Monday, July 13, 2009

Linky Dinks

From the "Hey, life's a bitch" department, have a look at how things have been going for former Cleveland Brown Bernie Kosar.

My friend and former WGCH colleague, Amy Beth Arkawy, is blogging away now. Ah the old days, where afternoon drive meant a "modicum of respect", and I wasn't broke, and WGCH sports was a very busy place.

Just different. That's all.

Derek Jeter dropped a ball in Anaheim this past weekend. I think he's entitled, and it didn't cost the Yankees the game (they did a good enough job in each game over the weekend to "F" things up). Anyway, I just can't let the Luis Castillo thing go. Plus it's another chance to show "Met Fans Acting Dumb." Soooo...cue the music!

I love it! "Put it in the books!" He's quoting Metsy broadcaster Howie Rose's game-winning call. Funny, for such good broadcasters (Rose and Gary Cohen), they both have some really stupid cliches that they use. Not necessary.

At all.

Again, don't get all "John Sterling sucks" on me. Not comparing, and not worth explaining again.

I'm enduring the home run derby. I tried to get Sean into it. It worked for a little while. We talked a little bit about the Cardinals, Stan the Man Musial, and so on. He was excited to see Erin Andrews interview Derek Jeter (OK, he liked seeing Derek Jeter...he hasn't quite picked up on Ms. Andrews yet).

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