). Loneliness. Lack of communication. Meetings. Sean's homework. Lawyers (not all, of course). UB40. Most current music (and lot of music from the past also). Reality television. Uncertainty. Computer problems. Job layoffs. Obnoxious know-it-all's in the office (at any level). New Year's Eve (think I just need the right person). The lack of freedom we've experienced since 9/11 (just let me take a backpack into the event). Watermelon. Fruits. Vegetables. Doctors bills (is it covered by insurance or not?). Car problems. Sitting in traffic.

Wondering and waiting.

Guess that's a good start. I might add more one day.

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