Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Oh Yes It's Ladies Night

Yankees assistant general manager Jean Afterman shakes hands with Hudson Valley's Bennett Davis after throwing out the first pitch. (Danny Wild/

So "Ball-less Baseball" has come and gone in Hudson Valley. The promotion drew attention from Deadspin, got them a sternly-worded letter from Dutchess County, and - ultimately - the team clarified things so no one got their shorts in a bundle.

Bottom line - those who didn't attend (and we won't know how many people were there because the team did not report the attendance) missed a one-run game, won by the Gades, 3-2.

Incidentally, I'm supposed to have a highlight on the team's website of the game-tying hit. As of this morning, it wasn't there. Sigh.

Minor League Baseball recaps things.

OK, now my take. I walked around the ballpark to take things in. There seemed to be a good atmosphere (and a lot of attractive females, giggity giggity) and plenty of guys came in and went to their seats. Others participated in the "volunteer men's lounge." I think it would have been cool to hang out there.

Why did it have to get so out of hand? It was meant to be fun, and it turned into people getting crazed over - ultimately - nothing, especially after the team amended the promotion.

Anyway, I had a nice night.

Geoff Brault and I met with Jean Afterman, the Yankees Ass't. VP before the game and I really enjoyed speaking with her. I descibed myself as being "smitten" with her on the air, and I was. She was cool - a little debauched, fesity, fun, and fully prepared to throw out the first pitch in a dress and high heels. She actually wanted to do it in a cocktail dress and pumps!

Plus she showed me her 2003 American League Championship ring!

There's no doubt the promotion changed in theory. Ultimately, I saw almost nobody dress in drag (other than the "flower lady" but that's been going on for years). My family was supposed to be there to watch great-niece Liz's cheerleading team, but the cheerleaders backed out due to the promotion.

It all seemed to be much-ado-about-nothing.

In the end, it was just baseball.

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Sheryl said...

Too bad the promo didn't work. Sounded like fun.