Tuesday, July 21, 2009


On a morning in which the Yankees are squarely tied for first, one thing I didn't need to read was that Ben Roethlisberger has been accused of sex assault in lawsuit.

Red Sox owner John Henry is tweeting and feels the need to take shots at the Yankees. Shame - I used to like John Henry. I said "used to." Now I'm starting to think that he's just an asshat and that the rest of Red Sox Nation isn't much better.

It's a pity. I used to have a lot of respect for Sox fans.

Notre vs. Army at Yankee Stadium? Yeah, I'm interested. Ooo, "Deadspin", ever the quip machine. "Bronx Bellagio!" My sides. Can't stop laughing.

If I was pledging at Alhpa Beta Chuckles.

Boy do I agree with this. "The Game" is a classic album (and when I say "album", in this case, I mean the record, LP, 33 and a third). I own it in that format. Yes I know it doesn't rock the way their earlier work does and it's more pop (read: hits) driven but it was one of the finest efforts in the transition from 70's (disco/punk) to 80's (new wave).

And I will get further abused by ~F.O.X.~ and Matt Hamilton for my age again, as I was brutalized for my McCartney talk on yesterday's "Press Box." They've both fired (a la Chris Russo) by the way.

I'll go on record and did so on yesterday's "Press Box." I like Erin Andrews. I think she's talented and gets it - she's an "uber babe" but she's cool and smart about it all. This "peephole video" though is just wrong and I hope the person that did it is dealt with appropriately - which is not for me to decide. Apparently the NY Post (home of upstanding reporters) decided to post some sample images with spots "blacked out." Wow - just wow. Bob's Blitz takes them to task.

Full disclosure - you can go from Bob's Blitz to the Post to see the questionable images. Just sayin'.

I also said this on the show yesterday. Michael Vick deserves a second chance (Thanks, Tim Parry). He has "paid his debt to society" (one Facebook denizen had an issue with the use of that term), and now it's time for the NFL to let him back. From there, the teams can decide if they want to take the chance on him. Then the court of public opinion gets their say.

It's kind of how the world works.

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