Friday, July 17, 2009

And That's the Way it Was

Walter Cronkite has died.

Let's see the media give this the "Jacko" treatment. Let's see a star-studded orgasm/funeral at Staples Center.

You won't. Nor should you. "Uncle Walter" wouldn't want it that way.

Sure, he was a liberal and had a touch of a bias. And since when is that a problem, especially in the media?

Go back and look. JFK dies - Cronkite reports and coughs away a sob. Apollo 11 hits the moon - Walter looks on in amazement.

You've seen them and you know it. You have no idea what Huntley and Brinkley on NBC or anybody on ABC said at any of those landmark moments (unless you're a geek like me). You know Cronkite because you've seen it.

We've all seen it.

He was your friend, your relative, your "most trusted man in America."

The media and the world lost an icon tonight. Try to learn a few things about him and give your brain a break from the idiocy of the Michael Jackson death.

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Georgia Road Geek said...

Right on, Rob. Walter Cronkite is a *true* icon, a newsman who did *real* news, not the "tabloid" MJ crap we've been innundated with.