Wednesday, July 08, 2009

The Linkeroos

It's Wednesday. My 18 month-old niece just woke me up. I'm tired.

Here are some links.

The Yankees find new and exciting ways to irritate fans. I was at this game on Monday, wanted a keyring, and got nothing. Now I know why.

Speaking of Monday's game, there's no doubt that the Yankees had their chances to win. They blew it - doing nothing with runners in scoring position, and Andy Pettitte was, simply put, disappointing. The umpiring was dreadful - you know it's bad when Derek Jeter argues - and they blew a few calls.

Let's just say I thought the Michael Jackson farewell was a joke, ridiculous, over-the-top, and unnecessary, considering the financial problems in California. Let me also add that the way the media treated this whole affair makes it another low point for the industry I love. Wall-to-wall coverage by all networks? Somewhere Mother Teresa is rolling. Stuck in the 80's does their thing here.

Chuck Costello says that Fordham will be playing a home games in a different house. Now if they'd just let me call their games.

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