Wednesday, July 01, 2009


Hello from soaking wet Dutchess Stadium. I think we'll get the game in tonight against the Vermont Lake Monsters but yikes, this thunderstorm is impressive. Still heads groundskeeper Tom Hubmaster does job with the field.

I won't be calling the game tonight with Geoff but if things work out, I will join the 'cast via a wireless mic from parts unknown at "The Dutch."

UPDATE: Things might not work out. Whatever. I like baseball.

Oh, and former Gades voice Sean Ford sends his best. I talked to him the other day and he was as gracious as ever - encouraging me to get as many game broadcasts in as possible.

OK, so why does this post say "NO MAS?" It has nothing to do with the weather (believe it or not).

It's has struck again.

Celebrity death number...I've lost count!

Karl Malden, come on up!

The Streets of San Francisco are a little darker tonight. By the way, Malden was great in "Patton."

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