Saturday, July 04, 2009

A Great Fourth of July

While the day was great, we start with a sad note from our crazy world. Steve McNair, the former Titans (and Oilers) and Ravens quarterback who helped lead Tennessee to a nearly miraculous finish in Super Bowl XXXIV has died at the age of 37 of a gunshot wound.

Personally, I had a nice day. I mowed the lawn (that is a good thing), enjoyed some baseball (Yankees won, Sox and Mets lost), and spent some quality time with family (minus Sean). Then I watched the fireworks in Lake Carmel.

While I missed Sean, it is what it is. I'm not sure I can say more than that.

I had a rant written here, about silly behavior by silly Americans. I mixed in "American Woman" with Sarah Palin (believe it or not, they're not the same). I've whacked what I wrote. It seems unnecessary and would bring on bouts of small-mindedness. So I'm going everyone just sit around and feel all special and stuff.

Whatever floats your boat, as the saying goes.

The Yankees did a really good job with the Lou Gehrig tribute. Incidentally, I didn't like the 4-ALS patch, but that's a small concern.

I'm watching Dave Righetti's no-hitter on YES right now. It was July 5, 1983, and I didn't see a single pitch that day. We didn't have SportsChannel, so I turned the radio to check the score and got the news - kind of reminiscent of how I missed all of David Wells' perfect game in 1998. I was in Las Veags working at a convention and found out when I got back to my hotel room.

As for that day in 1983, there were only 41,000 people in the great Stadium. Don Mattingly wore number 46. It was also the third time that a Yankee had no-hit the Red Sox. George Mogridge did so in 1917, Allie Reynolds in 1951, and Righetti in '83. The Bombers have no-hit the Indians three times (Monte Pearson - 1938, Reynolds - 1951, Jim Abbott - 1992).

Just some useless trivia for you.

OK, as I finish, it's officially July 5th. You know what that means.

Happy Birthday, Huey Lewis!

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