Sunday, July 05, 2009

The Mother of All Road Picture Uploads

Finally, after dragging my feet because things weren't done to my normal standards, I uploaded over 800 road pictures dating back to May, 2008. In the end, I accepted that things can't always be perfect, and I'll hope to add descriptions and other stuff at another time, but at least I got them online for those who enjoy such things.

There are several pictures that I like - anything where I got out of the car and took a closeup is pretty much OK (like the one above, from Richmond). Some that I took while driving are not bad either - it's not like I set the shot or anything because I am - like I said - driving. Others that picked up a glare or are blurry don't make me happy but I'll keep the,

I know - I've heard a black towel on the dashboard will resolve the glare. I just don't have one. Whatever.

So peruse if you want, or don't if you don't want. Your call.

They're here.

The Richmond photos are there, as are the multiple trips to Bucks County, PA. Also included are some of the baseball trips (Aberdeen, Oneonta, Brooklyn, Yankee Stadium, Reading, and even Farmington, CT where I went to a Greenwich playoff game) along with my end-to-end drive along NY Route 52.

Lots to waste your time on. I hope you enjoy them.


Jon said...

I especially like the ones with a certain car in them.

Rob Adams said...

I figured you'd like those!