Friday, July 03, 2009

Taking The Fun Out of the Ballgame

My cousin and I attended today's Yankees/Jays tilt in The Bronx (Bombers won, 4-2). Part of our plan was to get to the Stadium early enough to catch batting practice and visit Monument Park.

Good luck with that.

The line for Monument Park Cave was so long that we stood no chance. So be it.

We settled in down the left field line for BP. Within 10 minutes, the announcement was made that we would have to return to our seats.

First pitch was still over an hour away.

This is another sign of the continued proof of the team not getting it. They are so horribly out of touch with their fans, and the blame, in my estimation, lays in part with the Steinbrenner's, but mostly with the keystone combo of Randy Levine and Lonn Trost. It's amazing that they still have jobs.

I'll spare you another long-winded diatribe about the Yankees and Yankee Stadium. Let me bottom-line it for you. When it gets right down to it, I have to admit - and have said so for some time - that I would consider giving up my tickets. The effort isn't always worth it and I'm not sure how much fun I'm having anymore. There is so much wrong - the YMCA, the annoying Subway Fan Marquee voice, the guy who likes like the Kevin from "The Wonder Years" doing highlights on the big screen, and the girl who sounds like Karen from "Will and Grace" who did something besides be annoying.

And don't get me started on Steiner Sports and the bastardization of memorabilia. They had a sign for the press dining room - no mention of the Yankees, no logo. Kris asked how much it was (it would be perfect for me, no?) and the answer was $480. The sign was no bigger than a standard sheet of paper.

Again, I said I'd spare you, so I will, but I leave you with this:

The Yankees wearing red hats? It might be time for Bud Selig - or one of his marketing stooges - to go as well.

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