Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Finally Playing Baseball

I'm enjoying the action between the Renegades and Lake Monsters from the visitors' radio booth at Dutchess Stadium. The Lake Monsters don't do all of their road games, but do cover all of their home games.

Not for me to opine.

I thought I'd be strolling with a wireless mic tonight, but that's not happening. So be it. It's baseball, and I'm here. So I'm happy.

I don't know what condition the field is in, but so far, so good. No score, and we're heading to the fourth. They actually shot the post-game fireworks off before the game tonight. A slight haze is still hanging over the field, and the delightful smell of sulfur hangs in the air, but no harm.

The Gades have a player named Burt Reynolds. Just thought I'd offer that up.

I was going to do a mock broadcast tonight to occupy myself and make some demo audio but alas things didn't come together. Maybe tomorrow night. Maybe not.

The Gades will be hosting a special promotion called "Ball-less Baseball" next Tuesday. You can read about here on Jane Heller's blog, and also read some of the comments, which were quite interesting. I will offer this - my great-niece will be doing a pre-game presentation. Because of the "Ball-less" promotion, my brother (her grandfather) will technically not be allowed in until the fifth inning.

I'm scheduled to call that game.

You can see the dilemma, I'm sure.

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